Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Holy cow has it been HOT!!!  The next couple days are suppose to be even more hot & humid!!  I don't have the front door open this morning & YES the air is on : )   Boy does the weather make me lazy.  I did manage to get some cards done last night, though I didn't use any of my new stuff yet.  I already had these cards thought out or something like that : )  My process usually start w/what embellie/sticker I want to use & then I pull out @50 different sheets of pps & narrow it down from there.  I did pull out a couple new things to start the process w/but didn't get very far on that last night.  I'm sooo glad it's Wednesday already, always nice to have short work weeks!!

I was aiming for a masculine card on this one, though think you could use it for either.   This card looks much better in real life, not happy w/the picture, but they all looked like this.  Some cards just don't photograph well & this be one of them!!!   I love these 3D stickers, from American Crafts!!

Have a great day & STAY COOL!!!!  TFL!  Lynn


  1. Oh, this is so cute! I love the stitching and that balloon is just lovely. I really like the colors, and you're right: it could be for either a boy or a girl. Yes, it's hotter than heck just about everywhere right now. =( I'm excited that our heat/humidity is supposed to break tonight...hopefully yours is done soon, too. Do you move around a lot when crafting? Get a large rubbermaid or plastic bowl, fill with cold water, then soak your feet when sitting around. It's crazy but if your feet are cold it really does help cool you down! =D

  2. What an awesome card. I love your choice of paper. The hot air balloon looks like it is floating amongst the clouds. This is the perfect masculine card!