Thursday, July 14, 2011

yuk- another work day!

Can you tell by my title today....I have NO desire to be at work!!!  At least right now I'm here by myself, so I can get some work done.  No, I don't have the front door open today, a little chilly this morning..60degrees.  It is suppose to get up to 80 today & then go up from there all weekend w/no rain!!   I'd almost feel bad about spending time inside at the casino, but let's be honest...if I wasn't at the casino I'd be at my scrapping table making cards : )   I have to admit I was very very lazy last night & didn't even get 1 card finished : (  I was just having one of those lazy nights.  I had been tired all day & once I got home, I had no desire for much of anything.  It was nice to just sit around watching tv & chatting w/my honey : )

Check out this cutie!!  This is my best friend's little guy, Evan....I can't believe he turned 1 at the end of May!  He's always smiling & such a good good boy  : )   My girlfriend is leaving this little guy for the night on Friday & we are off to the casino.

 Here's the card I made for little Evan.  Obviously  made it awhile back, as his b-day is May.  I was waiting for an updated pic to load it though.  Just had to share that sweet smile w/you : )

Have a great day & as always, thanks for looking!!!  Lynn


  1. What a little sweetheart! He's just adorable! =D LOVE that card you made for him...that elephant is just awesome! Fabulous colors. It's ok to have a lazy day. I've been having a couple of them. =D Have a lot of fun at the casino....and good luck!!

  2. Awww Evan is such a cutie! I love the card you made for him. The colors are fabulous and the cute elephant is way to sweet!