Monday, February 28, 2011

happy Monday

Typical Monday for me, running late. I hate getting out of bed on Mondays, actually I hate getting out of bed an work morning early-yuk!!

Need to let everyone know- IT SNOWED THURSDAY NIGHT/FRIDAY & EVEN SATURDAY NIGHT!!! Needless to say due to 4 to 5 plus inches of snow Friday morning, mom did not come to visit this weekend : ( I chatted w/her numerous times over the phone, but it just isn't the same -lol. I'm planning on going there this weekend, it seems like every time we plan for mom to come up lately it snows, so we thought we'd mix it up- I'm going there : )

Since I'm running late, better just get to my new card today....... It is very gray,rainy & damp here today(but no snow), so I hope my new card brightens your day : )

products used: stripe pp: Oct. Afternoon (love it!). lime green pp: Target. chipboard tag: Paper Studio. butterfly punch: Martha Stewart. stamp: Fiskars. ink: Stampabilities.

Ok, if the card doesn't brighten you day- check out this cutie-lol!!! I'm 100% sure by the look on his face & that his ears are back, he was getting ready to bark at me- Wilson is NOT a fan of the camera- but we are working on it-lol!! This is my scrapping room, check out the background you can see my stackers : ) Don't get me wrong , I've taken over the dinning room too-lol!! Have a good day & stay dry!! TFL!! Lynn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where did the sun go????

I have a hard time coming up w/titles for my, was one of those days, then I saw yesterday's post...SUNSHINE- where are you??? It is so gray here today-yuk!!! Suppose to get a little rain & then, of course, SNOW. Can't seem to get through a couple days w/out the ugly word popping up. I'm hoping the weathermen are wrong, mom is coming tomorrow- we have a weekend of fun planned : ) First we have Shrek at our local theater (Sheas) , we've had season tickets there for a couple plus years & have seen some really good shows and I'm 100% sure we were going to get some shopping in & as always have lots of good eats. Everyone think NO SNOW!!!! Looking out the window now & it's snowing, thought I said think NO SNOW-lol!!!!

It's not very often I get my Copic Markers out, but I did for my new card : ) It was a quickie card, except for the coloring : ) Sorry about the picture, not as bright as it should be, by the time I got home & took the picture the sun was going down, not really complaining though- did you notice it it gets lighter out a bit earlier & stays light a little bit longer-yeah!!

products used: Copic Markers. purple pp: Target. green flower pp: My Mind's Eye. Gems: Michaels. boarder punch: Fiskars. brown ink: Stampabilities.

Sorry, I didn't bring my list of supplies, so don't know the rest of the brands. I do know I got the stripe pp at Hobby Lobby.

Everyone have a great Thursday, just think one more day till the weekend. Just a reminder NO SNOW!!! TFL!!! Lynn

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bright Sunny Day : )

It is a BRIGHT sunny day here w/NO snow in sight -lol!!! Can you believe we are almost to the end of February- where does the time go?? I'm so ready for spring, green grass, flowers & warmer weather : ) I have to admit my new card for the day, was done awhile ago, but thought it was perfect to post today- it just reminds me of a bright sunny day & spring : )

products used: 3d bird sticker: American Crafts. Stripe pp: DCWV. gingham pp: Paper Studio. Cuttlebug. Nestabilities. boarder punch: Fiskars. Ink: Stampabilities.

The sentiment doesn't show up very good in the picture, but does in person : )

My box of scrapping goodies was waiting for my yesterday when I got home, it felt like Xmas-lol. I should have taken a picture to show you my new loot, i guess instead I'll just have to make some cards w/it to show you : ) Quick list- got some Prima papers including the new Celebrate Jack & Jill- I got the page w/the cute little boy & girl & extra cut outs....oh, so cute : ) Also some Best Creations- there paper is so awesome,I love the raised parts & the colors POP!! I, of course couldn't' resist some of the new American Crafts- Pebbles, Happy Go Lucky stuff- it's right up my alley, so bright & cheerful & CUTE, can not wait to use them, love how the double sided papers have boarders too. Can't forget the Graphics 45, Webster, My Mind's Eye & My Little Shoe Box. Like I said, it was like Xmas. I spent sooo much time checking out all my new stuff & day dreaming about what to do w/it that I didn't get much done last night-lol. Plus Glee was on - I get such a kick out of that show. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend checking it out, my husband even likes it-lol! Tonight is Survivor- it started last week, I think it's one of the best Season Premieres I've seen , I'm a big fan of Boston Rob.

Well I've chattered enough today about my boring life, which I love-lol!!! Have a great day- half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!!!! TFL Lynn

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nice Loong Weekend-over : (

Not rubbing it in for those that had to work yesterday, but it was so nice to have a 3 day weekend!!!!! I think, they should all be 3 days- work is over rated anyways-lol!! I can tell by my work desk already this morning, that someone was here working yesterday....nice that they left it on my desk-yuk!!! It is going to be a good day, a good week for that matter, it's already starting out one day short : ) Mom is coming this weekend, we are off to a show at our local theater- I think, Shrek.

It is coooold here today...10 degrees. We, of course, did have some snow this weekend. My honey got called into work Saturday morning-7am & Monday 1230am. They were short shifts, not too much snow, just enough. I did spend a lot of my weekend making cards. Of course, I got some shopping in there too & some cleaning, yuk! I think I've even talked my husband into re-painting our bedroom & maybe some other minor upgrades- next next weekend, gives us sometime to figure it out-lol.

Well better get to posting my new card & then off to clean my desk & all the other fun I can find for the day. I do have something to look forward to today- my package from is due to arrive-YEAH, more new goodies!!! Can't wait to get home : )

I really did work on some St. Pat's card this weekend, but other cards always seemed to sneak in there too : ) This little guy makes me smile, he's got google eyes!!
products used: dragon sticker: Paper Studio. plaid pp & white polka dot pp: My Mind's Eye. stamp: Hero Arts. Ink (brown): Stampabilities.
I hope everyone has a great day!! Any warmth you'd like to send my way would be great- kind of sick of the bitter cold : ) TFL!! Lynn

Friday, February 18, 2011


Oh yeah, we've made it to FRIDAY!!!! Plus we've had a pretty decent week so far weather wise, no snow!! I can't remember the last time I was able to say that. You should see my back yard- it is a MESS!!! Luckily there are still little patches of snow for Wilson to use-lol!! Other then that you could pretty much go swimming in my back yard, though you may be taken down by some ice chunks, MESS!!!! Tonight is suppose to go back to normal Feb. weather for us below 32 degrees, so by tomorrow at this time, it'll be half an ice skating rink-lol!!!
I've been meaning to share this adorable pic. w/you, but also wanted to share my new card & had to wait for my girlfriend to get it : ) My girlfriend has some great changes in her life over the past year!! I shared a pic. a while back of Evan, but look how he's grown- what a little man!!! I swear every pic she sends me, Evan's smiling!! Awwweeeee : )

They also bought a new home not to long ago....thus the new card : )
products used: all stickers: Doodlebug Designs. grass punch: Martha Steward. cloud pp: Paper Studio. Ink: Stampabilities gems.
I hope everyone has a great Friday & an even better weekend!! TFL! Lynn

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like spring!!

I'm trying to make an effort to be a better blogger : ) My post is a little late today, but didn't want another day to get by w/a post. It feels like spring out, heck it even looks like it- the snow is melting & everything is extra dirty-lol!! Temp is 43 already....sad part is by Monday they are talking about that "S" word again-snow!!!!

I think my new card is pretty SPRINGY though : )
products used: stripe pp: My Mind's Eye. gingham pp: Paper Studio. frame: Thickers. ribbon: Paper Studio. boarder: Doodlebug Designs. ink: Stampabilities. stamp: Fiskars. gems. button
Have a great day!! TFL!!! Lynn

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up for another day, another dollar : ) Yesterday was a bit busy at work & I'm sure today will be the same, so not really looking forward to it, but what ya gonna do!!!! I will say at least there's a; big bright sun out today w/blue skies & no prediction of snow!!!! Actually by Friday we are suppose to be near 45 degrees- oh, can't wait!!! Just for the record though, right now it's 10 out! brrrrr!!!!!

My honey & I had a very nice relaxing Valentine's Night : ) Can't say it was really all the different then any other night, except I got a couple presents -lol!!! We had a Walmart open by our house not to long ago & my husband found their scrapping section-yeah!! Needless to say I got some scrapping goodies & a box of chocolate for V-day. My honey really can be soo cute & then there are those other times -lol : ) I know I said no more V-day cards, but just wanted to share the one I made for my honey : ) With his cards, I usually try to use black & I have lots of "skull" pps, so it's usually one of those too. He raved about his card & said how "cool" it is- that put a big smile on my face. Hope you like it too!!

products used: skull pp: Paper Studio. v-day card: Fancy Pants. button. bling

I have no clue where I got my button, but I love it & wish I had more. Thinking about it though, could make my own like this, just use a marker -hmmm, going to have to try that when I get home : )

Since I promised no more V-day cards & since I had most of my weekend to make cards, I have another one for you today.

products used: turq polka dot pp & off white/pink polka dot pp: My Mind's Eye. Cricut. Cuttlebug. Emboss Folder: Provo Craft. circle sticker: My Mind's Eye. ribbon: Paper Studio. stamp: Hero Arts. inks: Stampabilities. gems: Michaels. corner punch: marvy. button

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday & the sun is shining in your next of the woods. TFL!!! Lynn

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my family & friends!!!
I wish the sun was out today, but it is 40 degrees, so around here that's a heat wave-lol!! My awesome husband got my yellow roses for V-day, so I'm considering that my sunshine for the day : ) We do exchange little presents, but not until tonight---oh, I"m hoping for some new scrapping supplies-lol!! We had quite the relaxing weekend, which means I got quite a few cards made-yeah!! We did actually get a little snow both Saturday & Sunday morning, enough to call in for plowing, so my honey had to work a little : ( I'm so glad a lot of snow is melting w/the warmer weather today & yesterday, but now everything looks so dirty. Where is spring w/the flowers & the new green grass?!
As I said last week, I think it was, I'm done w/Valentine cards, so my new card for you today is a wedding card. I think it still works for today, it's about love & has a lot of RED on it, what more can you ask for on V-day?!

I don't have my product list w/my today, typical for a Monday : ) I hope everyone has a great V-day!! TFL!! Lynn

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday already & NO I'm not complaining-lol!

Brrrrrrrr- it's 5 degrees this morning, but there is blue sky & a big sun!! I can't say it's making it feel any warmer out, but it does lift the spirits : ) I thought we were going to get a night of uninterrupted sleep seems like my husband has been called out to plow for work every night lately & once again last night they called him in to salt the roads. I didn't even know we were suppose to get any snow. We only got about an inch & at least the phone didn't ring till 330am-yuk!!! Needless to say Wilson cuddle up w/me & we had the whole bed for the rest of the night-lol. Wilson is a snuggler-cuddler : )

I've been busy making cards, as usual. I just can't help myself. Besides the fact that I absolutely LOVE to make them, it's a stress reliever too. Don't get me wrong, my life isn't overly stressful- just the normals of life & work!! I have a bunch of orders for St. Patrick Day cards & I'm having a slow go w/those. I've had a hard time finding "cutesy" St. Pat's things. If you follow along w/my cards, you'll know I'm big on stickers- I use them on just about ALL of my cards, kind of like some people do w/stamped images. It's just my style & my thing-lol. I need @15 + St. Pat's cards & have 4 done so far, at least I still have the rest of the month : ) I hope you enjoy my new card- green green green : )

products used: green circle pp: Target. border punch: Fiskars. grass punch: Martha Stewart. Cricut. rub-on clovers: DCWV. stamp: Studio G. Ink: Stampabilities. * sorry I dont' know the other pps- they were in the scrap drawer & the rainbow sticker is from an old scrapping kit, but have no clue the brand.

Enjoy your Thursday- stay warm!!!! As always thanks for looking!! Any suggestions on where to get some cute St. Pat's things are always appreciated : ) Lynn

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm a bad blogger-lol

I'm a bad blogger, I know I can't make it a whole week w/posts - sorry : ) I'm crunched for time again today- typical- oh, but the weekend is alllmoooost here : ) I wanted to at least post a new card, so I didn't feel like I was neglecting you...............

Yes, another V-day card to show you : ) I promise, soon a different type of card, but how can this little card w/that cute little pooch not make you smile.

products used: Cuttlebug. Nestabilities. graph pp: Me & My Big Ideas. ribbon: Paper Studio. button. dog sticker: American Greetings. rub-on letters: Target.
Everyone have a great Thursday!! Stay warm, it's only 5 degrees here today, but the sun is out!!! TFL! Lynn