Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Already Tuesday-woohoo!!

Yeah, one work day already down for the week : )  I always feel as though my week is looong when I'm off on Monday, but I'll take it : )  Hope everyone had an enjoyable & safe Memorial Day weekend!!  We had a fun weekend & perfect summer weather too!!!  Spent part of the weekend w/my family....we ate sooo much food I felt like I was going to burst.  Now I have to diet all week...we have a wedding this Friday night & I'm planning on squeezing into a dress from last year...keep your fingers crossed...it's such a cute dress & I've only wore it once : )   I did find sometime yesterday to make some cards...I was going through withdrawl again : )

I think this is one heck of a summery card!  I'm think'n sunshine & beach....oh if only.  I guess it's time to find my desk...it's covered already this morning.  Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday & stay cool : )  TFL  Lynn

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Father

Today (Friday) - 1 year ago my Father Passed away...I remember everything about it as if it was yesterday....I'm soooo thankful for the wonderful memories God has given me but wish he would help to ease the reminder of how awful my Father's last 11 days were for all of us.  I know, someday ...time will help to heal.   This past year has been a difficult adjustment for all of us w/out my Father....but Thank God we have each other....it's such a joy to spend time together & reminisce about all the good times we had.  My Father loved to be the center of the family's attention!! He would sit at the table & cough, just to get everyone's attention..he didnt' want anyone to miss the joke he was going to tell, though I'm sure we'd heard the joke before...that was what made it even more funny!!  My Father was a huge baseball junky- he could tell you every stat from the beginning of time...I always said he would be my "life line" on a game show when it came to sports trivia.  Ted was a unique man when it came to his baseball teams- he loved the Yankees & Boston-yikes!!!  As I got older, I got into Baseball too...it was always fun to chat w/him about it.  You never knew what was coming out of Ted's mouth but you usually knew it was going to be amusing....I just figured out why my Father & my husband got along sooo well...is it a man thing?!!

  Every holiday we would pose (quickly) for a family picture & every holiday Ted would complain...it got to be the family joke.....I missed him complaining this year, BUT I'm soooo thankful for all the wonderful pics we have : )  So many options to do layouts, if I could only get myself back to that : )


   Ted was a big supporter of my card                hobby : )   It made my day when he would take off his glasses & examine my new cards : )    This one's for you, Ted!!!

My father gave me a wonderful life & I'm thankful that I knew & appreciated that before he was gone & was able to thank him for that!!    I say that, but there are many more things I wish I had done & said....be thankful for your loved ones &  make sure to tell them...someday you might not get that opportunity!!!    I miss you & all your silliness Ted...love you!!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  We are off to mom's w/my brother & SIL & all the dogs too.  TFL!!  Lynn

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not to rub it in- but today is my Friday- hello LOOONG weekend!!

Ok, some days my boss is a pretty good guy!!  He's decided we are closing at noon tomorrow & due to that...i can have the whole day off!!!  Oh yeah,  I'm just soooo excited for the extra day off...now if only the weather would get  better!  Once again, can't believe the rain.  We got a thunderstorm last night for awhile & it continued to rain & still was this morning.  They say it's suppose to clear up a bit for today & then more rain tonight, go figure!!!  Wilson has his annual vet visit tonight, that ought to prove interesting & expensive : )  My husband doesn't have alot of patience w/Wilson, especially out in public when he's barking at everyone...yes, he's a bark-er, though we are working on it..as w/everything else.  My little Wilson is just very spirited & curious...everything about life has his interest : )    Due to all this, my husband & I both have to take him to the vet...oh, plus that way my husband can pay-LOL! 

How is this for a summery card?!!   I'm love'n the bright happy colors!  Besides polka dots, I love plaid papers, they are so versatile & fun to use!! 

Oh, wanted to share my fun news....love the Papercraft blog (http://www.papercraftsconnection.com/)  if you haven't checked out, do so, it's full of info & awesome papercraft fun!!!  I don't always or normally have the time to play along w/their blog hops, but did last week & yeah, won a copy of thier new mag...Card Creations!!!  Believe it or not, I don't have that mag yet, was just telling my honey I needed to get it before the weekend-woohoo!!   It was actually through Christina's wonderful blog (http://mypapersecret.blogspot.com/)  that I won- thank you Christina!!

I hope my new card brightens your day, if you have sunshine, send it my way!!!  TFL!! Lynn

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half way to the weekend!!

oh yeah, half way to the weekend...I'm looking forward to spending the weekend w/my family...I hope it's nice out, so we can hang outside & get out some summer games : )   It's looking pretty nice out so far today, but i do know they are predicting MORE rain tonight- will it ever stop?!!!   Have to say, I'm running late w/my post today as when I got to work we had NO power....oh. if only it would have lasted longer : )   I was actually getting some filing done that had piled up & was soon going to be taller then me : )

I loaded this card the other day on sb.com but wanted to share it w/all of you also.  This is one of my all time favorite cards that I've made : )  I would say over the course of the last 2 years I've made @700/800 cards- love to make cards : )  So I think it's saying alot that this is one of my favs....now I"m sure in a couple weeks I'll be saying the same thing about another card-lol.   I sooo love the dress forms this season, they are sooo hot & fun.  Another fab for me this season is the Crate Paper Emma line-  oh so cute & vintage, yet bright & cheerful...need to get me some more of that line : )

Well better get back to work..already got stuff piling up again : )  Have a great Wednesday!  TFL Lynn

Monday, May 23, 2011

happy Monday!!

I know I ask this every Monday- why does the weekend go so fast???  had a very enjoyable weekend, though I was not a big winner at the casino : (    I did come home w/money in my pocket....I probably spent more money on gas to get there & back!!  We had some great weather this weekend too, high @70ish w/some sunshine...can you believe Summer is almost here-yeah!!!!   I didn't get much done on cards this weekend, so I"m looking forward to getting home today &  making some, most be going through withdrawls : )

I really really need to work on Father's Day cards, have 3 made, I think.  This was a quicky card for me, but I really like the way it turned out.  The image is Graphics 45, must admit I cut the mom out of the image- sorry moms : )

I hope everyone has an enjoyable week!!  TFL!  Lynn

Friday, May 20, 2011

happy Friday!!

TGIF!!!!!  I'm off to Syracuse tomorrow for the night to visit my BF &  her little guy, Evan!  We will be visiting the casino too, so think big winnings!!!!!   Trying to get through my work quickly today, so I can get out of here & enjoy my weekend- woohoo-weekend!!  The weather is suppose to warm up this weekend too, though I think Sunday it's going to rain again, but nothing new there : )

 My card today is soooo much more appropriate for "baby boy Brown".......can't wait for my new nephew!!  I stopped by Michael's yesterday needed some adhesives, can't believe I was almost out-yikes....planned on running into Michael's & back out- I did pretty good, but did get 1 package of new baby boy stickers, couldn't resist-lol!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  TFL!!!  Lynn

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come on Weekend

This has been a slow week!!  The weather's been cold & crappy & work hasn't been much better.  My work isn't really all that bad at times, I just like to complain about it-lol!!  Right now I'm here alone & I love that....I get to post my  blog & then actually get through a couple things w/out interruption-yeah!!!  I've been working away at cards all week....my supply got pretty low over the last couple weeks, not complaining...I've got some fab customers who I know truly appreciate my cards...what more could a girl ask for!!!    My problem really is that I'm a slow card maker....I just enjoy everything about making a card..from spending an hour picking out paper & embellies to spending the next couple hours creating the card : )  I'm sure I could move a bit faster, but what's the point....I love to make cards & only sell them because I make soooo many of them in a year I couldn't possibly send them out- then I'd really be broke $$.  It's nice to be able to sell them to get money to replace my scrapping supplies- I swear I have more then 2 stores put together -lol- I think that's part of the scrapbooking/papercrafting  hobby, oops meant obsession!!!

I'm excited for my weekend....I'm off to Syracuse on Saturday to see my best friend, her beautiful baby boy Evan, who will be 1yrs old next week & her new house!!!  I'm pretty certain we will be stopping by the casino for a little fun, keep your fingers crossed for me to win- I never win, but love trying : )  Don't worry my bank card does NOT go w/me !!!  

Well better get to posting my new card, so I can move onto work stuff-yuk!!

Though this is completely the wrong color card to share this w/you, but........  my brother & SIL are having a BABY BOY, yeah, Baby Boy Brown!!!  Can you tell I'm excited...I would have been excited over a niece too.....it's just fun to know the sex of the baby, makes shopping soo much more fun-lol.   This baby is going to have more clothes before he's born then I do now : )   It's sooo hard to resist things as your walking through the stores now...I live near Kohl's & they have a great baby section! 

Off to do some work, happy Thursday!!!  TFL!!! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I know I've said this before, but does Mother Nature not know what time of year it is????   Holy cow, it's cold & damp here today, not anywhere's near where it should be on May 17th!!!!  I almost dug back out the turtleneck sweater today, almost : )   I think it's suppose to be chilly & rainy most of the week....last week was such a tease!!!!

This was a quicky card for me....not a lot of layers or embellies, but as you can see I did get out the Cuttlebug & embossing folder.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday & if you have any warmth, send it my way!!  TFL!  Lynn

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back : )

Not that I officially went anywheres, but I never posted again last week, since Monday : (   My husband did go to Las Vegas week though : )  I honestly believe a little break for husband & wife is a good thing, once in awhile!!  Keep in mind my honey was only gone Monday through Friday & I took Friday off to clean the house, so everything looked good for my honey's return : )  Wilson & I did enjoy our week, we did lots of cleaning, switched over my summer clothes & of course MADE CARDS : )

Since I'm running late on my post, better get to getting........

Does this card say summer or what?  I had started this card all different, but love the way it actually turned out.  Now that I've mentioned summer.....all last week, was absolutely gorgeous here, everyday in the 70s & no rain....it's been raining here now since Saturday & the high today is 50!!  What happened to our beautiful spring/summer weather, that had my back yard drying up?  I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!  TFL!  Lynn

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Monday

It is a bright sunny day...all blue skies!!  I hope it stays like this, it's nice to think our backyard is drying up  :  )   We are actually suppose to have pretty good weather for the next couple days!  Overall the weather was good for this past weekend too!  I spent Saturday & Sunday w/mom, it was her special day, of course : )   As I mentioned on Friday....we did do some shopping. We actually went to an antique/ co-op kind of place...I found some old "flat" lace-yeah!!  Have you noticed how all the lace you can buy lately is kind of gathered/stitched??  I like the flat stuff, works much better on cards.  If anyone has a suggestion on flat lace, please let me know : )    Mom & I even got some scrapping in, we worked on the mini-gift boxes we do for our craft shows...it was fun!!!!  Last but not least we ate & ate & ate some more.  Thanks mom, I had a fun weekend!!!!!

Onto my new card & then off to work...still working on the report that's due on Friday-yuk!!

This is one of the  Mother's Day cards my mom received.  I"d love the show you the other one too, but I think my camera ate it or I didn't take  a pic of it....mom if you're reading this, can you take a pic & email me ....gotta love modern technology!! 

Anyway, time for work....have a great sunshiny Monday!!  TFL!  Lynn

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & TGIF!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!!!  I'm sooooo lucky I have a wonderful Mother, who is not only mom, but my best friend!!!!!   If you follow my blog, you know mom & I do a lot together...traveling, shopping, scrapping, eating, & just being together.  I really am aware of how LUCKY my brother & I are to have such a wonderful mom, she really is the "stitch that holds the family together".........I mean that in the best possible way, she's always the calming influence & has taught us so much about life & always w/such grace!!!  Thanks, Mom...Happy Mother's Day....I love you!!!!

I am off to see Mom tomorrow for the night...not sure what we are doing, but I'm sure we'll find some shopping & some good eats : )

Now, wouldn't you think I would have a Mother's Day card to show you today....well I would BUT my computer was being naughty last night when I went to upload, so "thinking of you" is what you get, which I think is pretty appropriate too...always thinking of Mom :  )

Everyone have a great weekend...mom's yours needs to extra great-lol!!!!   TFL   Lynn

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The sun is out!!!!

OMG- I positive it's the sun, haven't seen it in a very long time, but it's there today : )  Temp right now is only 39 degrees, we need to work on that next.  Can't believe it's May & still soooo chilly all the time.  I have seen the weather report for next week & they did show some days in the 70's....omg that would be amazing.  I'm getting a pedicure tonight & my little toes are going to be awfully cold in flip flops, but on the positive side...my toes will look good -lol!!

Gotta get to my new card today & get to work.  I'm working on a quarterly report this time & it's due next week : )

How is this for sunshine!!!   If you haven't figured it out yet, I love bright colors & anything cutesy-lol!!  If nothing else, I hope my new card brightens you day!!  Happy Thursday!   TFL!  Lynn

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Holy cow-it's another rainy gray day...and to boot, it's coold!!!  I can't believe it's May & only 43 degrees out!   Rain rain rain it's all it's done for the last couple days & my back yard is a mess.  We've got Wilson leashed up out front now, but he seems to like it,..he gets to watch all the action on the street-lol!!  Speaking of Wilson, check out him & his cousin, Oscar...don't they look like good  boys : )

This was taken this past weekend when Mom & Oscar came to visit : )

Well better get to my new card, so I can get to doing some work since that is what I'm here for.  Luck for me this morning, I have the office to myself-YEAH!!!  Everyone else is at a Mortgage Meeting until noon- woohoo!!!!!

I would say my new card is extremely springy, bright  & happy....now if Mother Nature would follow my lead.  Have a wonderful day!!!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another gray rainy Monday!

What is w/all this rain??????  It seems like just about everyday since it's stopped snowing, it's been raining!!!   It hasn't even really warmed up the way it should either.  I haven't even started getting my summer clothes out & I can't wait, it's like having all new clothes-LOL.  Actually some of them probably are new clothes...you know, you go shopping at the end of the season & find those really good deals & then you put them in the closet w/the tags still on them-lol. 

I had such a nice weekend!!!  Mom & Oscar came to visit!!  Mom & I went to see Wicked, awesome musical!!  We actually saw it a year or 2 ago for the first time & it was once again included in our season tickets this year.  I have to admit I'm not a fan of the Wizard of Oz by any means-yuk.  So the first time we saw Wicked I wasn't expecting to like it, in the end I loved it!!!!   Of course, mom & I did lots of eating & even managed to get in some shopping.  Had to get a couple new scrapping supplies : )  Yesterday I even managed to get some new cards made, which is a good thing, as I'm still filling my Mother's day orders.

I think my new card will brighten the day, it does mine, anyways : )

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & I hope the week is just as good!!      TFL!  Lynn