Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It stinks to come back to work after a looong weekend : )

Of course, I'm running late today...could have stayed in bed for a couple more hours  : )  We had a very busy fun filled weekend & thank goodness, the weather was just about perfect-wooho!!  We spent alot of time outside,  I even managed to get a little bit of a tan, well right now it's a light pink, but should turn to tan & then disappear-lol.  Gotta get to my new card for the day....I made this last week...haven't made a card since Thursday & I am going through withdraw : )  We didn't get home till close to 8pm last night, but I have to admit I did try to start a brain was tired, so I didn't get to far, but it's waiting for me to get out of work today-woohoo!

Need baby cards for my stash, so did a uni-sex that little stork : )   If you follow my blog, you know we have lots of babies coming to our family this brother, having a 1 cousin, having a husband's cousin, having a girl & my other cousin, not finding out...   I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more baby cards soon : ) 

I hope everyone had  a safe & enjoyable weekend.  Time to clean off my desk & by the looks of it, might take me till Friday.  Have a great day, already Wednesday-woohoo!!!  TFL  Lynn


  1. What an adorable card!! I love that cute little stork! I'm sure whichever proud parents get it, they are going to love it. Sounds like the weekend was fun! I'm glad you had nice weather! How did Wilson like the water? =D

  2. What a sweet baby card. The stork is adorable and the colors are gorgeous!