Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend -woohoo!!

TGIF!!!!!  TGIF!!!!  It's been a busy, crappy week at work, so TGIF!!!!  Now just need to get through it-lol.  I've been trying to work on this stupid report for work & of course I'm having problems!!  But, I will say I did get a little bit accomplished on it yesterday-woohoo!!   Yesterday did seem to be a slow day for me w/card making though...some days the ideas don't "pop" as easily, I'm sure you know what I mean : )    My new card was a "special order" that I finished a couple days ago. 

When I got the request...slot machine, breast cancer ribbon for a retirement card, I wasn't quite sure where to go w/it.  Since my style is to use stickers on my cards I started going through my stash to see what I had...the slot machine is from Making Memories Design Shop..the package is full of fun goodies, kind of pricey unless you use coupon or it's on sale.   After I found the slot machine & had mom print me out the pink ribbons, I was set to go.  I think it turned out pretty good & the recipient did too, as she ordered 10 birthday cards w/ breast cancer to come up w/10 ideas : )

I've got a busy weekend ahead, need to finish up some things for the baby shower next weekend, actually I need to start some of them-lol.  Plus I have some other "special" card orders to fill : )  Have a great & safe weekend!!  As always, TFL!!  Lynn

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Running late...but at least it's Wednesday : )

Ok, I'm having one of those mornings & I really have no excuse why-lol!!  I got up a couple minutes late, felt sooo nice I wanted to stay in bed for a couple extra minutes.  Then of course, on days when I do that the hair won't cooperate & of course, then traffic was backed up.   Needless to say I made it to work & of course, I've got work issues already.  Ok, enough whining for the morning : )  

I've noticed I've used quite a bit of black lately on my cards : )  Love this chipboard, it made for a quicky card, it's from Fiskars. I've had them a while.

Well time to get back to all the crap waiting for me on my desk.  Oh, I hope this day gets better : )  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July : )

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!  I still feel like a kid when Christmas roles around....I LOVE putting up my Christmas tree!!!  My Christmas ornaments are like "old friends" to me...a lot of them are hand made by mom : )  I think, I also have every Golden Retriever ornament there is out there...should have another tree all for Wilson-lol!!    I love the whole thought, idea & tradition of Christmas!!  Now don't get me wrong, though I love Christmas, I am by no means ready for the COOOOLD snowy weather that comes w/it.  I hope our summer weather last for a lot longer, couple plus months is good : )   I really had great intention of doing 1 Christmas card a week this year, so I would have a had start....oh, what a great thought that was...didn't get anywhere w/that-lol.  I did get 2 cards done recently though...oh I'm 2 ahead of where I was-LOL : )

 It was sooo fun to go through my Xmas scrapping goodies, it was like having all new stuff...actually some of it probably was new from Xmas presents this past year :  )  I've said this many times before & sure I will again... I love ECHO PARK!!!  The presents are from their Xmas line, last year.

This little Santa makes me smile : )  I LOVE to use blue & red on Xmas cards!!  This awesome Santa sticker is from Walmart, yes, Walmart!!  They had some crazy awesome Xmas/Winter stickers last year & mom & I stocked up.  Walmart has had some other great holiday/seasonal stickers too & the price is beyond reasonable!!!  Hint...they aren't w/the scrapping supplies...they are usually back w/the craft items : )

Well time to get some work done....that is unfortunately why I'm here-yuk!! I do have another quarterly report due soon, so you'll be hearing me complain about that : )  Have a great Tuesday!!!  TFL!!!   Lynn

Monday, July 25, 2011

Why can't the weekend have one more day?

I'm lazy today....shouldn't be....not like my weekend was overly taxing-lol.  Maybe it's because my honey is off today & when I left for work he was still sleeping.  I will admit, if I was off from work today, I'm sure I wouldn't still be in bed....I'm more of a morning person : )  I like to get up & get my day started, even if I'm doing nothing, I don't want to feel like I wasted my morning.  This weekend was still HOT & morning were the best time to accomplish some house work-yuk.  Speaking of YUK...I did a little car shopping this past weekend lease is up at the end of August.  Don't worry, I'll keep you posted : )  I totally got some cards made this weekend-woohoo.  I had soooo much fun playing w/all my new b-day goodies!!!

I have to admit...I didn't use anything new on this card though.  I've had the big chipboard frame for a while now, it was a clearance purchase from Michael's ( looove a good sale!).   My "vintage" advertising image, is Graphics 45.

Happy Monday, enjoy the day!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Friday, July 22, 2011

Still HOT : )

Okay one more day of HOT weather & tomorrow's still suppose to be up there, but not w/the humidity we've been having.  Holy cow, yesterday you couldn't do anything outside w/out sweating.  I did enjoy the hot tub for awhile yesterday, it was refreshing : )  I got a couple more cards made last night too-woohoo : )  I certainly didn't feel like cleaning the house or do anything like that, that might need doing, but can wait till tomorrow-lol.  I'm hoping to catch up on a couple things this weekend, which includes some card orders that I've been putting customer's have some creative ideas themselves, yet it's up to me to put their ideas to work...some times harder said then done....I love the challenge...after I'm done w/the card : )

Check out this cute little ballerina...oh, the toes shoes : )  I took ballet for 3 years in grade school, all I wanted to do was work my way up to "toe shoes"....never did get there....but I still want a pair of "toe shoes"!!!  Kind of hard to see in the pic, it was a light pink, plus the light gave it a glare...but it reads..."there's no one like you".

I hope everyone has a relaxing, safe & COOL weekend!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today is going to be hotter then yesterday...right now I"m not complaining about the air conditioning at work -lol!!   I actually really like the HOT weather, but it does tend to make me lazy & my husband a little cranky-lol.  I have to say, the early mornings & later in the night are absolutely perfect out...warm but not hot & usually a little breeze & no sun beating down on you...just gorgeous!!!  We need some rain though, can't tell you the last time it rained here, my grass is turning brown & one of my new bushes in the landscaping is not enjoying life....I keep babying it, but I don't have a green thumb!!  Onto my new card...I did get a couple new ones done last night : )

I used all sorts of old products on this card.  My sticker is a "Me & My Big Ideas" & all of the paper is from my scrap drawer.... I love when that scrap drawer is over flowing w/bits & pieces : ) 

Have a great day...stay cool!!!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Holy cow has it been HOT!!!  The next couple days are suppose to be even more hot & humid!!  I don't have the front door open this morning & YES the air is on : )   Boy does the weather make me lazy.  I did manage to get some cards done last night, though I didn't use any of my new stuff yet.  I already had these cards thought out or something like that : )  My process usually start w/what embellie/sticker I want to use & then I pull out @50 different sheets of pps & narrow it down from there.  I did pull out a couple new things to start the process w/but didn't get very far on that last night.  I'm sooo glad it's Wednesday already, always nice to have short work weeks!!

I was aiming for a masculine card on this one, though think you could use it for either.   This card looks much better in real life, not happy w/the picture, but they all looked like this.  Some cards just don't photograph well & this be one of them!!!   I love these 3D stickers, from American Crafts!!

Have a great day & STAY COOL!!!!  TFL!  Lynn

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great b-day Weekend!!

Oh, I had such a nice weekend, wish it wasn't over : )  I'm back to work & my desk is a MESS!!!   Let me push that to the back off my brain for the next couple minutes....what a fun busy weekend I had!!  Had a great time w/my girlfriend at the casino!!  Wish I could say my wallet enjoyed it, but it didn't....much lighter when I left!!   But, it was great to see & spend time w/my girlfriend!!    On Saturday Mom & Oscar came to visit.  We had some baby shower stuff we wanted to do.  We did fit in some shopping too : )  It has been extremely HOT here...I'm not exactly complaining, but it has been HOT!!!!!    I was spoiled rotten on my birthday!!  I have soooo much new scrapping goodies...I don't even know where to begin....but I'm going to have fun doing it!!   Well hate to cut this so short, but need to find my desk-yuk!!

I didn't get much time to make any new cards this weekend.  This is one I made last week.   My little sticker is a Recollection, from Michael's.  I have to say, they have some really cute stuff in that line, but their prices do seem to be going up, yep like everything else!!   

Well time to get to cleaning up my desk.  Have a great day!!  TFL!! Lynn

Friday, July 15, 2011

FRIDAY- need I say more...ok...woohoo!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited that today is Friday?!!!!  In less then 10 hours, my girlfriend & I will be at the casino..winning big money, enjoying their awesome buffet & having a couple drinks!!!   It's been almost  2 months since I saw my girlfriend, I'm so looking forward to it!!!!   Then tomorrow mom & Oscar are coming for a little stay : )   We have some work we need to do for my brother & SIL's baby shower....we aren't doing the traditional baby shower w/all ladies, we are doing a family one : )  I'm 100% sure we will end up in a fun craft store w/lots of aisles of scrapping goodies-lol.   Speaking of goodies, my b-day is on honey got me a box of goodies from & he's had it sitting out since it got to our house a week ago...what a tease, he didn't even take the tape off the box!!  I've begged him for a piece of paper or 2, but he hasn't budged!! I swear I was like a little kid at the store when mommy says NO...I pouted-lol!!!   So, I'm pretty certain I'll be having some new goodies to play w/next week.  Mom is very good about gifting scrapping supplies for b-days too- hint hint mom-lol  : )   So needless to say..I'm excited for my fun filled, busy weekend : )  Think "big winnings" for the casino, for me.  I can use all the good luck I can get...I don't often do very well at the casino, but I do try-lol!!!

Better get to my new card & get to work.  I'm aiming on getting out of here early today-woohoo!! 

My pink kitty is a K & Company's 3D sticker & I used an old piece of Pink Paislee on this.  As always had the Cuttlebug & Cricut out for this one I actually ever put those away-lol!!

Hope you've had a great week & hope your weekend is even better!!!  TFL!!!!    Lynn

Thursday, July 14, 2011

yuk- another work day!

Can you tell by my title today....I have NO desire to be at work!!!  At least right now I'm here by myself, so I can get some work done.  No, I don't have the front door open today, a little chilly this morning..60degrees.  It is suppose to get up to 80 today & then go up from there all weekend w/no rain!!   I'd almost feel bad about spending time inside at the casino, but let's be honest...if I wasn't at the casino I'd be at my scrapping table making cards : )   I have to admit I was very very lazy last night & didn't even get 1 card finished : (  I was just having one of those lazy nights.  I had been tired all day & once I got home, I had no desire for much of anything.  It was nice to just sit around watching tv & chatting w/my honey : )

Check out this cutie!!  This is my best friend's little guy, Evan....I can't believe he turned 1 at the end of May!  He's always smiling & such a good good boy  : )   My girlfriend is leaving this little guy for the night on Friday & we are off to the casino.

 Here's the card I made for little Evan.  Obviously  made it awhile back, as his b-day is May.  I was waiting for an updated pic to load it though.  Just had to share that sweet smile w/you : )

Have a great day & as always, thanks for looking!!!  Lynn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Half way to the weekend-woohoo

I'm running late today...of course the minute I got into work the phone was ringing & had to deal w/a problem-yuk....not the way to start my work day!!  Hopefully the problem is solved  : )  yeah, already Wednesday...half way to the weekend.  My best friend is coming to visit on Friday & we are going to the casino for the night-woohoo.  I haven't been to our casino in a while, so I'm hoping for a big win : )   Mom is visiting this weekend too, so w/my big winnings we can go scrap shopping -lol- oh, a girl can dream!!! 

I hope you enjoy my new card.....I don't do much stamping & coloring, but just had the itch the other day!  This is one of my favorite stamps, my honey bought it for me a a year or so ago...I think he was quite pleased to see I had used it again : )

Have a great day!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

another sunny hot day!!

Another beautiful morning I was walking into work...the wind was blowing through my hair & the sun was out...I thought what a perfect day it would be to be playing outside.  Any thought is better then working all day : )  I get the office again to myself this morning, so the door is open letting the fresh warm air in again-wohoo!!  I seem to get so much more accomplished when no one is here!!

I love these 3d cupcakes, they are from Hobby Lobby.  This is actually the 3rd card I've made from the more to go as there are only 4 in there.  I never use up packages of anything....even hard to use up patterned paper.  My supplies just keep growing....I'm as addicted to them as I am to make cards.  I hope there are others out there w/that problem-lol!!   My husband is always picking on about my supplies, that have now taken over 2+rooms-yikes : )   Don't worry ladies, I give it right husband likes to collect "men" toys that take up room in our garage!  Keep in mind, he's not much of a tinkerer..but he does take things out for a ride every now & again....I tell him, at least I use my supplies just about everyday.  Actually my husband is my enabler....he likes to order from my "wishlist" on & always spoils me-lol!!

Well enough idle chit chat from me today...time to get some work done well I can.  I hope the sun shining in your next of the woods--have a great Tuesday!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a hot Monday already!!

It's already 75 degrees here this the heat...suppose to get to close to 90 which for us is a total heat wave!!!!  Keep in mind I work indoors, where the set the air conditioning at 66...brrrr...I don't understand that...we have winter/cold months 7+ months out of the year & when it's cold out everyone is complaining  & when it's hot out, they need it cold inside!!  Right now I'm the only one at work & the air is OFF & I actually have the front door open to let some heat in before they freeze me out-lol!!

I had such a relaxing, enjoyable, almost lazy weekend : )  I did get some thing done around the house, had to do that stuff before I could play & I, of course, got some new cards made : )     Speaking of, relaxing, enjoyable....I think my new cards says all of those things & is perfect for this sunny Monday : ) 

My Martha Stewart grass punch is one of my fav. toys....I've gotten so much use it, totally worth the $$!  My hot air balloon is from Fancy was originally why I bought the sheet.  Isn't is just so summery??   I felt the need to add a little more to this card, so I outlined the clouds w/glitter.  I hope this brightens your day!!  I sooooo hope for a quick & good work week!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Friday, July 8, 2011

WOOHOO- it's Friday!!!

Oh....I loved this short work week, boy could a girl get used to that : )  I have to say I'm very fortunate, the place I work at is pretty good about time off, good thing...I have a lot to us & I tend to take a lot of long weekends in the summer : )  For the record, I am at work today-yuk!!   If you didn't get a chance, please scroll down...(when done w/this post, of course-lol)  I did a second quick post yesterday.  Mom sent me some pics from the weekend & I had to share the action shot of Wilson : )   We don't have any major plans this weekend, which is a good thing, I need to make some cards & need to work on some other projects...I love lazy weekends : )   I have a feeling I'll be spending some time w/our washing machine too-yuk!!   The weather is suppose to be great again this weekend...since I won't be at the lake & we don't have a pool...might have to get in the hot tub, which this time of year my husband keeps kind of cool, so it's more refreshing...

I hope you like my new card, this was a "special order"...request was black & white w/red roses.  Can you believe this is the closest thing I had to a red rose...hmm...need to remember that when shopping.  Anyways, since I knew the person was going to the wedding I thought it ok to use this big 3D flower : )

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wilson the swimming dog : )

This is my second post today, to see my new card please scroll down....

Just a quick post to share a picture of Wilson my swimming "flying" dog.  Thanks mom, obviously she reads my blog-lol!!

My fearless pooch, w/my honey & brother.  Notice I"m not in there...not a big fan of swimming in the lake, but loved Kayaking & riding the jet ski : )  Hope your Thursday is going well!!!  TFL!

Already these short work weeks : )

The sun is out & it's already Thursday, that helps my mood so if only I didn't have to be at work : )  I guess I should start playing the lottery...if I want to dream about no working-lol!!   We had such a wonderful time this past weekend at the lake, it was sooo nice to be able to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  I have to admit, if I were at home, I would have spent most of the weekend inside & most likely around the scrapping table-lol!!   I wish I had some pics of this past weekend, but I'm hoping my mom took some & will share them w/me soon, so I can share them w/you...and I hope one of them is of my Wilson "flying" off the dock-lol.  Wilson loved to swim, actually he loved to jump off the dock!!  I shouldn't be surprised by that , Wilson doesn't seem to have much fear of things, he doesn't seem to realize there are consequences w/your actions..........oh, a dogs life : )  There were actually quite a few dogs w/us this weekend & one of them was a 1yr old lab, mix...Reggie, a real sweetie, him & Wilson were great together, seemed to be close to the same energy level : ) 

I did get one card made last night.  I had great intentions when I got home to get a bunch of cards made, I was pretty excited to get to it, but my brain got tired half way through-lol. 

I have to say, I think this card looks much better IRL, they always seem to lose something in the picture process & some more then others. 

Well, Happy Thursday & I hope it's a great one!!  TFL!  Lynn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It stinks to come back to work after a looong weekend : )

Of course, I'm running late today...could have stayed in bed for a couple more hours  : )  We had a very busy fun filled weekend & thank goodness, the weather was just about perfect-wooho!!  We spent alot of time outside,  I even managed to get a little bit of a tan, well right now it's a light pink, but should turn to tan & then disappear-lol.  Gotta get to my new card for the day....I made this last week...haven't made a card since Thursday & I am going through withdraw : )  We didn't get home till close to 8pm last night, but I have to admit I did try to start a brain was tired, so I didn't get to far, but it's waiting for me to get out of work today-woohoo!

Need baby cards for my stash, so did a uni-sex that little stork : )   If you follow my blog, you know we have lots of babies coming to our family this brother, having a 1 cousin, having a husband's cousin, having a girl & my other cousin, not finding out...   I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more baby cards soon : ) 

I hope everyone had  a safe & enjoyable weekend.  Time to clean off my desk & by the looks of it, might take me till Friday.  Have a great day, already Wednesday-woohoo!!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Oh yeah...7+ hours till the weekend-WOOHOO!!!  The weather for the weekend is suppose to be absolutely perfect- double WOOHOO!!!   I couldn't tell you the last time I've spent a loong weekend or even a normal weekend outside...I'm hoping to come back w/a great tan : )  I"ll probably ended up being sun burned & all mosquito biting....still can't wait-LOL!!!  This will be the loongest I've been away from my scrapping supplies : (  I'm not bringing anything scrap related w/me...there just won't be time & certainly not the place.....I hope my brain will be filled w/fresh ideas when I return : )  

I thought my new card, perfect to post today : )  This card is for my Uncle, his b-day is July 6th.   Just thought since it was so close to 4th of July, i would incorporate the red, white & blue. 

I hope everyone has an relaxing, enjoyable, hot weekend!!!   I won't be back to blogging till enjoy life & be safe!!!

Thank you to ALL our men & women who serve (served) our we can have our independence!!  Happy 4th of July & God Bless America!!