Tuesday, July 12, 2011

another sunny hot day!!

Another beautiful morning here....as I was walking into work...the wind was blowing through my hair & the sun was out...I thought what a perfect day it would be to be playing outside.  Any thought is better then working all day : )  I get the office again to myself this morning, so the door is open letting the fresh warm air in again-wohoo!!  I seem to get so much more accomplished when no one is here!!

I love these 3d cupcakes, they are from Hobby Lobby.  This is actually the 3rd card I've made from the package...one more to go as there are only 4 in there.  I never use up packages of anything....even hard to use up patterned paper.  My supplies just keep growing....I'm as addicted to them as I am to make cards.  I hope there are others out there w/that problem-lol!!   My husband is always picking on about my supplies, that have now taken over 2+rooms-yikes : )   Don't worry ladies, I give it right back...my husband likes to collect "men" toys that take up room in our garage!  Keep in mind, he's not much of a tinkerer..but he does take things out for a ride every now & again....I tell him, at least I use my supplies just about everyday.  Actually my husband is my enabler....he likes to order from my "wishlist" on sb.com & always spoils me-lol!!

Well enough idle chit chat from me today...time to get some work done well I can.  I hope the sun shining in your next of the woods--have a great Tuesday!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. OMG this is too CUTE and in my favorite color! The frosting and cherry look so REAL...good enough to eat...YUMMY!