Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quickie Christmas Card Post

It's gotta be a quick quick post today....have a conference call (yuk) in 10 minutes....lucky me, just the way to start my day : )   It's another gray day here & it's starting to get colder -yuk.  At least it's Wednesday, half way to the weekend : )  Mom & I have our 2nd & last craft show of the year, so I've been working hard on Xmas cards.   So new card, is of course, Xmas.......

I've had all of this patterned paper for years, I was it every year.  My sticker is from Hobby Lobby, as is the ribbon.

Well got go get my ducks in a row for my day....  Have a great one!!!  TFL!!!  Lynn

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a gray gray day here....but it's still warm, suppose to be near 60 today- crazy weather, but I like it!!    Though it feels more like spring out, I've been totally in the holiday spirit-lol.  I still have to finish decorating the house, was busy working on cards last night, but the tree is up & lit & looks sooo pretty : ) 

I bet you can guess what kind of card I have today....of course, Christmas : )

I mixed up a little this time, by using the brown & turq....actually I let the K & Company sticker lead my way : )  I've been on a big bow kick lately....I loaded a new card on yesterday w/another big bow : )   Feel free to check it out....    

Check out these 2 cuties!!!!!  The big guy is my honey, doesn't he look cute holding Hutton.... never thought I'd see that day, let alone have a picture of it-lol!!  Look how cute little Hutton is.  He has the biggest dark blue eyes & they are always open, so  aware.  I had the best time holding this little guy all weekend & believe it or not, I changed my first diaper in years & years & years.  I'm sooo honored to be his God- Mother, I'm so excited to watch him grow : )    So love both of these guys, I'm sooo blessed!!!

Things are piled up on my desk, so it's time to get some work done-yuk!!  Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the season : )

Can you believe Thanksgiving has now come & gone, boy did that go fast!!!  We had a wonderful Thankgiving/Hutton Baptism weekend!!  Couldn't have asked for better weather either, it was 50+, if not 60 most of the weekend.  My mom put on a awesome Thanksgiving feast for us all...I think there was a pie per person-lol.   My brother & SIL had a beautiful dinner for after Hutton's baptism, it was a fun time w/family & yummy food (notice there is always yummy food involved-lol)!!   Believe it or not, between all of our festivities, I did manage to get our Xmas tree put up-woohoo.  Everything else looks like a bomb went off, but the tree is done : )  I promise pics of the tree w/Wilson soon...he hasn't given the tree any notice yet, thank goodness!!!  I didn't find any time for card making until was nice to be back at my scrap table-lol.

This is actually a card I made last week.  I am in total Xmas mode-woohoo.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!!!  I hope you have a great Monday too.  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

yeah- only today left to work & then a looong holiday weekend, I'm so looking forward to time w/family- can't wait to see Hutton-woohoo!!!!!   It will be a busy holiday weekend.  We have Hutton's baptism on Saturday night & I'm hoping to start putting up the xmas tree & decorations on Saturday-woohoo.  I totally love putting up our Xmas tree, my ornaments are like "old friends" to me, they all have special meaning : )   Not sure how much card making time I'll get in...hard for me to stay away from the scrapping table, something is always catching me eye- it's that obsession again : )

Well better get to my new card & get some work done....I unfortunately have some things to do here-yuk!!

I made this card a couple days back, but saved it to share w/you today.....


I have soooo much in life to be thankful for, I have a wonderful family whom I'm very fortunate to be extremely close with & have wonderful friends, that includes you- all my scrapping & blogger buddies.  I have a great husband who supports me in all I do & makes me soooo happy, oh can't forget my sweet Wilson.  I'm thankful  for all God has given me.  I hope everyone has a blessed, safe & happy thanksgiving!!!!  TFL   Lynn

ps....see you on Monday!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

almost thanksgiving, but I've got a xmas card today : )

Can you believe it- 2 more days till Thanksgiving!!  My mom puts out a yummy yummy spread w/turkey & all the fixings- can't wait!!!!   Oh & I get to see little Hutton again-I double can't wait for that-woohoo!!!!  You know I'll have new pictures to be posting, I just love showing him off!!!!  Well I need to make this another quick post today- a bomb went off on my desk after I left last night- hate when that happens!!!!!  Only 2 more days of work-woohoo!!!!

I have been working very very hard on my xmas cards the last couple days.  Mom & I do our next & last craft show of the year Dec. 4th & I have an order for 25+xmas cards from one customer-yikes, in a good way : )  I think this card has a country feel to, must have been in that mood the other day-lol.  My snowman sticker is from Hobby Lobby, did a lot of fussy cutting w/him.  The plaid paper is from DCWV & not sure of the rest : )   

Off to clean of my desk...    Have a great day!!! TFL!!  Lynn

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gonna be a crazy quick week : )

My hectic week is starting already.  Why is my boss already at work-yuk!!!   I know it's a short work week & lots to do, but him being here isn't going to help me get it done any I'll have to do a quickie post now-lol.    Had a nice weekend, got lots of cards made- had to work on xmas cards : )
We had beautiful weather again this weekend.  Hard to believe it's Thanksgiving week, when it's 60+ out- not complaining!!     Check out what was hanging in my backyard yesterday morning....

Poor Wilson was waiting at the door to go out- had to shooo this guy away.  

I think my new card goes well w/the deer has a kind of country feel : )  My snowman image is from Cosmo Cricket, most of  patterned paper is from DCWV.  Love red & brown together : )  I hope everyone has a great day!!! TFL  Lynn

Friday, November 18, 2011


Brrr, it's a chilly morning...starting to feel more like winter.  I find it so hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving, I think partly because we've had such warm weather & no snow....I'm not complaining : )  Like I said this morning is chiiiillly, luckly for honey had a car starter put in my car yesterday-woohooooo!!!  I totally love those things, I've had them in my last 3 cars!!  We do have a  2 car garage, but NEVER park there.  One side is full of my husband's toys & tools : )  Can't really complain about that....I've taken over at least 2 rooms w/scrapping supplies-lol.  Any way, it was the perfect morning to try out my new toy-lol!!

My new card, is of course,  Thanksgiving.......

Add caption

The sticker is from Walmart got me a bunch of new ones this year- awesome stuff!!!  The leaf/block patterned paper is from hobby lobby & everything else is scraps!! 

I hope everyone has a great Friday & weekend.  I'm spending ALL of mine making cards!!  I've got sooooo many to make, I barely know where to start any more...not a bad problem to have!!! Have a great one!!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling a lot more fall-ish today

We've had such great weather the last couple plus would have thought it was spring, even the nights weren't bad.  The extra is we've barely had to have the heat on yet...I'm sure we'll make up for that at some point...our winters are loooong & cooooold!!   Today is suppose to be more like the norm...cold & damp.  

Hopefully my new card will give you the warm cozy feel of the holidays...can you believe Thanksgiving...almost a week away : )

The awesome wagon sticker is once again from Walmart...sooo in love w/their stickers...look at the details.  I am done w/making Thanksgiving cards, but I just finally got to photograph all of them's almost dark when I get home from work-yuk!!

 I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only Tuesday

Yesterday seemed like such a loooong day ...& now it's only Tuesday : )  Yesterday wasn't a bad day, but seemed to drag...I did get some things accomplished report is done, good thing as it was due yesterday -lol!!  Need to get a  bunch of other things finished up at work this week though, next week will be a slow week...everyone gets into Holiday mode & things seem to move even slower or close to a stand still, plus we will be closed next Thursday & Friday-woohoo.  I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is almost a week away- what happened there?!!!!  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though, can't wait to see Hutton again, it'll be @a month since we last saw him....oh, he's just so darn cute....any doubts on that scroll down to my last post from yesterday.....   told he was CUTE!!!!

I'm not complaining about this, but I have soooo many card orders, i can't keep up.  I need loads & loads of Xmas cards, plus I've got a bunch of "special order" cards & tags to do-yikes.  Our next craft show is coming up quick too, Dec 4th.      I've got a xmas card to show you today........

Add caption
I like the mix of colors on this card w/the black matting. I always say this....don't know why I don't use black more often -lol.  My sticker tag is an oooold DCWV Xmas book, I think I have ever years, except this I said, trying to be good w/the scrap shopping-lol.

Well time to get some work done.  Have a great day!!  TFL!! Lynn

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bath time for Hutton or is it dinner time : )

This is my second post of the day....for my new card, please scroll down!!

 I just couldn't resist....had to share this picture.  Oh my, look at little Hutton's he not the cutest little guy-ever?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!

Where did the weekend go??????  I had a very enjoyable weekend!!  I spent Saturday surrounded by thanksgiving papers & turkey stickers -lol.  I did finish all my Thanksgiving cards-woohoo, still need to photograph a couple & do the insides, but I'm moving on to totally Christmas : )  Sunday, i spent the day w/mom...we went & saw The Million Dollar Quartet- totally awesome show, sooo entertaining & loved the music, who wouldn't w/Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis- it was a rock'n good time-lol!!!!  After the show we stopped by Michael' scrap shopping w/mom : )  I did manage to control myself, though I did come home w/a couple new things.  Though I didn't buy any, the new K & Company Christmas stuff is awesome....I'm trying to be good, as I have more supplies then most stores & my husband is very very good about the "wish list" on, so I"m sure I'll be getting new goodies for Christmas-lol.   I can't believe our weather all weekend...near 60+ degrees, can you believe it & it's already the middle of November.  Today is suppose to be another warm day- happy monday!!

On to my new card.......Thanksgiving, of course : )

I've had these fall images for years now, not even sure where they are from, I'm thinking Current or Oriental Trading company, but not really sure- either way, I love them & have used them on a couple cards in the past.  Hard to see in the pic, but I added some purple-ish glitter to the berries. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  Enjoy the week!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, November 11, 2011


You all know how much I love Fridays : )   Wish I had the day off, like so many others due to Veteran's Day...I guess I'll just be glad to be able to go to work...I know, I can thank a Veteran for that : )   I'm looking forward to my weekend...I plan on spending all day tomorrow making cards, I've got a lot of catching up to do.  Mom & I are going to a show at our local theater on Sunday..The Million Dollar Quartet, featuring songs by Elvis- woohoo, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins- ought to be entertaining!!!    This morning is a chilly one, they said snow in some places, but we don't have any...right now it's a bright sunny morning : )

I hope my new card brightens your day too -lol!!  I actually made this card last year...just found my folder (in computer) of "special" cards & since it was too dark last night for me to take any pics of new cards...thought I'd share this one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe weekend.  Never too early to start some xmas shopping, Kohls has really good sales this weekend...

TFL  Lynn

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why not a Turkey day : )

What happened to our sunny 60+ days....this morning is gray & damp & chilly.  The last couple days were gorgeous, it was like spring was coming.  I saw people in tanks & shorts,  my opinion that's going a bit far..but it really was nice out : )

I'm working away at Thanksgiving cards, still.  I'm hoping to have them wrapped up by the weekend...had some orders to fill.  I can't wait to be able to concentrate on Christmas cards.  I've been trying to keep my stash organized for now, but I really love to spread it all out & make a mess w/it...makes it easier for me to mix & match : ) 

My turkey sticker is from Michael's, I love their little packs of stickers, to bad the price went up, now $1.29...have to buy them on sale.  All of the patterned paper on this card is oooold, no clue the brand.

Sorry for another short post this week, but work is still piled up...probably will be till next week : (  Have a wonderful day & stay dry!!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday already

Oh my gosh, where has the week gone??!!!!   I'm just so far behind on things, that this week seems to be going too fast...I'm not complaining about the work part of it, love when those days fly by.  Mind you I have that lovely quarterly report due this coming Tuesday & don't have a grasp on it ...yet!!!    We are having the most wonderful fall weather, yesterday we broke a record w/a high of 71-woohoo.  We have summer days that don't even get to 71 -lol!  Today is suppose to be just as wonderful friend Marcy told me yesterday..."remember this day when it's freezing & you have 96 inches of snow"-lol. 

I never got to tell you about my trip to Pittsburgh, 2 weeks was wonderful!!!  My new nephew Hutton, is absolutely perfect (I"m totally bias-lol), such a sweet disposition, I don't think he cried that much at all : )   I loved holding him, though he is a squirmer : )  He's got perfect skin, big eyes, that seem like that are always watching.....oh, he's just priceless!!!!!!!!    I can't wait till Thanksgiving to see him again.  He's already changing sooooo much in the daily pictures we get!   Speaking of pics, you know I have a new picture of him today LOL.....................

He seems to like to have his hand on his face...."the thinker".

I have found a little time to make a couple cards this week, not as many as I would like, but some days the creative flow is a lot slower then others : )

This baby boy card, is just a card for my stash....I think I've done &  mailed all the ones I needed to, for now : ) 

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday...half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quickie post for Tuesday!!

It has been such a crazy couple weeks....some good, some bad....but happy to report the bad is going good now (knock on wood).  I even missed a week of work & that put me way way behind, so today's post is a super quickie...didn't want you to think i was just getting lazy w/my blog : )

Used some more Graphics 45 on this card  and a lot of layering & inking.

Have a great Tuesday!!!  TFL  Lynn

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Starla's Fairy Bloghop- woohoo!!

Hello ladies (& gents)!!!   Sooooo sorry, I've been missing in action most of last week & believe me when I say missing- lol!!!    Last week was a yucky week for me, but I'll get into that some other time....I'm back & things are going good!! 

This couldn't have happened at a better time as I've been soooo excited to participate in this AWESOME bloghop my wonderful friend Starla has started -woohoo, girlfriends!!!   Starla is an aaammmaaazzzing card maker, her cards always have a such a warm & fun feel to them & I think they match her personality sooo well.  She is one of the amazing friends I have made through this great hobby (obsession) of card making  & we are all doing this bloghop to help her celebrate her 1 year anniversary of her blog.....  and to go along w/that, her  almost 30 b-day & 100+ followers- you go girl!!!  Once you see her work & read her blog, she'll just pull you in & before you know it we'll be celebrating 200+ followers!!!!!!     There are sooo many wonderfully inspiring ladies involved in this bloghop, you won't want to miss any & for added inspiration to visit all, Starla will be giving away a $10 gift certificate to some great stamp companies, all you need to do is visit all the blogs on the hop & leave a comment & you'll be entered into a drawing--- too easy, right?!!  She is also hosting a Fairy Themed challenge, don't miss it : )

Of course, my new card today is  " FAIRY" themed ....................

This is actually the card I made for Miss Starla, for her almost 30 b-day-lol.  These Graphic 45 images are just soo much fun to play with & I love the vintage look.  A friend of mine just recently gave me a whole drawer full of seam binding, thanks Carol, so I think you'll be seeing a lot of scrunched ribbon-lol.

 If you've came her from  Charlene's blog   , you are on the right path...time to head to  Sara's blog    Happy blog hopping today & Happy Sunday.  I apologize now for this-- Go Bills (I'm from Buffalo, it's a disease-lol)!!!!!  Thanks Starla for including me in your bloghop w/all these super talented ladies & thanks to all of you for checking out my blog....I hope you'll come back & visit now that you know that I'm here -lol.

Keep hopping.....




Lynn...  you are already here : )








Thanks for looking!!!!  Lynn

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hutton & his cards : )

Happy Tuesday...oh, that sounds sooo much better then Monday!!!  What a great weekend we had!!  My new nephew, Hutton is just the sweetest litte guy!!  He's just perfect & really is soooooo good!!  I loved holding him!!!  He seems so aware, like he's looking right at you.  He does this little sideways grin in his sleep & he scrunches his little forward.  Just tooo perfect : ) 

Look how much he's changed in just 2 weeks.  We won't see him again now till Thanksgiving : (  My brother & Susanna need to keep sending new pics (just a reminder if you are reading this today-lol)

Since, I've been out of town & busy all weekend, I didn't get a chance to make any new cards...but I've got 2 new ones to show you that I'd been saving.  Actually, I just couldn't show you them until little Hutton recieve them -lol : )

Better get to doing some work.  I hope you enjoy your day!!!  TFL  Lynn