Monday, April 30, 2012

Perfect day for golf : )

A bit chilly out this morning, but at least the sun is out, for now.  This week is suppose to be warmer then last week-yeah.  I have such a hard time figuring out what to wear in the morning.  Can't wait for 80 degree weather, even though, then they will just freeze me out w/the AC at work-yuk : )

Yesterday was a beautiful day honey got a lot done on his boat : )  My neighbor was out in his yard, hitting golf balls around....made me think....I need a "golf card"   ta da..................

My golf stickers are from Hobby Lobby.  The stripe pp is Cosmo Cricket (I think), the red pp is from my scrap-a-day calendar.  Used the Cuttlebug & Nesties too.  I tried to keep this simple- no bling, but had to add some buttons : )  I always have to add something, i think that just goes along w/my style.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, sorry it's Monday, but have a great week too : )  TFL  Lynn

Friday, April 27, 2012


Oh my, TGIF, just can't say it enough!! Woohoo weekend!!   It's another bright sunny morning, but boy is it coooold- yuk, 34 degrees & w/the wind chill today, it's suppose to feel in the 20's.  I tell you all the time, crazy weather!!!!!!   I want heat, and I don't mean the kind you pay for....our furnace has run more this month, then last-yuk!!

We have no major plans for the weekend, which means I'll get to work on cards & tags. We do actually have a little project going around  home.....I told my husband he needed a hobby, I've been telling him that for years-lol.  Well he found one, my honey bought a boat!!!!  We live 15 minutes from Lake Erie, so not a totally bad toy to have- soooo hope our summer is HOT!!!!  So anyways, we've been cleaning the boat & getting things "ship shape" for it-lol.     We've had to get a lot of necessities for the boat, so much you need- air horns, whistles, bumpers, lines, life jackets.......................

Check out my new sailor in his life jacket-lol!!!  I've mentioned before, our little Wilson can be a bit crazy- kind of likes to do whatever he wants!!!!  We went to the lake last summer & Wilson jumped off the moving boat to get the ducks- naughty dog!!!  So, now Wilson will be wearing this at the boat : )  He really didn't like it at all, kept trying to get it off- now he has to wear it for awhile each night-lol!!

Just made this new card & thought it perfect for this post : )  The cute doggie sticker is old K & company.  Brown gingham pp is DCWV.  Fiskar punch.  Added some buttons & inked all the edges.

Well time for this girl to get working!!  Have a great day & an even better Friday!!! TFL  Lynn

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beep Beep

Oh yeah, Thursday!!  It's a little gray out today, but on the warmer side- 50 degrees : )   I can't believe next week is the beginning of May already-wow.  I am sooooo ready for hot summer weather : ) 

Better get to my new card & get some work done.  The work is still piling up, but it is Thursday, so I get a little time to myself here & I really do accomplish soooo much more w/out people milling about : )

This card totally brightens my day & makes me smile : )   Totally in love w/the "bug" from Echo Park- I have to admit I've had this sticker sheet for awhile, but you know how it goes, hard to use the things you really really like-lol!!  Again w/my Fiskars punch- I'm a big fan of that punch, love to have the scallops peek out, just for another touch of fun : )  My background pp is very very old, might have even gotten it before I started scrapping.  The turq pp is an old scrap piece of October Afternoon.  The stamp is Studio G.  As usually added some bling & called it done.

Happy Thursday!! Have a great day!!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see the sun!!

It's chilly out this morning, but a beautiful bright sunny day- great way to start it  : )  I do unfortunately have my glasses on today, as I have an eye dr. appointment tomorrow night & I like to rest my eyes from my contacts for a couple days before- the unfortunate part about this is- I don't have prescription sunglasses, so I squinted the whole way to work-lol.     Yesterday was such a sucky work day- I hope today is much better- hopefully the sunshine will brighten people's mood : ) 

I was slow again on cards last night, but did work again on my wedding tags- they are kind of mindless, so quick & easy to do...I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune as I keep working on them & get near the 50+ mark-lol.

Even though my Yankees lost last night- I still show you my baseball card.  My baseball boy is a chipboard sticker from Recollection ( Michael's).  Got out the fiskar border punch.  All old pp.  Added a  couple blings, as I just couldn't resist & done.

Well time to get some work done.  It's going to be a good day: )  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

brrrr- thought is was spring : )

Another cold morning, saw a few snow flakes in the air, but over all we didn't get much of anything yesterday.  Snow, that rained & snowed all day & evening.  Where is the 70plus degree weather????  See, I'm not being greedy, thought 70's sounded enjoyable : )   

I was a little lazy night w/my cards, but did get started on the wedding tags- got 4 done : )   I promise to take a picture or two when I have lots more made.  Don't think I forgot about the bathroom picture either, just haven't put the finishing touches in it, so it still looks bare.  Ever notice when you are trying to find just the right thing, you can't?!  

Better get on to my new is waiting-yuk!!

I think my new card should brighten you day : )  Again w/the old patterned paper.  When I started scrapping 3+ years ago, I would take all my pp out of the pads & put it in paper holders by colors, so a lot of my old stuff, I don't know the brands- sorry : )   If you ever see something & have to know, please email me or leave a comment & will do my best to find out for you : )  My stamp is Hero Arts, the ribbon is from Target.  Used a vintage button from my friend Carol.  Got out a Fiskars punch & as usual, inked all the edges.

Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, April 23, 2012

Snowy Monday

Yup, I said snowy & yup, it is April 23rd!!  I think today is predicted to be the crappiest day we've had all winter...I know it's not really winter anymore, but Mother Nature must have forgotten : )  Prediction are for a couple plus inches of heavy snow for our area & @a foot of snow for the areas arround us w/higher elevations...Happy Monday!!!   To me, this would be the perfect day to stay home & make cards....a girl can dream & I shouldn't be complaining, I spent plenty of time making cards this weekend-woohoo : )    I've got a customer picking some up today ; )   Oh, I also got a new order this weekend...need to make 50-75 "thank you" suckers for wedding favors, well actually they will go into plants which are the wedding favors.    I promise to take some pics, when I get to them, luckily for me the wedding isn't until June.

Well better get onto my new card & then get to working.....

I have a pack of these cute chipboards, they are very very old, but finally used one, sorry have no clue what brand these are- that's how old they really are : )  All the pps are old too.  I used the cuttlebug & embossing folder, also the Marvy corner punch, the fiskars border punch & my flower punches.  Oh yeah, used the cricut for my mini tag too.  The itty bitty gems are from Michael's & the ribbon is from Target. 

Well happy Monday to all- it's going to be a good week!!! TFL  Lynn

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Day- Thursday

Yeah, we've made it to Thursday!! So far work has been pretty tolerable all week- shouldn't say that till tomorrow...oh well, hope it continues : )  It's another beautiful sunny morning here-already 56 & suppose to get near 70 today...oh beautiful, warm spring days : )  

I had time to make some new cards yesterday, but not time to photograph them : (   The new card I have to show you today is the card I made a couple weeks ago for my honey, for our anniversary : )  It a 4x4, a little on the odd side for envelopes, but I figured that was ok on this one as I wasn't mailing : )   I hate to admit this, but I can't remember any of the supplies I used on this : (   I think, they "love you" is Cosmo Cricket, the heart pp is American Crafts- definitely : )  The little bling heart is from Joann's.  Think the gray pp is from DCWV big big stack.... hmmmm, brain must have kicked in a little there-lol!

Have a great Thursday!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Day

Gonna be a quick post today- have a conference call for work in 15minutes-  yuk!!  It's another bright beautiful morning here, but chilly- temp is 33degrees, there was a heavy frost on the car this morning.  The poor flowers & springy greens, everything has started to bud, the tulips & daffodils are up...spring really is such a pretty time of year, especially when it's not overly wet & muddy : )   Speaking of spring,  I think my new card has that feel.

I actually made this card this past weekend...I've already posted it on, but I really think it is one of my all time favorites, so wanted to share it on my blog also : )  Feel free to check out more of my work on my gallery  (

My envelope sticker is an old dollar store purchase : )  The yellow pp is My Mind's Eye.  The butterflies I made w/the Martha Stewart punch- I totally love the punch, wish I had the smaller one too.  Used the cuttlebug & embossing folder.  The stamp is Kaisercraft.  I inked all the edges- I'm a big fan of inking the edges.

Well time to get my Dr. Pepper, review my paper work & start the work day-yuk.  It is at least Wednesday-woohoo!!

Have a great day!!  TFL Lynn

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blue Tuesday

Really it a very bright & sunny day w/a big blue sky.  Plus my new card is for a baby boy, so that's blue too :  )  Yesterday at this time it was 60+ degrees, this morning it's 39- what the heck : )  Actually yesterday's high was over 80degrees, it totally felt like a summer day- wonderful!!!!  The rest of this week is suppose to be the norm for us- chilly : )   

Unfortunately, I really don't have anything new & exciting to report today- not that that is a bad thing : )  Yesterday was pretty decent at work & I hope today will be the same : )  i did work on a couple cards last night, plus some birthday tags that a friend asked me for.  My mojo last week was completely gone!!!!  It was a complete struggle to create my cards & then when they were done, I didn't like them...arrrggghhhh!  So far this week is going better : ) 

Well better get to my new card...................................

Everything on this card is ooooold!!  Love both of these pps, don't know the brands though, like I said oooold.  The felt heart & star stickers are Me & My Big Ideas. The "welcome baby" sticker came in a scrap kit years ago, but isn't it cute?  If you look real close  you can see there's tulle attached to it. Used the Cuttlebug & embossing folder on this one.  I inked all the edges, added some bling & done.

Have a great Tuesday!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday : )

Already, Monday....why???   Those darn weekends, just go way to fast : (   We had a pretty enjoyable & relaxing weekend. The weather was warm, but gray & wet....not complaining, I loved the warm part.  Speaking of warm, it's already 67 degrees here & it's not even 8:30am, love it!!  Of course, tomorrow's high is only 40 degrees : (    We had a double birthday party yesterday for our nephew (turned 8) & our niece (turned 5-thinks she's 20-lol).   It was a very nice, semi-small family party...I say semi- small, as there's 11 of us just on my husband's side & then he's sister's husband's side.    It was a nice time....our nephew & nieces are wonderful kids, they are a joy to be around, but boy do they tire you out when you aren't used to it : )  Speaking of nephews, little Hutton is officially 6 months old today- I can't believe it!!!   

I did find time for cards this weekend, thank goodness as I needed them for the b-day party.  God love my nephew, Logan....when he opened his card, he says    "Aunt Lynn's been scrapping again"-  just too darn cute, made me day!!!!!!!

  Here's the new card I made for Logan : )  He is totally into sports, he plays soccer, football & I had lots to chose from.  I was trying to keep this card fun & kid-ish (not really a word, but you get it-lol), so I used the felt border for some extra texture.  The gray pp is from DCWV, strip pp is Hobby Lobby.  The "superstar" is from last year's scrap-a-day calendar.  Stamp is Hero Arts.  Have no clue w/the borders, just found them in my stash. Used the Marvy corner round punch too.

I hope everyone has a great day!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gray cold Wednesday

Again w/this crazy is cooold & gray today & it was snowing this morning- what happened to the 70+ spring weather we were having....I want that back : )   It is suppose to warm up a little by the weekend though- got my fingers crossed.   Our little Wilson seems to be feeling better, but he does have a vet appointment tonight.  It's time for his annual shots, lucky him & lucky our wallet : )  He's worth every penny!!!

Speaking of Wilson- check out these two? ?  This is Wilson w/his cousin Oscar (mom's pooch) at Easter.  My Wilson ALWAYS has ants in his pants....this picture took forever to get & finally had to get some treats to make him "sit" you can tell cute little Oscar wanted some treats too : )

Spent a little time making cards last night, yeah!!!   For those that know me- I love these Heartwarming Vintage images : )  My dark  blue paper is Echo Park.  Used a Recollection flourish, my lace is vintage, found it at a co-op-yeah. 
Well time to get working!!  Have a great day!! TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday : )

Happy Tuesday!!  I just don't seem to have enough time in my days lately for anything...don't really know why, I must be in slooow mode : )   Sorry for no post yesterday, really didn't have much time for cards this past weekend & then what I did make I never took a picture of : (  Some days everything seems like a process.     We had a very nice was great to spend time w/family & totally awesome to see my little nephew......................

how darn cute is he???  Check out his cute little bow tie : )   I'm sooo smitten w/Hutton, can't wait to watch him grow : )

We even managed to get a family picture.  So as not to fight over who got to hold Hutton, we had to let Grandma do it  : )   

Well, like I said not many new cards made lately, so my card today is the Easter card I made for mom & since she has it now, I can share.........
Have a great day!! TFL!  Lynn

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

wow- what a crazy, kind of crappy week it's been!!  What a way to start my blog off on this sunny Friday morning & a holiday weekend, at that-lol : )   I just have to get through half a day here today.  The state report is due today & unfortunately ours is not submitted yet, but will be very very very soon (I hope)!!  Plus, my poor little Wilson hasn't been feeling 100%...he's thrown up a couple plus times, always in the middle of the night : )  So far today he seems pretty good, he did get boiled chicken for breakfast too : )   On a much brighter note....yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary : )  My honey & I went to a rustic little restaurant on Lake Erie, the food was yummy & the view was great!!!  My honey also got me some beautiful yellow roses...they're my favorite flowers : )    I haven't been as productive this week w/my cards & the couple I have made, I can't show you yet : )   So.............  I've got a picture waaaaaayyyyy cuter then any card I can make anyways......................

Awe!!!!!!  oh my, this little guy just make me...sigh....just too darn cute.  Look at that sweet little face!!!  I can't wait to see him!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & happy hoppy Easter!!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You know me & cupcakes : )

Can you believe Easter is this weekend- I'm soooo excited to see my little nephew Hutton!!!!!  Can you believe he's going to be 6months old soon, where does the time do.  I just got the cutest video of Hutton, he's sitting in his highchair & eating baby food!!!!  It was his first time w/the baby food- he is just toooo darn cute & totally an eater- he loved the baby food!!!!  Can't wait to see him ; )   We are still working on final touches for our bathroom, hope to have a picture soon : )  I can't believe how expensive the little needed extras are...bath towel bars, toilet paper holder, shower curtain rods & hooks...we went w/rubbed bronze this time, so needed to change all the fixtures.  

Well I better quit chit chatting & get my new card loaded & get to working.  I started working on that nasty report yesterday & it went very slooooow : (

I love brown & red together... I think that every time I make a card w/these colors-lol!!  The striped pp is from My Minds Eye, as it the brown polka-dot pp.   I think the red polka dot paper is an old Bo Bunny ( it was in the scrap drawer).  Used the Cricut for the circle & flower matting.  Got out the Cuttlebug & Cuttlebug embossing folder & the Fiskars border punch.  The sticker is from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you have a wonderful sunny day!!! TFL  Lynn

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday

oh my- where did the weekend go?? Why do they go soooo fast???   We didn't do all that much over the weekend, but those are always the ones that seem to go fast : )  I did manage to make a bunch of cards this weekend -woohoo : )  I have the hardest time staying away from my scrapping table, even if I'm not creating, I like to be near it- looking at all the pretty colored paper & cute embellies : )     Our weather was chilly & rainy all weekend, so it was the perfect weekend to stay inside.  I hope you all had an enjoyable one too!!!

Better get to my new card & then get to work.  That lovely report is due again at the end of this week & I haven't even started it- nothing like procrastinating!!

I totally love everything by Simple Stories- my hot air balloon sticker is from there.  They have some awesome lines & I love their 12x12 sticker sheets!!!!   All my paper is old again & the stamp is from Hero Arts.  This was a quickie card- lots of layers, pop-dot the sticker, stamp sentiment & add some bling : )

Everyone have a great day!! TFL!  Lynn