Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Half way to the loong weekend-woohoo : )

Made it to to get through it.  Ever just been in one of those moods where you just know you are going to bite somebody's head off...felt that way after I walked into work this morning-LOL.  I'm sure I'll do my best to control myself...I just would rather be at home making cards today...ok, most days-LOL.  I've had a couple sips of Dr. Pepper & feel better already...I'll go for some chocolate soon & that ought to cure all -LOL.   I did get a couple new cards made last night & packaged up all the other cards I had made...Pam is coming to pick up a bunch tonight!  I get sooo excited that others enjoy my cards, but also kind of sad to see them go...I love to look at them, they are like little friends ( I'm cheesy, I husband tells me all the time-LOL).   I'm planning on getting back to Halloween cards sometime this week-yeah : )

My new card was another special order from my friend Cindy, her son plays soccer & baseball,so she left it up to me.  I had  never done anything w/soccer before, so of course I went w/that one.  My soccer player image came from my scrap-a-day calendar...I never would have thought I would have gotten so much use of it (Mom, put that on the xmas list again this year-lol).

Have a great Wednesday!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flamingo Tuesday : )

At least the sun is out this morning, cause it's a chilly one, again  : )  It is suppose to warm up...w/what is going on due to Irene on the East Coast, I'm definitely not complaining.  My prayers go out to all affected...I was watching the Today show this morning, the pictures were just unbelievable! 

I'm thinking my caffeine hasn't kicked in yet this morning. I could have stayed in bed for awhile, it was so nice & cozy & Wilson was snuggling w /me : )  We don't let him sleep on the bed w/us overnight, he would take over the whole bed & the only one to get a good night's sleep would be Wilson-lol.   He does jump up to join us in the morning...I'm not sure if it's when the alarm goes off or if he just sees one of us moving, either way, he's a great snuggler : )    My new card ought to wake everybody's a bright one : )

A lot of people around here like to put pink flamingos in their lawn  : )  I thought this card would be perfect for my friends : )  The flamingo is a chipboard from Hobby comes as a whole stack of seasonal chipboards...w/ a coupon, it was a total deal!!   I love using felt embellies, always a great way to give added texture. 

Well I hope my new card has brightened your day : )  Have a great one!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Happy Monday to everyone...Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!!!!!!    Ooh, another weekend over...amazing how fast 2 days off from work go...why can't the work week go fast too?!!  The sun is out this morning, but there is a fall-ish chill in the air, temp is 55 degrees..brrrrrr.   I was thinking this morning, if this weather keeps up I'm going to have to start digging for some warmer clothes & I'm not ready to make that mess-lol.   Mom & I had a fun fun weekend!!  As usual we did lots of eating & lots of shopping -lol.  We went to the Stamp & Scrap Art Tour at our local fair grounds.  There is always sooo much to look at....such inspiration!!  If you follow my blog, you know, I'm not a huge stamp & colorer, but love to admire the works of art that everyone really does make me want to go home & dig out my copics-lol.   I did get a bunch of new patterned paper there, you know me & my paper-yikes!!  After the show we went to Red Lobster for mom's b-day lunch, it was yuuuuummmmmyyyy!!!  After lunch, I guess we figured we hadn't boughten enough scrapping supplies, we went to AC Moore & JoAnns (they are right next to each other).  I did the most damage at JoAnn's...they had some new stuff : )  I can't wait to use some of my new goodies  : )

My mother is a wonderful lady, an awesome mom & my BEST FRIEND!!!  If I can be half the lady my mother is, I would be pretty happy w/life!!   She has taught me so much about life!!!   She's taught me how to be a strong lady, yet to still have grace under pressure (need to work on that one a little -lol).  I could go on & on about my mom....I can't thank God enough for giving me her & the wonderful relationship we have together....I honestly don't know what I would do w/out my mom in my life!!!!  Isn't she beautiful!!!   For those on, you might have seen this cute picture before....this is mom & her little man, Oscar : )

My mom's b-day is today, but we celebrated it yesterday & she got her presents last night, so I can show you her new card : ) 
This one is a bit different then the cards I usually make for her, most of them are bright bright colored, which is why I went w/a card w/black in...wanted to change it up ; )

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday...especially my mom!!   TFL  Lynn

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Weekend (soon, 8hrs or work to go)

Yeah,  almost made it through another work week...only 8hrs to go : )  This week hasn't been to bad, except the catch up at the beginning of the week.  I think a lot of people are on vacation, being around here it's the last week before school starts, so needless to say they aren't thinking about mortgages right now.    I'm looking forward to my weekend...when don't I-lol!!  My mom's birthday is next week, so her & Oscar are coming to visit & we'll celebrate her b-day.  Plus the Stamp Scrap Art Tour is at the fairgrounds this weekend, so mom & I are off to that.  This will be the 3rd yr in a row we've gone.  We usually get some fun purchase (when don't we-lol).  It's the only place we've ever seen the Darcie's Ucuts, which we buy every year.  I'm sure I'll get some more : )  It's mostly stamps & there are all sorts of cards & projects to check out for inspiration.  Can't wait!!!! 

I've needed to work on sympathy cards, but they aren't usually the first thing on my list : )  This was a quicky card, layered a bunch of papers (like normal), mated the flower image, attached it w/pop dots, stamp sentiment, added bow & bling & done : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  TFL  Lynn

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need your morning coffee??

It's a some what gray rainy morning, BUT I did see a rainbow when I pulled into the parking lot at work...if only it ended here w/it's pot-o-gold!!  LOL   I don't tend to see many rainbows, though this is the 3rd one I've seen this week...strange, huh?  On our way home from the lake on Sunday we saw 2 of them, at one time : )       It's been a pretty quiet week for me..not complaining, I've had time to work on cards after work, which is a good thing as I have a bunch of orders to fill : )   Plus need to start thinking of the 2 craft shows mom & I do,one is the beginning of November  & the other beginning of December.  There just isn't enough time in my day for all the crafting I want to do. 

Ok, for those of you that don't know...I don't like coffee, but I still like my caffeine kick in the morning, which I get w/my Dr. Pepper & yes, I already have one this morning : )  

My new card is a "special order"...recipient loooves coffee.  This card was pretty easy, I layered a bunch of patterned papers, actually used some scraps-yeah : )  I stamped the happy birthday on the awning & added some bling & done : )  Being that the sticker was soo big, I just figured I would work around that.  My sticker is a Recollection from Michael's...their new stuff really is fun!!

Well time to get started on some work.  Have a great more day till the weekend-woohoo!!   TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vintage Halloween Card : )

Another sunny morning!!  It does help the attitude to see the sun when you get up...hate to say it, but I have noticed it's a bit more gray in the morning when I get up.  Signs of things to come : (   I think Fall is a beautiful season, but I love summer is my favorite season : )    My desk is finally cleaned off- woohoo : )  I'm kind of looking forward to my day at work ( hope that comment doesn't bite me in the butt)... my boss will be gone for most of the day- WOOHOO!!!   He's actually here now-yuk...but gone soon-woohoo!!!

I'm totally in love w/my new card....yes, another Halloween card (as if you couldn't tell by my blog title-lol)!!

I soo love using the Heartwarming Vintage images on my cards...this one makes me smile : )  For my b-day, my great husband got me the Tim Holtz paper distresser....I used IT on all the papers here, it was actually the first time I had used it--LOVE IT!!   I hope you enjoy my new card as much as I do : )  Have a great day!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny Tuesday

What a beautiful sunny, but crisp morning.   The high for the day is 75....I think I can deal w/that : )   I dove into my Halloween goodies last'n life : )  It's like having all new goodies to play w/as I haven't seen them since last Halloween, plus I have gotten a bunch of new things through out the clearance stuff : )  

I managed to finish & photograph my new card I said, my fingers were itching to make cards!!  My cool haunted house sticker is from Walmart, last year.  I've mentioned before about their awesome stickers..I've got a whole drawer full of xmas ones....  these are usually on an end aisle & not w/the scrapping goodies, go figure : ) 

I got pretty far w/cleaning off my desk yesterday, just a couple more things to straighten out & I'm sure something new will pop up today, it always does.  Have a great day, sorry for the short post, but work is calling, already-yuk!!   TFL!  Lynn

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome back : )

What a wonderful & relaxing little vacation we had : )  I could use one more day off just to catch up on a little sleep : )  Yes, at work already & yes, a bomb definitely went off on my desk again.  I don't understand, everybody in this office has their own desks & they don't leave them like could they, all the crap is on my desk....ok, got that off my chest for the day : )  Back to our wonderful vacation....we had perfect weather for the first 2 days & Saturday,  hot & sunny.  I even managed to get a little bit of a sunburn/tan!  We were able to kayak quite a bit & even take out the party boat.  Wilson was in the water everyday, multiple times.  There are a lot of ducks at the lake & Wilson just HAD to chase them.  That stinker, jumped in  the water & swam right after them, he had to be 100+ feet out...I thought we were going to have to go get him.  Wilson has a tendency to have a one track mind...what Wilson wants -lol!!!!    I did soooo miss making cards....this is the longest I've gone in awhile.  I did find some time to color w/my Copics a bit...hopefully I'll get to using some of those images soon : )  I can't wait to make some cards tonight, my hands are itching-lol.  I'm hoping to start on Halloween-yeah!!    Since I haven't made any cards in 6+ days, my new card is really an old card-lol.   This is a last year Halloween card...I found a couple recently on a memory stick : ) 

I just love the Alice in Wonderland- Graphics 45 Halloween stuff, as do a bunch of my customers : )   I know they have a couple new pieces out to match this collection : )

I hope everyone had a great week & weekend!!!  Time to find my desk-yuk!!!  TFL! Lynn

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My FRIDAY....on a'n life!!

Ok, just get me through the next 7 hours & I'm good to go.  Luckly I'm not overly stressed at work this week, that all happened last week : )   I'm sooooo looking forward to getting away & just relaxing.  Can't wait for Wilson to go swimming : )  We've been working on frisbee catching w/him, so going to try that into the water.....  Speaking of my sweet little Wilson..............

This is Wilson trying to
help me take pictures of my cards : ) 
 He's not a big fan of the camera...
likes to bark at it -lol.

   I didn't have any time last night to make cards : (    I was looking through Halloween goodies while on the phone w/my mom last night...can't wait to start making Halloween cards...after my well deserved vacation!!!

My new card is from the night before : )  I'm 100% in love w/everything Echo Park.   The tree sticker is from them.  This card was pretty simple...a couple layers of patterned the edges of everything & assemble. 

To all my wonderful blog friends....HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!  I'll be back next Monday (8/22)!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, August 15, 2011

2 day work week-WOOHOO!!!!

Oh, yeah....2 days of work this week....I'm pretty certain I can make it through, plus the report is done!!!!  I finished it w/hours to spare on Friday, thank goodness we had no computer problems!!  I need to finish up a couple things this week at work & that's it....I'm hoping for an easy 2 days...believe me, I'll pay the price when I return!!    It was a pretty relaxing weekend, though I did spend half of Saturday car shopping...I'm happy to say I'm now leasing a Kia Optima in white : )  I'm glad to have that over with & I'm enjoying my pretty, clean new car : )   I spent yesterday making cards, as I'm already going through withdraw.  I did get a  bunch of images stamped & have my Copic markers already packed : ) 

I'm in love w/this yellow patterned paper, it soooo reminds me of vintage wallpaper....I will admit I wouldn't want it in my home, not my "home style", but I'm still in love w/it....actually I love everything from the Crate Paper, Emma line : )   My dress form is from Darcie's Ucuts.....  I love her stuff, most is pretty easy to cut out too....this one was a bit more detailed. 

i hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Friday (woohoo) post!!

Yea-FRIDAY!!!!  I'd love to say my report for work is done & submitted & put behind me...but can't : (  Unfortunately yesterday our computer systems went down for @5hours...gotta love modern technology.  I was able to get all my #s done for the report...this morning I need to get the #s entered & then I can put it behind me-woohoo.  I'm hoping no more computer problems, I thought I was going to pull my hair out yesterday!!!!!! 

This was a quicky card for me last night. I did some car shopping after work-yuk!!  Had to unwind be making a card : )   I hope everyone has a relaxing & safe weekend!!!  We don't have any plans, but getting ready for our mini-vaca next week-woohoo!!!    TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Orders : )!!  I walked in & my desk looks like a bomb went off...I'm pretty certain that was not the way I left it!!  Funny, I never seem to mind when I leave my scrapping table looking like a bomb went off-lol.  Maybe I should start using pretty colored papers at work -lol.   Right now it's sooo nice & quiet at work, no one here but me & the phone hasn't rung once yet.  I probably just jinxed myself : )   Yeah, finished my slot machine card last night,  think it turned out pretty good & I completed another special order card-yeah!!  Since we are heading out of town next week, I need all my orders filled.  I can't imagine 6 days away from making cards.  I've already figured out, that there is no way to make cards while I'm at the lake, just too much stuff to bring along...but I'm thinking of stamping a bunch of images & bringing along my obsession just won't allow me to stay away completely-lol!!!  Fore-warning my wonderful blog postings next week after Tuesday : (

Ok, this is the "special order"...slot machine, breast cancer ribbon birthday card...  think I got it all here : )  My slot machine is a computer image, that I altered w/some pink paper & the little pink cancer ribbons.  My fun piece of plaid paper is from Little Yellow Bicycle.  One of these "special orders" down, 9 more to go : )

Talk about 2 completely different cards today.  This is the other "special order" I finished last  night.   This is for a girl I work with to give to her mom : )  They are having a surprise party for her mom w/the theme of the "Farm" game from Facebook. 

Well work is calling my name-yuk!!  Have a great Thursday!!  TFL Lynn

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I feel like i just left least I can say I got somewheres on my report yesterday & should have all the #'s compiled today-woohoo.....almost to the finish line-lol!!   I've had some "special order" cards that have been giving me a hard time too.  Remember I mentioned I had an order for 10 slot machine/breast cancer ribbon cards, well 1 of those 10 is due this week. If you follow my blog, you know I tend to make my cards w/stickers.....LOVE stickers-lol!!  Well,  I've looked at just about all the stores in the area & haven't found 1 usable slot machine stickers.....found some images online & mom was nice enough to print those along w/the ribbons for me...I spent quite awhile last night altering my slot machine image & creating my new card.  If anyone has any suggestions as to where to get slot machine stickers, images, stamps...please let me know : )  I'll show the card later in the week, need to take a pic of it first.    

I'm extremely low on b-day card, especially uni-sex or male cards.....I think this qualifies for the uni-sex card.

Well hate to cut this short today, but need to get back to my report-yuk!!  Have a great day...half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL Lynn

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Boy Brown baby shower

What a great time we had this past weekend!!  The baby shower was wonderful!!  It's always nice to be around family for a celebration.  Plus, I must admit, mom & I had a great time doing the decorations for this little shin-dig : )     Since, you know I'm excited to share, here you go.....

check out the little favors...filled w/all sorts of mini blue candies. Each one had a mini "thanks" tag w/a paper pieced giraffe mom made ALL 30+ of these!!

      Here's the soon-to-be mom & dad!!  Too cute, right?!!  I have to say, they really are all-a-glow about thier new addition & we are just sooo blessed to be included!!  I can't wait to meet me new nephew!!!


I'm soooo pleased w/the way my little banner turned

out. I'm hoping they'll hang it in baby's room for
awhile-hint hint, guys : )

Below, is another little decoration mom made using her new Cricut & Critter Cartridge!!  How darn  creative is this!!  She put it on the window sill &  now Jeremy &Susanna have it for the nursery!!


Instead of cake, we did cupcakes....really just so wecould make the lollipops for them.  My mom really
did most of the work here again, at least on all the animals & I did the "it's a boy" pops!!

Oops, I guess we did have could I forget about our Awesome diaper cake!!  We had never made one before, but it really wasn't that hard.  It helps to have 2 people, the more hands the better to keep the diapers together : )      Mom & I always have a good time's so nice to be best friend's w/your mom : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sneak Peak

busy busy morning already-yuk!!!   I had soooo wanted to show you a bunch of pics from the baby shower, but just don't have the time this morning : (   So a think a sneak peak is order....

Have a great day!!  We had a  great time this weekend & the baby shower was perfect!!!!  Show you more tomorrow!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

TGIF!!! As always : )

woohoo...weekend is almost here....just gotta get through the work hours : )   In the end I would say this week went pretty fast, probably because I was busy at work & home. Not a lot of down time or even time for cards : (  Don't worry I plan on making up for it next week.  I've got a Halloween card set up to make & can't wait to get my hands on that -lol.   Today is suppose to be a beautiful weather day, though it is suppose to be humid towards the end of the day....guess that means my husband will be holed up in the air conditioned bedroom again tonight.  You should see him, he keeps all the lights off, draws the shades & lays on the bed watching tv....his "man cave"-lol.   I've got things to do tonight, so guess he might as well go hibernate-lol!!  

  Though I said I didn't have much time for cards, I still found a little-lol.  I just LOVE to make cards & usually can't go a day w/out making at least one....I think it's my way of relaxing & I get such a kick out of finishing a to look at the finish project : )   This was a somewhat quicky card for me.  My felt cupcakes are from Martha Stewart & my patterned paper is an oooold piece, I believe it's from one of the DCWV Stacks, probably one of my first scrapping purchases.  Funny, half the time I can't remember what happened yesterday, but I can tell you about most of my scrapping supplies, sort of-lol.  

Well time to get some work done-yuk!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  I promise to post some pics next week of the baby shower & some of the projects we made for it....hope you'll stop back by : )  TFL!! Lynn

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Thursday...why not, it's better then Wednesday : )

The sun is out again this morning & it's predicted to be a beautiful day, figures I'm stuck at work-yuk!!  Yesterday was a gray, very humid day.  We got rain in the morning & occasionally it would mist a little, but that was about it.  My husband is in love w/his new air conditioner.  For the last 3 nights, he's in our bedroom by 830pm watching tv & hanging out up there...thank goodness for Wilson keeping me company while I make my cards : )  I figure the "new-ness" will wear off soon or at least when we get the electric bill this coming month....we've got the hot tub running, the de-humidifier in the basement, some ceiling fans & now the air conditioner over night....ought to be a pretty hefty bill-yuk!!!  I'm going to look at it as leverage for the winter when I want to turn the heat up-lol : )   As cooold weather comes, you'll hear me complain ALL the time about being cooold-double yuk!!!   Got to get off the subject now....winter is a loong time away (in my book, anyways)!!!

I have some super exciting news to share cousin had her baby!!!!!!!! IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me introduce to you.....Barrett Francis!!  what a cutie & check out that head of dark hair!!!  Barrett was born last week @ 5/6 weeks early...he gave everyone a bit of a scare for a couple days w/his lungs not being fully developed...but things are going GOOOOOOD now & he should be coming home very very soon : )  My cousin Ashley, had a hard time w/this pregnancy & ended up in the hospital a couple extra days also, but she is home now-yeah!!!

Since I am 100% sure my cousin doesn't read my blog & really if she does, I'm 100%+ sure it's not on her list to do today....she better be in bed resting!!!  This is the little card I made for the new addition...the nursery is giraffes, so how could I not use this little guy?!! 

I'm pretty certain I mentioned "baby mode"....obviously, you can tell, I'm still in it : )
Have a great day!!!  TFL!!!  Lynn

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy graaaay day

I was in total baby mode last night....was finishing up the couple things I need to do for this coming weekend....oh I can't wait to show you my one project...I think it turned out just too darn cute!!  Unfortunately, you gotta wait till after the weekend to see it....want it to be a surprise for my brother & sister-in-law to see & hopefully they check out my blog once in awhile, so don't want to take any chances : )  Hopefully that will give you some incentive to check my blog next week : )

I can't remember the last gray really rainy morning we've had & we certainly need the rain, so I'm not going to complain about today : )  At least it is still warm out too...that would be my gripe anyways...brrr....chilly damp weather-yuk!!   The rest of the week is suppose to be pretty good, as is the weekend-woohoo, yes, said weekend!!!! 

Since I did mention...."baby mode" new card is of course, baby!!!!     I actually made this card a couple plus weeks ago...this was my trial idea for the shower invites that mom & I made.   This was a very loose sketch/idea as the cards turned out nothing like this....promise, I'll post a pic next week w/all the other fun stuff from the shower ; )

Time to get to doing some work...still have the report hanging over my head, but I'm slowly working away at it-yuk!!!!  The report is due in August 13...thought I had till the August 15th...typical : )  I plan on having it done before then anyways, certainly don't want it hanging over my head all that time.   We are planning a trip to the lake in August, my honey & I are planning on going up a couple days before the we are taking 3 days off from work....oh, can't wait.  It's the week after my report is due in & I definitely think it will be an earned vacation-woohoo!!!!    Enjoy your day!!  As always...TFL!!!  Lynn

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 days till the weekend, but who's counting : )

Me!!  I think I'm always counting the days till the weekend-lol!!  This weekend is my brother & sister-in-law's baby shower....our type of baby shower, that is : )   Ours isn't limited to only females & there are  no games....sounds like a pretty good time, huh?!!!   I've still got a couple things to finish up & a couple little things left to buy...I would say mom & I are doing pretty good on the prep you agree : )   So needless to say, I'm looking forward to my weekend, already : )

I have to admit I did a little scrap shopping yesterday!!  My mother-in-law gave me a gift card to Joann's for my b-day & it was just burning a hole in my pocket-lol.   Joann's does have some great sales this week, just about ALL of their scrapping supplies are 40% I went on google & typed in Joann's coupon & found a 20% off total order including sales.  Finding that coupon took me 5 minutes & it saved over $6-woohoo!!!  I really needed some adhesive tabs.  Not sure what everyone else uses to adhere their cards together, but I love the boxed double sided tabbies.  Believe it or not I used to get them for our Dollar General Stores, box of 250 for $1....they discontinued them & I know I will never find them that cheap again.  I refuse to buy them at the craft stores unless they are on sale or w/a usually works out to a little more then $1 for 250...gotta do what I gotta do....can't make cards w/out them!!!

I'm not 100% sure of my thoughts on this was a lot different in my head : )  My cupcake is from Best Creation Inc., great 12 x 12 sheet of cut outs...though you have to cut them-lol!!   I think you might be able to feel my love for polka dots on this card : )

Have a bright sunny Tuesday!!  TFL! Lynn

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday : (

What a nice weekend & the weather was almost perfect!!! I'd like to say I got a lot accomplished & I did get some needed things done, but besides that I didn't do much else : )   I'm close to being done w/my "baby shower" projects, a couple more touches here & there : )  I gotta a couple new cards done too-woo hoo!!  Saturday's weather was beyond perfect & yesterday was suppose to be even better, but I would say the weathermen where WAY off....but late afternoon yesterday the weather turned perfect but most of the day was gray & threatening rain, still warm though.  Did I mention my husband bought a air conditioner for our bedroom??  He spent at least half the weekend in our bedroom...brrr....he had it chilllly in there too.  We have a big tv, dvd player & recliner chair in our bedroom....all my husband needs now is a fridge & he'll barely have to leave the room -lol!!  It will be his "man cave' if I let him-lol!!

 This is a card I made last week.  My computer was being naughty last night & wouldn't upload my new pics : (  I probably shouldn't have waited until late last night to do that...I lose my patience w/the computer quickly at night-lol.

I hope everyone had a relaxing fun weekend!!  As always TFL & have a great day!!!  Lynn