Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gray Day & I swear it's snowing too!!!

I guess Mother  Nature didn't like me complaining about the weather, because today is gray, wet, snowy, coooold- made the rest of the week look like a tropical paradise-lol!!!    This would have been the perfect day to snuggle in bed for a bit longer : )  Then to spend the day making cards...oh a girl can dream, I'm already at work getting ready for the fun of it all.  I am making headway on the report due end of next week, so that's a good thing and tomorrow is Friday, that is a wonderful thing.  We have a birthday party on Saturday for both our niece & nephew, so that will be fun, they are such good kids!!!!  

Well better get to my new card, I'm certain this card is bright enough to get rid of some of the gray around here today-lol!!!  A customer asked me for a " Vegas Wedding" mind went to bright, neon fun thought, can't make a neon wedding card, just couldn' bright RED it was.........
I have to say this card in my head was 100% different & I did change it up a couple times when I was working on it, you know how it goes, not always easily : )

products used:  all pps: We R Memory Keepers.  cricut.  nestabilities.  chapel & gem heart:  K & company.  "vegas" sticker:  Paper Studio.  Ink: Studio G.  bling:  Michaels.

Have a wonderful Thursday, the weekend is coming!!!  TFL!!!  Lynn

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Half way to the weekend- wooohooo!!!  So far we've had very sunny days this week, which I think helps w/everyone's mood : )    Ooops, except my boss who just walked in & doesn't seem overly happy-yuk!!   I guess that means I better get to work-double yuk!!!   Nothing much exciting is happening w/me anyways...I did get some card orders last night, so have some extra card to work on.  

Still working away at my Easter cards, I think I have @ 6 done so far.  I hope you enjoy my new one.  This was a quicky card for me : )

products used:  sticker: Bo Bunny.  green pp:  Echo Park.  border punch:  Fiskars.

Have a great day!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where is spring???

I know I've said that before, but really Mother Nature needs to take a hint : )  Right now it's only 21 degrees out, thank goodness there's a big bright sun!!   Usually by now our average is @40 degrees, we've got a ways to go.  I'm pretty sure I've been wearing turtleneck sweaters since October, I'm ready to switch my wardrobe's kind of like having all new clothes, know what I mean?! 

I spent most of my weekend w/Mom.  We had a fun weekend, we went to Shea's & saw Frankenstein, it was surprisingly entertaining.  We've seen some boring shows before luckily this was not one of them.  We of course got some shopping in, went to Joann's they had a very good sale going on.  We also had lots & lots of food.  Went to Red Lobster on Friday, yummy!!!!!!!

Well better get to my new card & get to working.  We have a state report due for work in a week, so need to concentrate on that today- oh what fun : )   I'm trying to really kick myself into Easter Card mood & I have managed to get a couple done-yeah!!

products used:  duck:  Darcie's ucuts.  ribbon:  American Crafts.  rub-on: Target.  Cricut.   gems.  button.  Epoxy.  sorry, have no clue of any of the pps.

I hope everyone has a sunshiny Tuesday!!  TFL!  Lynn

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What happened to SPRING??????

Woke up to snow this morning!!!!  I know it's only March (did I say only?), but really, enough snow!   It was a sloooow drive to work.  The top layer of everything is snow & then you get to the crusted ice packed on the roads, so not only a slow ride, a bumpy one too.  Anyways, made it to work safe & sound, now gotta get ready for another fun filled day : )   

It's been slow going for me this week w/the cards & the ones I have gotten made I haven't had a chance to photograph, so today's card is a bit older.  I never knew it, but I must have a thing for owls, as I tend to use them quite a bit on my cards...but - look how cute he is : )    I love being able to use playful sentiments w/my embellies on my cards....My husband calls me cheesy- that's me -LOL!!!  

products used:  pp:  Target.  owl sticker:  Recollections.  Cuttlebug. Nestability.  pearls:  Queen & Company.  ribbon:  Paper Studio.  Ink:  Stampabilities. button.

Have a great Wednesday (half way there, you know what I mean)!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gray Monday

Typical Monday- gray & rainy, not all that cold though-yeah!!!  I had a very nice relaxing weekend, making cards-double yeah!!!!    Did watch a bit of NCAA basketball- what happened to Syracuse & Pit (sorry Jeremy)??!!   Well as usually for a Monday morning, I"m running late, in a funk & my desk is a MESS.

Need to get to my new's nice & bright & hopefully will put a smile on your face : )

products used:  stripe & polka dot pps:  October Afternoon.  Journal tag:  Best Creations.  bike rub-on:  American Crafts.  stamp:  Hero Arts.  grass punch:  Martha Stewart.  Ink: Inkabilities

Happy Monday!!  If the sun it out where you are, send it my way!!  TFL!  Lynn

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

 Everybody has green on today....I hope Mother Nature takes the hint....I'm looking for green grass, some buds on the trees and even some flowers to poke their heads out.   The sad part is around here it stays kind of chilly until almost mid- May and we have some time till then.  Today's high is 55 degrees though-  woohoo!!!! 

I've had a very slow week w/my cards, been kind of in a funk.  Can't have a "good day" everyday, unfortunately that's the reality of life.  Good news though,  is I did get 2 cards done last night-yeah!!  I friend asked for a male get well card, boy I have the hardest time w/those.  Probably because I love to do cutesy, happy colored cards & men aren't really into that.  My husband does a great job pretending though.  He's very very supportive of my hobby- thank goodness, as I've taken over the house w/it-lol!!!

We did get our new bed yesterday & I promise I will take some pics this weekend.  I love it, now our room looks finished.  We did a big addition on our house 6/7 years ago, so we've been in that bedroom for that long now & have never had an official bed.  Kind of felt like we were still in college & believe me that was too many years ago to count. The other bad part is both of our spare bedrooms have real beds- couldn't have guest sleeping on the floor-lol.   Wilson has tried out our new bed too & gives it his "paw" of approval : )

Well better get unto my new card, so I can get some work done-yuk!!!

products used: all pp:  Basic Grey-Kioshi.  cuttlebug. Nestabilities.  ribbon:  American Crafts.  stamp:  Fiskars (I think).  vintage button. pearls.  very very old rub-on couldn't even tell you the brand.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  Just think 1 more day till the weekend.   TFL!!  Lynn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I think Spring is coming!!

What a bright beautiful morning, though still a little cold, but I heard high of 50 at some point this week!!  Yeah, we'll take it!!!!  I'm of course, late again today & my desk is still a mess.  I had to drop my car off at the dealers this morning.  My check engine light has come one twice.  I tried to get into the garage last Monday, but they were booked up.  I may sound kind of snobby here, sorry for that, but I lease my vehicles, so I don't have problems & when I do I expect them taken care of right away.  I make my payments on time every month, I expect service.  I wasn't very nice about it last week when they told me I had to wait a week plus.  There are so few BIG purchase that we make w/guarantees.  I can honestly say I won't be buying another vehicle from this certain dealership,notice I never said where, we all are entitled to our own opinions.   Sorry for the bitch session, I'm just waiting for the phone to ring & them to tell me I need to pay for something.....I'll keep you posted, keep your fingers crossed for no major problems!!!

Okay onto better things, which is of course my new card for the day : )

I have a thing for cupcakes lately.  I think this is my 5th card in a month w/cupcakes, but I can tell you I don't have any of them left : )

I forgot my product list again today, so I'm going from memory...

product list:  felt cupcake:  Martha Stewart.  scalloped square punch:  EK Success. border punch:  Fiskars Ink:  pearls:  Queen & company. gems:  Michaels.  Stampabilities.  truq pp:  My Minds Eye. I love the pink pp & right now can't remember the brand & I know I know it!! 

 Everyone have a great day & I hope you get to see the sun too!! TFL!!!  Lynn

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday

Can't believe it's Monday already- what happened to the weekend?  My honey & I spend at least half the weekend painting-yuk!!   We did get our bedroom painted and back in order-yeah!!!  Our bedroom has 3 very rich red walls & one white wall & of course the white ceiling!!  Guess who got stuck doing ALL of the trim work?? ME!!  I will toot my own horn too, I did a darn good job at it & that was without taping it off!!!   We also bought a new bed, we get that on Tuesday-yeah!!  I promise pictures as soon as the bed is in : ) 

I'm late w/my post today.  Got to work & my desk look like a bomb went off.  I always pay the price for taking a day off, but worth it!!!!   Better get to gett'en lots still to do on my desk-yuk!!!

My new card I made a month or so ago, for my great friend, Peggy.  (she is feeling better, too)   I have made so many wonderful friends through card making & scrapping.   It's awesome to have people in my life who 100% understand the card making obsession- LOL!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend & even better upcoming week!!  As always, thanks for looking!!  Lynn

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Friday : )

Yeah, today is my Friday, now I just need to get through this day. Work is already starting out busy. My honey & I are going to "freshen up" our bedroom this weekend, so we are both off tomorrow . We're going to paint, oh fun. Our bedroom is a reddish color & we love it, mind you we painted it 6/7 years ago. I wanted the same color & believe it or not I remembered the name of the color, so went to Home Depot & they were able to find it in their computer. We originally bought it at Kmart, so I was kind of surprised, but very happy too. It's so nice how you can buy the little sample cans of paint now for $3, so we did that, just to make sure it's the right color. It looked A LOT different in the can, got my fingers crossed. I thought I had my husband talked into making us a platform bed & headboard, but yesterday he decided he wasn't qualified enough to do it. I think he's just being lazy-LOL. I'll keep you posted on that : ) I'm hoping to get some cards made this weekend too, I'm sure I will, can't keep me away from the scrapping table for long-LOL.

It is sooo gray & wet out today!!! If it keeps raining we are going to need an ark-LOL. It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. It was snowing yesterday morning, but didn't stick. Right now I'd rather have the snow, it's so muddy...hard on Wilson this time of year-a muddy mess-LOL!! I'm hoping my new card will brighten your day : )
sorry left the product book at home, was running a little late today, had to dry off Wilson-LOL.
Have a great Thursday & an enjoyable weekend!! TFL!! Lynn

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Done w/St. Patrick Day cards : )

I just need to complain for 2 seconds...I just paid $3.69 a gallon of gas!! Okay, sorry I know there are others out there paying more, but not the thing I wanted to think about first thing in the morning. Okay we are moving onto better things : )

I'm finally officially done w/my St. Patrick Day cards ( I hope). I have a couple customers that tend to keep me busy w/my cards. I think my one customer loves to buy my cards as much as I love to buy scrapping goodies-LOL. I see her ever couple months or so & she usually gets @25 cards. Anyways, it seemed everyone wanted St. Pat's cards this year....last year I made 1, this year 20. They really were fun to make, it's just a wanted to play w/more then green green & green : ) I hope you enjoy my last St. Pat's card....

products used: All pp is from my scrap drawer-woohoo!! Green tag: Best Creations Inc. leprechaun, coin stickers: Sticko. Stamp: Studio G

I'm excited to make some Easter cards next, what can be more cute then bunnies & chicks. Have a great day!! TFL!! Lynn

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another sunny day : )

Another bright sunny day here-yeah!! I did hear the report for the rest of the week & I swear I heard the word snow again. I know we are getting towards spring, I saw a couple robins the other day & my one friend has flowers trying to poke their heads up : ) My title today should have been "Happy Paczki Day" (pronounced poonch-key). On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, known as "Fat Tuesday",a Polish sweet good, known as Paczki was traditionally eaten to mark Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. We have a large Polish community here in the Buffalo area & you can get Paczki's every wheres today- they are super rich & heavy black raspberry filled donuts. My boss is Polish so he usually brings some in-yeah. They are super yummy, but so heavy & big that i can never eat a whole one, but can't wait for one. Now that I've given my history lesson for the day- I'm not Polish, so thank goodness for the Internet to really be able to tell you more then just about the "donuts"-LOL!!

I got home yesterday & was able to get pics of my new cards. I'm still working on mastering my new camera. The manual w/it is large & confusing-LOL. So anyways, that is why some of my pics seem to have a blue-ish color & others don't. This one seems a bit blue-ish to me, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. Look past the haze-LOL!!!

products used: ribbon: Paper Studio. Sentiment sticker: Karen Foster. Cricut. boarder punch: Fiskars. bling. scrap papers( so glad i could use up some scraps, but don't know any of the brands- I do know the green & white pp came from Michaels.

I hope everyone has a wonderful " Fat Tuesday", Paczki Day & Tuesday!! TFL! Lynn

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Sunny Monday!!

What a happy looking Monday- boy does that sound like an oxymoron : ) It is a bright sunny day, I don't think there is a cloud in the sky. We did get some snow, of course this weekend : ) Wilson & I went to visit mom & Oscar on Saturday. It was unfortunately a short visit as Sunday morning it was snowing, typical. It seems like we've gotten snow EVERY weekend for the last 2 months. Wilson & I had a slow ride home. Since we got home a lot earlier then planned, I did get to make some cards yesterday. I'm back to St. Pat's cards. All the ones I've made already are gone & I had a request for some more : ) Unfortunately it was too dark to take pics last night, so I'll hopefully show you some more green cards later this week : )

My new card today, I actually made a couple months ago for my great, dear friend, Vija that I met through scrap booking & our wonderful Goldens (Kobe & Damien). I think this card fits this bright sunny day & it totally fits Vija : )

products used: balloon stickers: Echo Park. stripe pp: Echo Park. cuttlebug. emboss folder: Provo Craft. Ink: Stampabilities.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE Echo Park!!!!! I know they have a bunch of new lines out & I can't wait to get my hands on them!!! I hope everyone has a great week!!!! TFL Lynn

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I feel like it has been such a long week already & it's only Wednesday. Don't really know why I've felt that way this week, but yesterday seemed like a very looooong day & then to top it off my show wasn't on last night- Glee : ( At least tonight is Survivor, I think. My husband has been working his overnight shift this week, so I think it just throws everything off. My morning routine is a little messed up. When I'm going to work, my honey is coming home & going to bed....hate the thought of him enjoying his day when I'm stuck at work-lol. You know if I was home, I'd be working on cards-lol!!!!!! Speaking of cards.... My customer asked me to make a new baby boy card w/the name of the new little one on it. My brain had a hard time coming up w/something...I took out certain embellies & stickers & stared at them for a couple days. I'm 100% pleased w/the way this card turned out. What's the saying "good things are worth waiting for" - just had to wait for my brain power to kick in-LOL!!! I'm meeting w/Cindy tonight to give her the cards, plus a couple others she requested (yesterdays card too).
products used: Image: Heartwarming Vintage collection. star & border: October Afternoon. plaid pp: Fancy Pants Hot Chocolate collection. polka dot: My Minds Eye. boarder punch: Fiskars. Ink: Stampabilities. gems. ribbon
Oh yeah, the boss just walked in. Time to get some work done. Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!! TFL! Lynn

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday Morning-yuk!!! I'm at work, my boss is already here & CRABBY!!! Just the way I wanted to start my day : ) I better just get onto my new card for the day & then off to get some work done-yuk!!!

products used: rub on flowers: Fiskars Heidi Grace. Cricut. Cutllebug. Nestabilities. All pp: K& Company. ribbon. mini buttons. ink: Stampabilities.
I hope everyone has a great day, mine is going to get better-lol!!! TFL Lynn