Monday, April 11, 2011

Yeah to my brother & sister-in-law!!!

  I've got some GREAT news to share brother & SIL are having a BABY!!!!   They are officially through their first trimester....due date is October 7th!!  They say they are going to find out the sex of "Baby Brown"....I can't wait!!!!!   Last year was a very rough year for my family, so it's nice to have something so exciting & new to look forward too.  This will be the first officially baby in our family in a loooong time!!!  Don't forget, my cousin is also pregnant, due the end of September!!!   How exciting, now to have to plan for two little ones.  I'm already an Aunt on my husband's side, but can't wait to be one to my side!!  Yeah, Jeremy & Susanna & "baby Brown"!!!!!  Since they have now received their card, I can share w/all of you!!

I've been very lazy lately w/my product listing.  If you have any question on the material I use, feel free to email me or leave me a message!

It was such an enjoyable, relaxing weekend!!  I know the weather was a huge help in all was 76 degrees here yesterday!!  My gosh, it was soooo awesome, it felt like summer.  It was warmer outside then in my house, it was sooo nice to open the windows & let the fresh air in.  Keep in mind, by mid week we are going back to normal 45/50 degree weather.

Well better get some work done, that's why I"m here.  So nice to not have that report hanging over my head.  Going to be a good week!!!  TFL!!  Lynn

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  1. How exciting! I'm sure they will treasure this card. The colors are gorgeous!