Thursday, June 30, 2011 more day, but who's counting?!

Oh yeah, made it to Thursday...if you can't tell, I'm looking forward to the looong, well deserved weekend!!  So far the weather looks pretty good, everyday shows 80+, though scattered thunderstorms are in there too, but I'm hoping that's a big just in case, due to hot humid weather....perfect for the lake!!!    I'm so looking forward to seeing my Wilson in the water, I hope he likes to swim, he suppose to, he's a Golden for goodness sakes!!!!  There are some other times, that I'm pretty certain he forgets he's a Golden too-lol!!!

I know I said no more Grad cards...but luckily my husband reminded me last night, that we needed a card for our niece.  Her party is this weekend & unfortunately we are going to miss it due to our prior plans, but still need a card to hold that $$$ that ever high school grad wants -lol!  These are her school colors, blue & yellow!  I really really hope I'm done w/these cards.  I'm actually thinking about taking a week to make some Xmas cards, but that means I have to get out the containers of xmas embellies, & patterned paper & ribbon....oh what a mess I make w/that fun stuff.  Time will tell, most of my good intentions never happen -lol!!  Have a great day!!  TFL!  Lynn

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

cold crappy summer day!

It's 61 degrees out right now & cold gray clouds- no sun, no heat....where is summer???  This weather makes me tired...I could have buried myself in bed for a couple more hours & then got up to be lazy the rest of the day-lol!  I guess I'll have to win the lottery to see that in my future : )  At least I have a pedicure after work to look forward too...yeah happy tootsies : )

 I'm hoping my new card will brighten up your day if you are having the same gray weather we are & if not...send the sunshine & warmth my way : )

As I stated in the beginning of this blog...I'm tired that's it for me.  I'm off to get my Dr. Pepper & find out what fun is piled on my desk this morning!  Happy Wednesday...half way to that loooong weekend!!  TFL!  Lynn

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The sun is gone again : (

It's another gray day here, but very humid & warm...I love the heat!!!  We did have a beautiful day yesterday...there was a nice little breeze in the air & bright sunshine most of the day.  I sat on the pack patio w/Wilson for awhile yesterday...trying to get him in his doggie pool....I'm glad there isn't a video camera there..I end up in the pool way more then he does-LOL!!  Since the sun was out when i got home...guess what else I did, yes, i took pics of the landscaping : )  My honey did such a good we have to do the old part ( always something more)!!

This part of our house is somewhat new...after we got married we did this addition (2004/2005) to our house, it literally doubled the size of our house.  Hard to see in the pic but the old part is from the front door left & there are still big ugly bushes there : )  This does make our house look large, but this whole bottom half is a 2 car garage & we never park in there.  It wasn't until I moved to Buffalo, that I saw people actually using their garage as an "outside" room of their home...a lot of people put up big screens on their garage doors so they can sit in the garage w/out bugs...not that we have that many  bugs, just annoying flies!  DIDN'T MY HONEY DO A GREAT JOB ON THE LANDSCAPING-WOOHOO!!!

I just couldn't help myself yesterday when I was taking pics, had to get this one too-lol!!   This is what I see when I leave for work, or used to , right now Wilson is back to being crated when we go to work, as he was naughty & started eating my feather comforter : )  This is our bedroom window, the upper right in the pic.  This totally makes me chuckle : )

Jeepers, I better get onto my new card & then get to working-yuk!!

 This was a quicky card for me.  I didn't realize I didn't have any "thank you's" in my stash & of course, I needed one!!   I love this cuckoo clock, it reminds me of my grandma...she had a cuckoo clock at the end of her hall & every night before we went to bed we had to pull the chains on it to wind it-kind of : )  oh, what a great memory...I spent alot of time w/my grandma as a child, she was a wonderful wonderful lady who taught me sooo much...mostly to always "be a lady"!!!  I try grandma, I try : )

I hope everyone has a great scrappy Tuesday!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday already-yuk!!

oh, how fast the weekends go, especially the lazy ones : )   It was a lazy weekend too,  the weather was crappy, so had no desire to be guess what I did most of the weekend, yup, made cards!!!!  I figure next weekend is a busy one & I'm sure from Thursday on I won't get near my scrapping table, so I worked it this weekend!!  Plus, I still have sooo many goodies from last week's scrapping expo to play with-woohoo!!   Today the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky & temp is heading up.....we had NONE of that this weekend.  I never even got a chance to take a pic of our new landscaping, hopefully the sun will stay out & I can do that when I get home : )

I did get a chance to take a quick pic of my cutie though : )  I was taking pics of my cards & Wilson was helping!  Yes, that is my Wilson's doggie pool you see to the right of him-lol!!

Wilson is my scrapping buddy, though the only part he helps w/is picking up any scraps of paper I drop on the floor!!  He's tall enough now where he can put his little nose up onto my scrapping table...may sound cute, but who wants doggie slobber on their precious pattern paper-lol!!

I promise no doggie slobber on my new card today, though I can't promise about dog hair-lol!!

Another graduation card today.  This is hopefully the last one I will be making.  The school colors for the grad are red & black, I think I hit the mark on that one-lol.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend & I hope you have a great week.  Just think, we are coming up on a long weekend-woohoo, only 5 days to go-lol!!  TFL!  Lynn

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainy Friday, but who cares? It's Friday!!!

Yes, a gray rainy Friday so far & it really isn't all that warm out either-yuk!!  Oh yeah, but it's Friday, so that helps put a little sunshine on things-lol!!  I have to admit we don't have any plans for the weekend, no not complaining....I'm hoping to get a bunch of cards made, I still have all sorts of new goodies to play w/from last weekend!!

My honey did an awesome job on our landscaping yesterday-woohoo!!!  I would have taken a picture, but I'm lucky I got home & had time to look at it before the sky opened up & it rained all night!! I'm sure my new plants appreciate the rain : )  I promise to take a pic this weekend....I sooo want to show you, soo proud of my honey's work!!!

I've needed to work on Sympathy cards for awhile now, but sometimes I have to be in the mood for those.  I tend to make my Sympathy cards  a little more muted & sedate & lately I've wanted to play w/pinks & red & bright colors....makes me think summer : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful & relaxing weekend!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer days : )

It's another beautiful morning here!!  Yesterday didn't end up being to bad, it was cloudy most of the day, but didn't rain & was quite hot & humid- I loved it!!   Actually last night when I got home, my honey suggested we go do a little landscape to Lowe's.  We added an addition onto our house 6years ago & have never done up the landscaping.  I think it was 2 years ago we had the sidewalk poured, so I"m sooooo excited to get home today & see my honey's hard work.  Of course, my husband took the day off to plant our 10 plus trees. 

Time to get to my new card...wanted to post it yesterday, but computer was not cooperating & wasn't in the mood to try try again : ) 

I don't do many graduation cards, only by special request. I have a hard time w/them!!  I tend to try to use the school colors for my cards.   I can guarantee you won't see many more of these from me : )   I haven't found a school w/pink as it's color-lol!!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday, almost to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL!  Lynn

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain rain go away

Yucky, wet morning, though it is still warm out, so I won't complain to much : )

What a pleasant surprise I had when I got to my blog this scrappy friend, Starla left me some love on her blog w/a fun little award- thank you Starla (   !!  If  you haven't checked out her awesome blog, make sure to do so....she makes amazing cards!!  Wait till you see her stamping & coloring : )

Now there are some rules that go along w/this award...

1. Tell (5) things about of which must be about crafting

                             2. Pass it on to (5) bloggers

Here goes.......1.) I am 100% obsessed w/patterned paper!!  I feel like a kid at Xmas when I find patterned paper that I like/want/need/buy!!  I have 14 containers full of paper-yikes!!!  I do tend to use at least 2 or 3 different papers on my cards, so it helps to have soooo much to choose from!!    2.)  I love to used to take me 2 days to read a book, now I barely  pick one up.  I'd rather be making cards!!     3.)We have no children, just our Golden Retriever pup who is now 1yr old & still quite "spirited" (my vets words-lol).  4.)  I've only been to a tropical island once on vacation...Jamaica, for our honeymoon  it was the beach, the ocean & the hot hot weather!!  5.) I'm afraid of lightning!!  Reason this jumped into my head, is we had a heck on a storm last night.  When I was younger I was absolutely terrified of it....even at 15yrs old, I would go hide under my parents bed & of course, they would send me back to my own room.  We lived on a hill & it seemed to me our house was one of the high points & I of course, knew everything about lightning...don't talk on the phone, don't stand in your kitchen or bathroom due to metal plumbing, safest place is your car.....I could go on-lol.  My fear has subsided know you get older & put things in perspective, thank goodness!!!

Now onto giving the award to 5 awesomely creative artist : )

                   Kelly at
                   Joy at
                   Johanna at
                   Carmen at
                   Starla at   I had to give this back to you, your blog is awesome, such an inspiration....makes me want to go home & get out my stamps & copics...thanks, girlfriend!!!

All of these ladies are full of inspiration.  I absolutely love their work & you will too.

  I wanted to post a new card today, but right now my blog/computer is being naughty....maybe I'll try later. Now off to work!!!   TFL!  Lynn

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not a Sunny Tuesday : )

Yesterday was such a beautiful summer day here...thought they say today is the first day of summer, so Happy Summer!!  Now, lets hope the weather cooperates....I want hot, sunny days : )   We got out the doggie pool over the weekend & I've spent the last couple days trying to coax Wilson into it....yes, he's a Golden Retriever, suppose to like water....he hasn't quite figured that out yet-LOL.  I did get him to step into it the other day, but that's because I was standing the middle of it holding a toy underwater & Wilson REALLY wanted the toy-lol.  Yesterday he wasn't as playful w/the pool....I'm going to keep trying though.  We are going to a lake for 4th of July & I don't want Wilson afraid of the water, I'm really hoping he enjoys it :  )  Don't worry I'll get lots of pic of my wet dog!!!

I'm off to a baby shower tonight.  The mommy-to-be is from out of town & visiting until the weekend, so it's a night shower.  Kind of a nice idea, doesn't take up a day on the weekend-woohoo.   I've been working away at cards & was so excited about having new stuff to play with that I almost forgot to make a card for tonight.....

As you can tell, they are having a GIRL!!!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable day!!  As always, thanks for looking  : )  Lynn

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bright Beautiful Monday Morning

Oh, the weather was so perfect this past weekend & it seems to be continuing into the week- woo hoo!!!  Mom & I had an awesome time at the scrap booking expo on wallet might disagree, but it got a work out : )   They had soooo many newer items, even some new releases-woohoo!! When we went 2 years ago they seemed to have had more clearance/discontinues items, so things were cheaper.  I'm not really complaining though, I got sooo many awesome goodies & quite a few of them were on my "wishlist" -LOL!!   I did find time to make some new cards this weekend & of course I couldn't not use some of my new supplies-LOL!!

I've been eyeing a bunch of Nikki Sivils products for awhile...yeah, got a bunch this weekend!!! Another new purchase is the stripe pp by Simple Stories!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!  TFL!  Lynn

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Friday-woohoo!

I last post was half way to the weekend, I just wanted to be encouraging to all of you that are working a full week-yuk!!  I'm off tomorrow because mom & I are going to the scrapbooking expo at our local convention center...oh, I'm soooo excited.  I love seeing booths of bright paper & fun goodies.  Can't wait!!!    Mom & I do need to spend some time working on some shower invites, etc..but that's a lot of fun too.  The weather is warming up, finally...yesterday was actually a beautiful day, sunny w/high @74.  

Well I better get to my new card & then get to working.  I've got to make sure everything is set for my day off-woohoo!!!!

I hope everyone has a quick Thursday  & a great weekend!!  Happy Father's Day too....I'm pretty certain there aren't many Father's that follow my blog...but to all.... enjoy the day & the time w/your family!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half way to the weekend-woohoo!!

Yeah, we've made it to Wednesday!!  I'm excited for the weekend...Mom & Oscar are coming  back & we are going to a scrapbook convention-yeah!!  We went 2 years ago & it was soooo much fun, we found lots of fun goodies & pretty good prices!!  Today the weather is suppose to warm up, thank goodness, the last 2 days have been very "fall like".  I don't think we've had but 1 really nice week all year & it's already the middle of June.  Our summers are so short to begin with & this past winter was soooo long.  Come on, Mother nature get on the right page-lol!!

 I so love black & white w/hot pink...even when it's a fun card it still looks classy : )  I used some older supplies on this card-woohoo.  I love when that happens. 

I hope everyone has a sunshiny day!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Over : (

I say this every Monday- what happened to the weekend?  They go soooo fast.  Mom & Oscar were  visiting this weekend : )  Mom & I went to see West Side Story at our local theater, it was entertaining, but I will admit...I had higher expectation for it.    Mom & I also did some scrap shopping-yeah.  We are making the invitations for my brother & SIL's baby shower- yes, it's a bit of an nontraditional shower, as it's not just the women- we do it family style : )   After our shopping trips, we did work on our invites & play w/our new cartridge for the Cricut- "Create a Critter".  I don't do much paper piecin,per say w/my cards, but it was fun w/all the cuties on this cartridge.  At some point, I promise to show you some of mine & Mom's work for the shower...might now be till Aug, after the shower : )

Yes, still working on Father's Day cards!!  Doesn't this little card make you smile- love'n the monkeys : )

Have a great week & a happy Monday!!  TFL  Lynn

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ready or not here comes Thursday : )

I'm a bit sluggish this morning, need to go get my Dr.'s my "coffee fix"!!  It was warm last night, but we had the window fan I had no problems sleeping, not that I normally do.  I'm a great sleeper, which is a good thing, because my husband can snore w/the best of them -LOL!  He actually has that c-pap machine & it helps w/the snoring...when he puts it on : )   Yesterday, was a GORGEOUS day here, they called for hot & humid, but it only got up to 83 & there was a strong breeze...would have been the perfect day to be outside.  Today's starting off gorgeous again, think it's suppose to storm & cool down later.

I have been working on Father's Day cards...I do have to kind of force myself though, like I've said before I love the make cards w/bright colors...I do tend to lean towards pinks, which is sooo weird as I'm no a pink girl at all.  Well anyways...hope you like my new card...I do like using orange & blues together... hell, I like using ALL colors & pps together, isn't that half the fun of card making?!!

Well time to get my Dr. P & start the work today.  So far, I've got the office to myself-yeah!  Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's going to be a HOT one!!

Suppose to be close to 90 today- love'n it!!  Keep in mind  I work in an air conditioned office-lol!!   Actually the air's already on in here & that sucks!!  I would love to enjoy some of the morning weather, it's absolutely gorgeous out right now.  I'm thinking of getting Wilson's pool out today when I get home & see if he likes it any better this year then last year.  I stood in that pool more last year that Wilson did & then was only because I was trying to get him in it-lol.  He was only 3/4/5 months old last summer!!   Well unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you look at it) I've got nothing of excitement to report since far a pretty normal week!!

Check out my new bright & summery card!!  I love bright pink & yellow together : )  It seems to be no matter how many b-day cards I make, I just can't keep any in stock : )  Gee, what a problem to have-lol!!  Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday, enjoy the heat!!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Already

We had such a nice relaxing weekend...I'm sorry it's over : (  The weather was gorgeous, was able to play outside for a bit...but...of course, got some cards made too : )    My honey & I had a very nice time at the wedding on Friday night.  The food was yummy, it was grilled steak & chicken w/seasonal grilled veggies.  The reception was under a tent, thank goodness it stopped raining & warmed up, really was the perfect night : )   Well I'm running late, typical for a Monday....

I made this card for my wonderful friend Terri, now that she's received it...I can share.  I think it's the perfect card to perk up this Monday morning- Have a great one!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, June 3, 2011


Oh yeah, the weekend is almost here : )  We are going to a wedding tonight..I'm kind of looking forward to it.  We don't dress up very often, it's kind of like a date  (remember we've been married 8years now, barely remember dates-lol)!!   I got a fun email yesterday from Paper Crafts Blog...yeah, I won their Father's Day excited!!  If you want to check it out,  I can't wait to get my hands on it...I love blue & orange together, so I imagine I'll be using the paper soon : )   

Well time for my new card & then I better get to do some work...Friday's are never fun here...BUT it is Friday-yeah!!!

I really have been working on Father's Day cards, but realized I didn't have any masculine b-day cards either...not my favorite cards to make :  )

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where did my summer weather go??

Brrr, it's a bit chilly here this morning...54 degrees!!!  I was love'n the last couple mornings, where it's  been @65, I almost don't even mind getting out of bed : )  I'm one of those people, who is ALWAYS cold & it's awful.  I look so forward to summer to warm up for a couple months & not have to wear layers of clothes : )

Well, hopefully my new card will brighten your day : )  I think I've mentioned before, that I have a thing for cherries-LOL!!

Just think, already Thursday...have a great one!!!  TFL Lynn

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Half way to the weekend : )

Yesterday was another beautiful day....too bad I had to spend it inside at work-yuk!   Today's suppose to be another great weather day & yes, stuck at work again  : )      I bought my flowers this weekend & started planting them, still have a couple pots to fill, might try to get that in tonight.  I love driving up to the house & seeing my flower pots w/the pops of color...yeah summer is here!!!! 

My new card, is a "special order"....the wedding colors are purple & light blue.  I think it's the lace & the patterned paper, but I think this card has a romantic feel to it, perfect for a Wedding card. 
Jeepers, just typing that, reminded me, I need a wedding card for this Friday night....I guess that will be my first card tonight : )

Well better get to desk is a mess!!! Have a great day!! TFL Lynn