Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come on Weekend

This has been a slow week!!  The weather's been cold & crappy & work hasn't been much better.  My work isn't really all that bad at times, I just like to complain about it-lol!!  Right now I'm here alone & I love that....I get to post my  blog & then actually get through a couple things w/out interruption-yeah!!!  I've been working away at cards all supply got pretty low over the last couple weeks, not complaining...I've got some fab customers who I know truly appreciate my cards...what more could a girl ask for!!!    My problem really is that I'm a slow card maker....I just enjoy everything about making a card..from spending an hour picking out paper & embellies to spending the next couple hours creating the card : )  I'm sure I could move a bit faster, but what's the point....I love to make cards & only sell them because I make soooo many of them in a year I couldn't possibly send them out- then I'd really be broke $$.  It's nice to be able to sell them to get money to replace my scrapping supplies- I swear I have more then 2 stores put together -lol- I think that's part of the scrapbooking/papercrafting  hobby, oops meant obsession!!!

I'm excited for my weekend....I'm off to Syracuse on Saturday to see my best friend, her beautiful baby boy Evan, who will be 1yrs old next week & her new house!!!  I'm pretty certain we will be stopping by the casino for a little fun, keep your fingers crossed for me to win- I never win, but love trying : )  Don't worry my bank card does NOT go w/me !!!  

Well better get to posting my new card, so I can move onto work stuff-yuk!!

Though this is completely the wrong color card to share this w/you, but........  my brother & SIL are having a BABY BOY, yeah, Baby Boy Brown!!!  Can you tell I'm excited...I would have been excited over a niece's just fun to know the sex of the baby, makes shopping soo much more fun-lol.   This baby is going to have more clothes before he's born then I do now : )   It's sooo hard to resist things as your walking through the stores now...I live near Kohl's & they have a great baby section! 

Off to do some work, happy Thursday!!!  TFL!!! 

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  1. How exciting for your brother and sister in law. Having 2 boys myself, I'm kind of partial to boys but maybe it's because what I put my parents through. Love your card. The colors are so bright and cheerful. Such a cute little butterfly!