Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday : (

What a nice weekend & the weather was almost perfect!!! I'd like to say I got a lot accomplished & I did get some needed things done, but besides that I didn't do much else : )   I'm close to being done w/my "baby shower" projects, a couple more touches here & there : )  I gotta a couple new cards done too-woo hoo!!  Saturday's weather was beyond perfect & yesterday was suppose to be even better, but I would say the weathermen where WAY off....but late afternoon yesterday the weather turned perfect but most of the day was gray & threatening rain, still warm though.  Did I mention my husband bought a air conditioner for our bedroom??  He spent at least half the weekend in our bedroom...brrr....he had it chilllly in there too.  We have a big tv, dvd player & recliner chair in our bedroom....all my husband needs now is a fridge & he'll barely have to leave the room -lol!!  It will be his "man cave' if I let him-lol!!

 This is a card I made last week.  My computer was being naughty last night & wouldn't upload my new pics : (  I probably shouldn't have waited until late last night to do that...I lose my patience w/the computer quickly at night-lol.

I hope everyone had a relaxing fun weekend!!  As always TFL & have a great day!!!  Lynn


  1. Yay for the new air conditionaer! I know you don't really like a/c...but it's going to be super nice on those really hot days. =D

    Your card is just adorable! I love that country feel with the gingham and lace. The gem in the middle of the butterfly is super cute, too! It adds just the perfect touch.

    I hope your work week is better this week than last! Have a great day!!

  2. Oooh! Welcome to baby Barrett! I will pray for his improvement. I am sure he is going to be just fine! Howe exciting for all the new babies...and all boys! LOL I hope you get some grils running around, too!! =D

    (By the earlier comment...I do know how to spell air conditioner, I promise. Fingers getting ahead of my brains. LOL)

  3. Simply gorgeous. I love the red gingham and polka dots and the lace is a nice touch. A great "thinking of you" card!