Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Busy busy week & not much time for card making or for blogging : )  I just wanted to take the time to wish allll of you a safe & blessed....Happy New Years!!!!!!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hutton's First Christmas!!

What a wonderful Christmas we had....I'm kind of sad it's all over : (   It's always nice to be together w/family & we certainly did that this Christmas : )   I would say we were all spoiled rotten-lol.  I've got all soooooorts  of new scrapping goodies to play with-yeah!!!!!  My mom & my honey both got my fun filled boxes of new goodies...going through the boxes, each piece of paper &/or sticker &/or ribbon was it's own present : )  Now to find places to put all the new stuff & get to work....I'm out of everything & can't wait to start Valentine Cards : )    My mom made an awesome Christmas feast of Ham & Turkey breast, all sorts of cookies & desserts, believe me, no one went home hungry : )  Yesterday my honey & I relaxed & enjoyed our new gifts....I did get a new card made last night, I was going through withdraw : )  Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture of it & I don't have any other new cards to share w/you today as I'm still working on a temp computer & forgot to email myself some pics : (    I do have one heck of a cute Christmas picture for you though.............

Hutton is now 2months & 2weeks.  Look at those big beautiful dark blue eyes : )  I hope this puts a big smile on your face could it not : )

Have a great day..time for me to get some work done-yuk!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, December 23, 2011


Woo hoo Friday!!!!  What's better then Friday??  A Friday before Christmas...a Friday before a looong holiday weekend-woo hoo!!!!!  I'm sooo looking forward to the holiday : )

I must admit, I haven't been the happiest of elves this past has been absolutely awful..busier the most week & alllllll sorts of problems!!  Luckily for me, only  2 hours today & then I can put the problems aside until Tuesday : )  We do our little office Xmas party today & then head home early...oh joy...I get my mimosa soooon ...a well deserved one, at that!!!   Now after work is a whole other story...presents to wrap, cards to finish & baking to do...then maybe another well deserved Xmas drink -lol!!   "Tis the season"!! oh, yea- I'm a much happier elf today!!!

Can you guess my new card type today : )

To all my wonderful family & friends (this means you)...Have a very Merry & blessed Christmas!!  May you be sourrounded by those you love & have wonderful memories of those that can't be with you!!!    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 days till Xmas

I just can't believe Xmas is only 5 days away...all the planning & it goes soooo fast!!!  I am looking forward to time w/family.  We do Xmas eve w/my husband's family & then drive to my mom's.  We spend Xmas day w/my family & then drive home where my husband & I do our own Xmas : )   It is certainly a fun filled tiring Xmas time : )  I can't wait to see my little nephew, Hutton- it's been almost a month!!!    I was a busy busy little elf this past weekend, got just about all my presents bought & even some already wrapped.  I am still finishing up a couple Xmas cards though.  Can you believe that w/all the cards I've made....I'm very very fortunate to have some great customers who totally appreciate my card making & keep my busy w/special orders & just everyday cards : )  Thank goodness, what would I do w/the  100's of cards I make a year ; )

Well better get to my new card for the day & then get to working....I was so hoping for a nice quiet work week & yesterday sucked!!!!!  Ok, back to better new card

I totally love making Xmas cards, but most say, I'm ready to move on to Valentine Cards & more everyday cards.  I kind of miss using pink : )   My birdhouse sticker came from Hobby Lobby, as did my ribbon.  My sentiment is a rub-on & all the paper is very very old : )  Trying to use up some older things...maybe Santa will replace them-lol.

Well time to get to work.  Have a great Tuesday!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, December 16, 2011


Woo hoo...the weekend is just hours away : )  I've got a long list of things to accomplish this weekend : )  A big part of that list is still my Xmas cards-yikes!!!   I've been have major computer problems at work alllll week, it's sooooo frustrating!!  Everyday I come in, my computer is all different & half the stuff I have saved on here is gone....that includes my pics of new cards  : (    That being new card is actually an old card, probably made this 3/4 months ago..but it's the only one on my computer this morning...arrggghhhh!!!  Thank goodness it's Friday : )

I may have even shared this card w/you before...sorry if that's the case.  I really didn't want another day to go by w/out a new post...especially being Friday...wanted to wish you all a great weekend!!  Well, I better get some work done while my computer seems to be behaving : )  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love Xmas

Can you believe it's Wednesday already : )  I did got some more Xmas shopping done last night, feeling much better about that.  I'm behind on EVERYTHING this year & I don't like it!!!  Don't get me wrong, I'm never fully ready for Xmas till Xmas eve, but usually I'm alot further ahead.  I just started thinking today about baking.  I don't do much of that either, but usually a couple cookies, some brownies & of course, rice krispie treats-oh yum, wish I had some of those right now : )   Even w/being behind on everything, I still totally love the Xmas season : ) 

I did get a couple more cards made last night...I will have my Xmas cards done before Xmas....the recipient might not get them before...but they will be out the door-lol : )   So of course, my new card is Xmas : )

I used a lot of glitter on this card : )  My reindeer is last years K & Company. 
Well time to get some work done.  Have a great day!!! TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday- what happened to Monday : )

Oh happy Tuesday, so far this work day has started out better then yesterday.  I got to work, signed onto my computer & had a virus all over were popping up every wheres & of course, it took my IT guy, 2hours to get here & another 3 to fix it...didn't leave me much time to work yesterday, so I'll be making up for it today : )    So I don't have much time for my  post today : (   Had a great weekend w/mom.  We saw The Adams Family musical, which was really really good...I would highly recommend it & I must admit I wasn't really into!!  Mom & I also got a good amount of Xmas shopping done, thank goodness...I'm hoping to finish by this weekend.  I am still working on Xmas cards, just started my own last night.  I had an order of 25 that I just finished for a customer on a little behind, ok, a lot behind on my cards this year : )

Well better get to my new card & start cleaning off my desk.....

This was a super quickie card for me.  I just cut the snowman scene out of some patterned paper & added some glitter & inked all the edges.  Though a simple card... I think it turned out pretty good :) 

I hope you have a great day!!! As always, thank you for taking the time to check out my new card & see how life is treating me : )

Friday, December 9, 2011

Let it Snow

What happened to my sunny's snowing this morning...the first snowfall really is pretty though.  The driving wasn't bad, so I'm not complaining yet....I'm sure you'll here about it in the loong coming months of winter : )   Yeah- it's Friday!!  I think it's going to be a busy  & I have The Adams Family tonight, as long as the snow cooperates : )  Gotta get some shopping in, have a xmas party tomorrow night & need to finish 4 more xmas cards by Sunday that sounds busier then going to work-lol. 

My new card seems perfect for today : )   My sentiment is an oooold rub-on, came in some kit.  Actually everything on this card is old.  The sticker is another Walmart find from last year- thanks, Mom : )

Well time to get the day started.  I hope everyone has a great weekend...16 days till Xmas : )   TFL  Lynn

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The sun is out- great way to start the day!!

It seems like forever since we've had a sunny morning or actually a sunny's a bright cloudless morning : )  They are calling for snow overnight..this would be our first measurable snow, if the weathermen are's the lake effect snow, those snow bands can be very narrow, so the snow may only affect a small portion of our area.  Last year ( I think), we got almost 3 feet of snow due to lake effect & where I work (5 miles away) got absolutely nothing, the grass was still green, yet I was snowed in my driveway for 2 days....I'm not complaining, I got alot of cards done then-lol.   So, anyways time will tell what the weather/snow will do.   I'm hoping it won't be to bad, my mom's suppose to be visiting this weekend.  We are suppose to see The Adams Family at our local theater & then we NEED to Xmas shop : )

I was noticing last night, I've made alot of cards this year w/snowmen...they are always just so cute, I can't help myself : )  My snowman sticker is from Hobby Lobby.  My sentiment stamp is from Hero Arts.

Well need to start work...thought I had the morning to myself, but the boss just walked in...aarrrgghhhh.  Well have a happy sunshine day : )   TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Gray Wednesday

Another extremely gray morning!!  It was still pitch black at 730 this morning...seemed like the middle of the night, it would have  been the perfect morning to stay in bed...then again, what morning isn't?!! 

I got a couple more Xmas cards made last night, thank goodness, my one customer is picking some up today : ) 

Once again, blue & red...really into that for Xmas this year.  My blue paper is Echo Park & the awesome vintage Santa sticker is Tim Holtz.  You should see this book of seasonal stickers, sooo cool & the best part, it was a gift from Marcy, a wonderful friend I made through & our love for card making.  Thanks Marcy : )

Check out the new picture of me & my little cutie, Hutton.  This was taken on Thanksgiving Day.  Doesn't he look like he's posing for the camera- he got big beautiful eyes : )

Well sorry for the short..blah blah blah post today, these gray mornings must be getting to me-lol.  Have  great day!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy happy happy day, I hope : )

Another graaay rainy day, but once again not snow : )   This morning is a bit chillier then it has been, feels more like December.  I haven't seen the news/weather report in days, so not sure if they are using the "s" word or not.....  ever just feel like you are going in circles & accomplishing nothing because the list is soooo long, that's where I'm at these days!  I'm not even close to done w/Xmas shopping, heck I've barely begun & really have few ideas for people this year.  My Xmas decorations are half up, at least the tree is shining pretty-lol.  I promise pics of it w/Wilson soon, see another thing on my list.  I've got sooooo many Xmas cards to do, not complaining about that, just feel a little pressured & I don't want to rush myself & take the fun out of it, I enjoy putting my time & love into each & every card : )   I'm not sure what else is on the list, but I know there's a lot more.  Ok, I'm done being a Grinch, the Dr. Pepper hasn't kicked in yet this morning : ) 

I did some Xmas cards done last night, but haven't had a chance to take pics, so my new card today was made last week. 

As I said yesterday, I needed some b-day cards.  Sorry I haven't been listing any type of product used,  feel free to email me anytime at or leave me a comment & I promise to get back to you : )

Well time to get some work done-yuk!!!   I hope you have a great day!!  TFL! Lynn

Monday, December 5, 2011

A bright card to brighten up this gray day

Yes, another gray rainy morning, but at least it's not snow.  We did get a little snow on Friday morning, it was starting to stick, but didn't last too long & then yesterday our high was 60+, that is just crazy weather for December around's like now we are just waiting for the other shoe to drop, because you know sooner or later we are getting snow & lake Erie is still wide open, so the "lake snow machine" will kick in at some point.  For those of you not familiar w/my area,outside of Buffalo, NY we live on the East end of Lake Erie & we get tons & tons of snow from that, hence the "lake snow machine".  Ok, enough of that dirty white talk-lol.

I hope everyone had a great weekend & got lots of Xmas presents bought or got their Xmas tree up or heck, just relaxed & enjoyed it : )   I had a busy busy weekend, alot of it spent on making Xmas cards.  Then Sunday mom & I had our last craft show of the year, we did really good : )  I sold quite a few Xmas cards & mom's tags & boxes, sold like hot cakes-woohoo.  We've met some great people thru these shows & it's kind of like we have our own little following now : )   I had make some other Xmas cards to fill a special order &  I ended up selling some of them at the show too, so now the rest of the week will be crammed w/making more Xmas cards & then, I promise, I'm going to work on my own cards-20 days till Xmas.

I was sooooo low on b-day cards, that I had to make a couple of these last week too.  It was nice to mix it up from the xmas red & green & blue-lol.   
Well time to get some work done.  Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, December 2, 2011

woot woot it's Friday!!

yeah, made it through another work week...this one had it's ups & downs, then again, don't they all : )  I've got a  busy weekend though...need to spend tonight & tomorrow finishing up a bunch of & I have our craft show on Sunday : )  So mom will be visiting this weekend also...hmmm, wonder if will get any scrap...oops, any Xmas shopping in -lol.    It's another very gray, wet morning here, but it's suppose to clear up later today & the weekend's suppose to be pretty good, high near 50...I can't believe we are into December & haven't had any snow-woohoo!!!

Back to Xmas cards to show you....   I think so far I've made @60+ Xmas cards, sold a bunch at the first craft show, plus had an order for 25 & the rest I hope to sell at this craft show : )  Then, I can work on my own-woohoo : )
The red snow flake paper is a piece from one of my all time favorite Xmas lines, Girl Paperie, love every sheet of this, it's from last year, so if you look real hard you could probably still find more-lol!!  My sticker is once again an awesome Walmart find.. You're probably starting to think that's the only place I shop for my embellies-lol.  Last year my mom's Walmart must have forgotten to put these out for sell & after Xmas they found them, marked them .37$ a package & mom went & got me 1 of everything they could you pass up that bargain, hell, that's beyond a bargain -lol.

Well time to get my work day started.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!!!  TFL  Lynn

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Sunny Thursday

It is chillllly out there this morning (35degrees), but it's a bright sunny day!!  We actually did see snow yesterday, though it was that rainy snow, so it didn't stick, just turned everything more muddy.    Right now I just wish the backyard w/either dry up or freeze up, my poor Wilson looks like a half brown dog after being outside, a muddy mess : )   I still haven't gotten all my Xmas decorations up, I'm working at it slowly....really I've been working very hard on cards, mostly Xmas cards, but I have had to throw a couple others in there just to mix it up a little : )  

Since alls I've been showing you is Xmas lately, I bet you are ready for something different too : )

I'm always in need of Thinking of You cards!!  The pink flowered patterned paper is one of my all time favorites, it's from Girls Paperie.  Luckily I still have a bit left : ) 

Well time to get some work done.  I hope everyone has a great Thursday- woohoo, weekend is almost here : )  TFL  Lynn