Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunny Springy Wednesday

Yeah, it finally feels like Spring, heck it actually feels like summer this morning!!!  The sun is out & it's 61 degrees!!!!!  Now if only I didn't have to work today & if only I hadn't just gotten to work & my boss is already here!  This will sound petty, but I love a little time alone in the office to start off my day...  I don't want to have to be chatting w/my boss about work right when I walk in the door.  Okay enough complaining, it's such a gorgeous day out, that should help my attitude-LOL!!!!

My new card brightens my day too : )  I love anything Echo Park, all of there stuff is so bright & happy!!  The flowers on this card are from a 12x12 pp sheet of theirs!!  I've been loving felt pieces as little added extras on my cards lately too!!

Well better get to work, my boss is waiting on something already....err doesn't he know I have my own things to do-lol!  Have a fantastic Wednesday- half way to the weekend!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quick Tuesday post

Busy busy morning already...this is the first fee second I've had since walking in the door.  To look at that bright side, 2 1/2 hours of my work days is already over : )   Man did we get rain last night.  It must have rained steady for 3/4 hours, I thought my neighbors ditch was going to overflow into my driveway-yikes!!!  So far today the sun is trying to break through the clouds & it's 52 here-heat wave!!!

I hope everyone had a good Easter.  Ours was very enjoyable.  We did sunrise service w/my mother-in-law & then we all went to brunch w/my family!!!  Our time was short together, but it was a great time!!!!  Oh yeah, the Easter bunnies brought me some new scrapping goodies : )

I hope everyone enjoys my new card & has a wonderful Tuesday!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

Yes, I know a couple days early....but I know how life goes & WANTED to make sure to wish all my friends & family a HAPPY EASTER!!!!  Around here it sounds like the Easter bunny is going to need some rubber boots & a heavy coat...Spring just hasn't gotten here weather's only 37 out now : )   I'm looking forward to seeing my family for Easter, haven't seen my brother & SIL in 3/4 months...that's a long time for us, but it's hard during the winter w/snow-yuk!!!  We are going to Easter brunch, yummy, I can't wait!!! Just think next year, we will have a little one joining us for the holidays...actually "baby Brown" is due beginning of October, so all the holidays will have added joy : )

My new card today HAD to be Easter : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Easter weekend!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A gray rainy Wednesday again!

Wow is it gray outside today...not even a glimpse of the sun so far & it must have rained pretty good last night as my backyard now looks like a lake again!!  We've moved Wilson to the front yard on his rope as the other day I caught him playing in the mud puddles...don't get me wrong it was the cutest thing!  He reminded me of a little boy making mud pies in his Sunday best -LOL!!

I'm hoping my new card will brighten your day as much as it does mine!!!  I'm in love w/this little guy on the skateboard (Pink Paislee new Hometown Summer line)!!!  Everything about this card says summer to me...oh to think...and I'm still waiting on spring to get here : ) 
Well better get back to work!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  TFL!!

Go Sabres!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

where did the weekend go??

Happy Monday!!  I can't believe how fast this past weekend went, why can't the work week seem to go that fast-lol!!!  I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend, we did!!!  I have to say the weather was altogether crappy all weekend, it actually SNOWED yesterday.  No worries, none of it stuck.  Actually Saturday morning, I noticed all sorts of trees w/buds on them & I even have a couple flowers in the front of the house.....spring is ALMOST here.  Can you believe Easter is this coming weekend??  My Easter baskets aren't as filled as they need to be....this Easter Bunny will be doing a little shopping this week : )

Speaking of Easter, my new card for you today is.... EASTER : )

I am officially done w/my Easter cards...I actually moved on to Mother's Day cards this past weekend, but haven't had time to take the pics, plus yesterday was too gray to take good pics.  So far today the sun it out, so hopefully after work : )   oh, did I say after work, only 5 hours to go!!

I know it's hard to see in the pic., but the sentiment says "HAVE A TWEET EASTER".

I hope this helps to brighten your day! Have a great Wednesday!!  Oh yeah,  GO SABRES!!!    TFL!  Lynn

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wet Rainy Wednesday

Now this is typical spring weather for us- rainy & chilly.  It must have rained alot during the night, because my backyard, which was just drying up is a lake!!  My poor Wilson, after going outside he has to then dry off in the garage for a bit.  You should see his little face when I leave him out there, oh too cute : )

As of last night, I am officially down w/Easter cards for the year.  That doesn't mean I won't be loading some more to show you as I still have to take pics of my new ones & I love sharing them w /you : ) 

Believe it or not, today's card is NOT an Easter card.  I don't tend to work on one type of card all the time, I like to mix it up.  Like I've said before in most cases, I make whatever "jumps out at me"....just my way : )    This was a real quicky card w/just alot of layering.    I do think it's perfect for a Spring B-day though.
I'm starting Mother's Day cards tonight...I got a big order for those yesterday-woo hoo!!!!

Well time to get to work & make some money to pay the then I can go home & make cards : )  Have a great Wednesday!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Scrappy Tuesday!!

Oh, I wish I could be home for the day...just one of those days where I could have stayed in bed a bit longer : )  It is a bright sunny day, so that along w/my Dr. Pepper should wake me up!!  I've been fighting a little cold since the weekend, nothing really to write home about, if you know what  I mean.  

Can you believe Easter is less the 2 weeks away-yikes!!!  I still have a couple Easter cards I need to make.  I had about 10/12 done, but my clients bought me out- smiling from ear to ear : )  Just makes me feel good!!!  Since I'm talking Easter cards, guess what I got for you today.............

I was trying for a more boy-ish Easter card.  I noticed a lot of mine were pink &/or pastel.  I never considered myself  a "pink" girl, but I love making cards w/pink!  I wouldn't think of red as much of an Easter color, but I think put w/the blue & yellow it works quite well!!  I've had that cute little lamb since last year, he's from Hobby Lobby. 

Well time to get my Dr. P.  & start the work day.  So far I'm here by myself & love'n that part : )  Have a great Tuesday!!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yeah to my brother & sister-in-law!!!

  I've got some GREAT news to share brother & SIL are having a BABY!!!!   They are officially through their first trimester....due date is October 7th!!  They say they are going to find out the sex of "Baby Brown"....I can't wait!!!!!   Last year was a very rough year for my family, so it's nice to have something so exciting & new to look forward too.  This will be the first officially baby in our family in a loooong time!!!  Don't forget, my cousin is also pregnant, due the end of September!!!   How exciting, now to have to plan for two little ones.  I'm already an Aunt on my husband's side, but can't wait to be one to my side!!  Yeah, Jeremy & Susanna & "baby Brown"!!!!!  Since they have now received their card, I can share w/all of you!!

I've been very lazy lately w/my product listing.  If you have any question on the material I use, feel free to email me or leave me a message!

It was such an enjoyable, relaxing weekend!!  I know the weather was a huge help in all was 76 degrees here yesterday!!  My gosh, it was soooo awesome, it felt like summer.  It was warmer outside then in my house, it was sooo nice to open the windows & let the fresh air in.  Keep in mind, by mid week we are going back to normal 45/50 degree weather.

Well better get some work done, that's why I"m here.  So nice to not have that report hanging over my head.  Going to be a good week!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday- need I say more : )

Not only is it Friday, but today is my little Wilson's 1 year birthday!!!  I can't believe how fast time has gone, it seems like just yesterday he was a 14 lb ball of fur : )  He still 100% acts like a puppy, they say Golden's can be like that till 2ish....oh, I hope Wilson calms down over the next year, he really is a very spirited pooch & is constantly testing us.   I lov'em to pieces though & he's the greatest cuddler -lol!!!!

So for my little Wilson, who really, I know isn't all that "little" anymore....I've got a new b-day card  : )

I really like the way this card turned out. I was thinking male b-day card when I was making it, but like that I could use it for male or female!!! 

I hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend!! TFL!  Lynn

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Happy Thrusday, I hope : )

Only time for a quick post today, I'm at work & NEED to finish up the report.  I'm close, so if I get to it, should be done way before lunch & then lucky me, I can start on the rest of my work that is piling up-lol!!! 
Thank goodness the weekend is almost here : )

Remember I mentioned last weekend we went to our niece & nephew's b-day's the card I made for our niece, she turned 4!!!  I thought the "shaker" style ice cream cone would be perfect for her, catch her attention : )

I hope everyone has a great day!!  Keep your fingers crossed I finish this report w/no snags-yuk!!!  TfL!  Lynn

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the sun is out!!!

OMG it's a bright sunny morning, haven't had one of these in days.  Yesterday ended up being an odd weather day, not sleet like last year, but it did snow-yuk!!!  Typical to Buffalo weather, one minute is was snowing like a blizzard, next it was bright sunshine...don't worry we didn't get any accumulation, thank goodness!!!

What a nice Anniversary evening, my honey & I had!!  We went out to dinner, it was fun to reminisce about 8 years ago & we had some awesome food- I had the biggest burger ever!!  My honey got me a "box of fun" from!!!!  He's so supportive of my hobby, I couldn't ask for more!!!  I got some new Crate Paper(the chipboards are soooo fun), Pink Paislee ( so summery), Echo Park (i'm in love w/everything the make), American Crafts (great 3d stickers & love the Pebbles lines), Basic Grey (there new cardstock stickers are a great deal $1.49)...oh there was more, just can't remember right now.  Oh, do I wish I was home playing w/it all : (  Can't wait till work is over!!!!

Finally got to take a couple pics yesterday of some new cards : )  Gotta show you one of my new Easter Cards.... gee Easter will  be here before you know it...that means warmer weather, green grass, buds on the trees, oh I can't wait...........

products used:  pink pp:  Imaginisce. bright pink polka dot pp:  Current.  Cuttlebug. Nestabilities.  border punch:  Fiskars.  ribbon:  Paper Studio. 

Hope everyone has a sunny Wednesday- half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL!  Lynn

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary to my honey!!

Today is mine & my honey's 8th Wedding Anniversary....oh, to remember where we were 8years ago....actually 8yrs & 1 day ago...Jamaica : )   We had a great big Catholic wedding w/all the trimmings-lol!   My favorite flowers are tulips, so we did those...a totally "spring" themed wedding : )  Mother Nature had other ideas that day, it sleeted & snowed & rained, an altogether crappy weather know the saying, "it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day"- what about sleet & snow along w/it???  LOL.  We had an amazingly great wedding, I can't believe it was 8 years ago.   As w/must (all) couples, we have our ups & downs, but I wouldn't change a thing : )  I love my husband more every day!!   Thank you, honey for a wonderful 8 years as Mrs. Weber!!

We are having some chilly weather today too.  It reminds me of 8yrs ago, only it's not raining or's just chilly.  Yesterday, was 65 degrees here, it was awesome!!!  I even opened a couple windows when I got home, it smelled like spring.  Typical to Buffalo, blink & the weather changes,  back to winter-YUK!!!!

Still haven't found time to take pics of all my new cards, so today's is the wedding card I made for my cousin, almost 6 months ago- wow - hard to believe how fast that has gone.   My cousin is now 4+ months pregnant, hard to believe how fast that has gone too!!!   

  Had to have a "love" card due to our Anniversary- cheesy, I know, but that's me : )

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!   TFL!!!  Lynn

Monday, April 4, 2011


Why do weekends go so fast????   We had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend!!  Saturday we went to a birthday party for our Nephew 7 & our Niece 4 : )  We had a great time, they are such good kids : )  I spent Sunday making cards- love'n every minute of it.  My anniversary is tomorrow- 8 years, so I had to make a card for my honey ( I'll show you after tomorrow, as if my husband every checks my blog-lol).  I got quite a few Easter cards made plus a couple special orders : )  I unfortunately did not get a chance to take pictures of my new cards, hopefully today, even though it is another gray raining day here-typical spring weather...working on the May flowers : )

My new card today is one I made for an awesome friend, Marcy (Obadiah).  Marcy is a wonderful friend, I met her on & she always always always puts a smile on my face : )

As usual, don't have my product list & my brain isn't working yet this morning, so can't remember any of my products- sorry just one of those lazy, gray Mondays where it would have been great to stay in bed : )

Have a great day!!!  TFL!  Lynn