Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my first blog

yeah- I'm finally getting around to starting my blog : ) I've wanted to do this since the beginning of the year, but something always seem to come up. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean-lol! I'm so excited to share my work w/you. I've got such a passion (or obsession- depends on who you ask) for making cards, scrap booking & other papercraft items. If you ask my husband, he'll tell you "obsession w/paper & stickers"....I guess some of us never grow up. My husband is sooooo great about my hobby, very supportive. It's made gift giving very easy for him- SCRAPPING SUPPLIES : ) For xmas he got my a sewing machine & yes I did ask for one, so ladies dont' be mad at him. He's just awesome!!! I started scrap booking in early 2008. That year, I made xmas cards & WAS HOOKED!!! I do still do layouts, but not on the daily basis. I save that for making cards. I also love the decorate anything I can w/paper....frames, xmas ornaments, gift bags, it goes on & on. I hope as my blog progresses I will be able to show you my other work also. Well, Happy Wednesday, officially "hump" day- yeah!!!


  1. I'm so glad you started your own blog! I LOVE all your card designs on!

  2. What a sassy look Wilson has but he is a cutie. Your puppy dog card is adorable. It's so colorful and perky - just like you.