Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh yeah, Friday!!!!!  Tonight I'm off to see The Lion King w/mom & then tomorrow off to Pittsburgh to meet my handsome nephew, Hutton!!!  I actually get to meet me new 2nd cousin this weekend also, cute little Barrett.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll come back w/lots of baby pictures-lol!!

Speaking of Hutton....

Oh what sweetness...doesn't he look like the perfect little angel?!!!

Since I won't be posting on Monday- Happy Halloween!!!  I've been so wrapped up w/life this week, I almost forgot Monday is Halloween, not one of my favorite holidays : (  We don't get any trick or treaters, so that doesn't help...I always buy candy & I always end up eating it-lol.  

Have to share a Halloween card w/you today...I actually did this card a week or so ago, lots of my customers have cats, so they always go for the "black cat" cards : )  This card was alot of matting, plus the journalling tag that I used to frame the cat.  Sorry I don't remember any brands on this, brain is not working today.

Time for Dr. Pepper & to get some work done!!  Have a wonderful weekend & a safe & Happy Halloween, see you back here on Tuesday!!!  TFL  Lynn

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brighten your day

Another gray, rainy day & yes, I did hear the "s" word today- yuk.  At least it's not cold enough for any  sno*w to stick yet.  We really have had great fall weather.   Yeah, almost Friday!!  Beside going to meet me nephew this weekend, Mom & I are off to see the Lion King tomorrow night at our local musical theater.  We actually saw it a couple years back, great great show!!!   So it's going to be a busy fun filled weekend, plus we are staying until Monday, so no new blog post on Monday : (

Something to look forward to though........

Next Sunday, November 6th I will be participating in a bloghop w/some awesome & super talented ladies.   Write in on your calendar, for those that follow me they probably know I don't tend to post on weekends, but I will be next Sunday.   Through card making, I have made soooo many wonderful friends, truly a blessing.  One of these awesome ladies is the organizer/planner of this whole bloghop....Starla!!  This bloghop will be to celebrate her 100 followers, 1 yr blog anniversary & her belated birthday.  Wait until you see all the prizes/blog candy she has you'll think it was your birthday-lol!!  Feel free to check out her blog & amazing talent- her cards rock  !!

  Well time for my new card & then work- still have lots to do, but yesterday was a good day  : )   I totally love using "cupcakes" on cards, actually I just totally love cupcakes -lol.  This chipboard is Martha Stewart.  My paper is all old My Mind's Eye (probably one of the 1st pads of paper I ever bought).

Have a great day!!  Just think....almost Friday-woohoo!!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a turkey

Holy gray, rainy, damp day, but at least I haven't said the "S" word.  I'm sitting at my desk at work, I have a little piece of a window I can see out from my desk & it is dark out there, you would think it was near dinner time : )   The weather report for the rest of the week & weekend isn't all that good, going to be damp & rainy maybe even a little of the "S" word & cooold-yuk!!   We are off to meet my new nephew this weekend, I'm soooooo excited!!!!! 

I get the morning to myself at work today-yeah.  I get sooo much more done when no one is here & it's just quiet & almost enjoyable : )    Better get to my new card, so I can get to working...

My mom found some totally cute Thanksgiving stickers for me recently. Tell me this turkey w/the google eyes doesn't make you smile : ) These are some more Walmart finds...the whole sheet of stickers is awesome & it was only $1.50. All my paper is old, must of it scraps & the stamp is a $ stamp from Michael's. 
Time to do some work!  Have a great day!!  Half way to the weekend!!  TFL  Lynn 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

quickie post

Happy Tuesday!!  I've got sooo much work to do today-yuk!!  I accomplished a lot yesterday after being off on Friday, but the pile is still large : (    So, I need to get to showing you my new card & then get to this ever growing pile : (

I love these soft nontraditional colors for Xmas- just something a little different.    This was a quickie card for my...a couple layers, add the chipboard ornaments & gold sticker, stamp the sentiment  & done. 

Sorry for the short blog, off to work...have a great day!!  TFL!!  Lynn

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday

Why is is Monday already??  Gee, that sounds awful, especially because I was off from work on Friday & had a long weekend-woohoo.   I got a lot of crafts accomplished this weekend.  Our first craft show is Nov 5th- 2 weeks away & we are out of town next weekend, so had to work on things most of the weekend.  My mom came back from Pittsburgh yesterday & spent the night w/us.  It was a fun relaxing evening & of course, we did a lot of chatting about our beautiful new addition to our family, yup, Hutton : )

Since I mentioned him, I'll gladly show a new picture. Look at how he scrunches his forehead- oh, just toooo cute, can't wait to get my hand on him-lol!!!!!

I do have a new card for you this morning too.  Like I said, spent the weekend surrounded by pretty paper-woohoo : )

I've actually been trying to concentrate on Xmas & Thanksgiving cards, so you'll be seeing alot of those in the near future. 

I hope everyone has a great week!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still showing off my new nephew : )

Gotta start my post off again today w/a picture of my new nephew....oh, he is just too darn cute, I can't get enough : )  Since he's now 2 1/2 days old  & I haven't met him yet & can't until next weekend, I keep nagging my brother & mom to send pictures. 

Look how happy this little guy is.  Him & mommy are now home : )

Just like I promised, I do have a new card to post today.  I've gotten some cards made the last couple days but not as many as I had hoped for.  The weekend was pretty busy w/having our nieces & nephew over & then sunday I was constantly checking my email, waiting for little Hutton to arrive.  Thank goodness for modern technology.  I felt bad I couldn't be w/my family, but it helped to have the email & cellphone cameras : )      Our craft show is in 2 weeks, so I really need to get my act together & get things done : )

I was thinking more masculine when I started this card w/the green present, but don't really think it turned out that way. Oh well, I always need female b-day cards too. This was a quicky card for me & I used ALL scrap pieces of paper-woohoo. 

  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  TFL  Lynn    

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 my totally handsome, beyond cute & precious nephew.........

                                                HUTTON CONRAD   born October 16, 2011                 


OMG don't you just want to snuggle & cuddle this beautiful little guy!!  I can't wait to officially meet him & give those big cheeks pinches & kisses, of course!!  We are off next weekend to meet the little guy- I'm totally smitten already : )   Mommy, Susanna had a looong delivery, just about 24hrs.  She was extremely tired & beat up, as you can imagine, but is doing well.  Daddy, was by her side the whole time : )  Both mommy & baby are coming home today!!!

Everyone have a wonderful day!!  I promise new cards tomorrow!!  TFL  Lynn

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall is here!!

It is officially fall weather here!!!  It is a chilly damp morning, though the sun is trying to peek out...we haven't seen the sun all weekend. It was a very windy, rainy, cooold weekend.  It was the perfect weekend to spend inside, making cards!!

These 2 card makers are my nieces, they are the cutest little girls!!  The one in the blue is Liberty, she's 8yrs old & I think she is going to be an amazing card maker : )  The 2 cards below were created by her, she was in love w/my bling : )

The other little one is Skye, she's 4 & she is a pistol.  Holy cow, did that girl tire me out.  She was having fun drawing & using all my paper punches : )  I tried my best to keep them under control,  but just like me they see cute things & want to use them-lol.  

Our little nephew came over too.  His name is Logan & he's 7 yrs old.  Can you just imagine our house on Saturday??  Remember, we aren't used to children, let alone 3 at one time w/more energy in their little finger then I have in my whole body!!!!!  My husband & Logan spent alot of time playing video games, typical boys!!!!

Well time for me to get some work done.  I hope you enjoy Liberty's new cards.  I think they are soooo bright & happy, how could they not cheer up your day : )  Have a great one.  Oh yeah, make sure to check tomorrow........ I HAVE AN INTRODUCTION FOR YOU (hint, hint to those that follow my blog & know what we've been waiting for -woohoo)    TFL  Lynn

Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to Halloween : )

TGIF!!!!  Yeah, we've made it almost through another work week!!  I'm looking forward to our weekend.  As I mentioned yesterday we are having our nieces & nephew spend the night on Saturday.  We're going to play games, I love to play games & we're going to watch movies & eat junk food...see why they want to stay w/their Uncle & Aunt-lol!!  I do have some older scrapping goodies put aside, just in case they want to try their hand at card making : )  I always encourage : ) 

I'm back to working on some more  Halloween cards, though I do think I will be done w/them after this weekend.   I'm looking forward to concentrating on Xmas cards though.  I like to spread all my stuff on the bed & wait for ideas to jump at me...haven't been really able to do that, as I have piles of different holidays out & about.  My scraproom is a mess, but I still love going in there, all my cute happy products make me smile- part of the obsession-lol!!   My little Frankenstein is a Sandylion sticker, the journal tag is Doodlebug & the stripe pp is from Target.

Still no "Baby Brown" for those of you that are keeping track : )  As of now the induce date is Oct 19th.....I'm so excited & antsy for the little guy, can you imagine my brother & SIL, especially my SIL, poor thing : )   Have a wonderful, safe weekend!!!!   TFL  Lynn

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Thursday!!

Thursday's better then Wednesday on most weeks, in my opinion- yup, closer to the weekend : )  It's another grey morning & not as warm as it was yesterday...I hate to say this, but the weatherman actually mentioned the word s**w for next week- no , not inches & feet, but still sn*w : (   I know, really it's been a beautiful fall for us here & of course, we know it's always coming, but still, I'm just not ready for it : (

Okay, let's talk about something more pleasant, that can certainly be my new card-lol.

I had the itch to make a card using anything but orange....I've been making sooo many Halloween cards & most of them tend to use orange & black- so this is as opposite as my mind would go.  this was a quicky card, well except for the string giving me a hard time- I swear it took me over a half hour to get that right : )  The inside of the card reads..."it's your special day"....thought that way I could use the card for any sort of occasion, though I was thinking b-day when I started it.

Well time to get some work done.  Have a great day!!  TFL  Lynn

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A princess type of day- why not : )

It is a very gray day hasn't started raining yet, but soon.  At least it's still warm, temp is 63, which for this time of year is a heat wave for us : )  Actually, I heard on the news this morning, 5 yrs ago today was the Oct storm for was a nasty sleety storm that knocked down trees & took out power for days.  I think my husband worked a week straight, never saw him...then again that happens in the winter when he's plowing too.  Either way, I'll take 63 & rainy : )

As you can tell, my title for today came from my new castle card.  I'd love to live in a pink castle, for a couple days at least : )  I've had these stickers for forever, sorry don't remember the brand.  Paper is My Mind's Eye, another oooold piece.    If you ever want to know brand or anything else on any of my cards, please leave me a comment or email me at

Have a great Wednesday- half way toooooo the weekend.  Oh yeah, stillllll waiting on "Baby Brown"!!!   TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday

For those of you that had off yesterday, lucky you....we are already to Tuesday : )  It's suppose to be another beautiful day here & then back to rainy chilly fall days.  I'm not complaining the last 4 days have been awesome....a totally Indian Summer.  I just found out the actually meaning to Indian Summer & I can official say this is it for us.  Indian Summer occurs when you have a warm period after the first frost...learn something new everyday : )   I'm still working on Halloween cards, but will be done w/them soon : (   My last customer is picking hers up at the end of the week : ) 

check out my cute little mummy, this little guy makes me smile ; )  He's from Recollection (Michael's).  My little tag is from Doodlebug, I believe last year's Halloween collection, my striped pp is from Bo Bunny, again last years collection. 

Speaking of little guys.....we are STILL waiting for "Baby Brown" to arrive.....stubborn little guy already...hmmmm, I'd say he's going to fit right in -lol!!!  

Have a great Tuesday!!!  TFL!  Lynn

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday (Columbus Day for us in the USA)

Oh, happy Monday...I wish it was a vacation day from work for me, but unfortunately I am here : (  It is another bright beautiful fall day here, this whole weekend has been gorgeous.  Mornings are a little chilly but by afternoon the temp has been 70+.   

This was a really quickie card for me : )  I love these felt flowers from Hobby Lobby.   Lots of layers here, like normal & I inked all the edges.  I hope my new card brightens your day, have a great one!!  TFL  Lynn

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful it's Friday : )

Yeah...Friday!!!  It's another chiiiillly morning..45 out, better then yesterday & it's suppose to be a gorgeous fall weekend.   I almost feel bad about not having any plans outside...said almost.  I'm really hoping to get it in gear & get some crafts accomplished : )    Today is the "official" due date for my nephew, "Baby Brown"......I'm not sure if he's aware it's the "official" due date, by the sounds of it, he's content where he is for now....there is still 15+more hours to the day -lol : ) 

I have such a mess going in my scrap/extra bedroom...I've got stuff out for Halloween, Xmas & now Thanksgiving plus anything else that catches me eye..everything-lol.   This is one of my first Thanksgiving/fall cards this year.  These are definitely my least favorite kind of card to make.  Not really sure why, I love the rich colors of fall. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!   TFL   Lynn

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh my gosh, it's darn right coooold out this morning...38 degrees.  I would say we had our first official frost, luckly I did bring in my couple potted flowers last night.  It's suppose to be @65-70+ this weekend, so I will at least get to enjoy my flowers for a couple more days.  Some of them look better now then they did all summer, go figure : )  

Since it's sooo cold out this morning, I think my new card is perfect to show you, though I hope it warms you up : )  I totally love using blue & reds on xmas cards, well actually I love using those colors on any card -lol.   My felt/puff ball tree is another Walmart find from last year...told you I love their stickers : ) 

Oh yeah, one more day till the weekend-woohoo.  I've got sooo much crafting to get to this weekend & I'm totally looking forward to it.     Have a great day & TFL!!!

Sorry gotta do it, it's all or nothing tonight-  GO YANKEES !!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hoppy Day : )

It's a bright chilllly sunny morning...temp is 43 now, but suppose to get near 65 today & 75ish by Sunday... can't wait.  I sooo don't like the chilly/cold goes right to my bones & then I'm chilled for the day.  At least at work I can crank the heat up until everyone gets here & then w/my luck they'll put the air conditioning on : ) 

 I've had a thing for frogs lately & I think I've used this sentiment on all of the frog cards too.    I fussy cutted my frog from a Recollection sheet of pp.  My journal tag is from Doodlebug & I have no clue about any of the pps -sorry.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday- half way to the weekend!!!  TFL  Lynn

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy Tuesday, I hope!!  Yesterday was another nightmare to work & the computers crashed again!!!!!   Took our computer guy 2/3 hrs to get us semi-fixed & then it only lasted about an hour or far we look good today : )    Thus the reason for no post yesterday!!  Not that I got many cards done over the weekend, but a couple.  We had a nice weekend though.  We spent Saturday/Sunday at my mom' was very enjoyable & as always we didn't go hungry : )  We did unfortunately watch the Bills lose : (   

Well need to get to my new card & start cleaning off my desk (bomb went off again )!!

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness new card.  I actually have a customer who HAD breast cancer & she has made a lot of friends through her recovery who are fighting it & also who have beaten it...thus she orders  cards w/the breast cancer ribbon.    My ribbon sticker is from Me & My Big Ideas...paper is from the $ bin at Target.

Off to do some work- have a great day!!!  TFL  Lynn