Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gonna be one of those days : )

Ok, yesterday's work day stunk : (  I'd like to have the positive attitude that today will be better, but unfortunately I am a realist & I'm quite certain today will be worse : (  On a good note, it is a bright sunny morning here, that does alot for the attitude, haven't gotten my Dr. Pepper yet, but pretty sure that might help too -lol.     I've been working away at cards, have a customer stopping by tonight...hate calling her a customer because she really has become a friend.  I met her at a my very first craft show, she bought a bunch of Xmas cards & then called me a month later wanting LOTS more & she's been keeping me busy ever since.   I actually got 2+ very steady customers (friends) from doing a craft show or two.  Always always put your contact info in the packaging if you are doing any type of craft show or event. 

Well better quite wasting time, get to my new card & then get to working : )

 This card was a special request.. obviously turning 30 & the last name is Starr ( get it-lol).  The star stickers are Sticko.  The blue star pp & the white polka dot is Hobby Lobby. 
Well time to start my day & I got my Dr. Pepper while I waited for the card to load, so the day's looking up already : )  Happy Wednesday-have a great day!! TFL  Lynn


  1. This is so adorable!! Those star stickers look fabulous and three dimensional in the photo! (Like they rise from the edges to the middle like a mountain. Or maybe it's just way too early for me to be up. LOL) Lovely. I'm sorry work is no fun for you right now...just think in one week your report will be done and you'll be able to relax again! =D You had asked me about Hobby Lobby...unfortunately I've never been to one. I don't know if we have those in Minnesota. I had actually never really heard about it until a couple of weeks ago. Now it's Hobby Lobby everywhere! LOL Ok, I leave on my trip tomorrow so I won't be around until next week. Have a fabulous weekend! Just two more days...

  2. I hope your day went well for you. The recipient of this card will treasure it for sure. Everything goes together so well. Love your choice of color and paper.