Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

wow- what a crazy, kind of crappy week it's been!!  What a way to start my blog off on this sunny Friday morning & a holiday weekend, at that-lol : )   I just have to get through half a day here today.  The state report is due today & unfortunately ours is not submitted yet, but will be very very very soon (I hope)!!  Plus, my poor little Wilson hasn't been feeling 100%...he's thrown up a couple plus times, always in the middle of the night : )  So far today he seems pretty good, he did get boiled chicken for breakfast too : )   On a much brighter note....yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary : )  My honey & I went to a rustic little restaurant on Lake Erie, the food was yummy & the view was great!!!  My honey also got me some beautiful yellow roses...they're my favorite flowers : )    I haven't been as productive this week w/my cards & the couple I have made, I can't show you yet : )   So.............  I've got a picture waaaaaayyyyy cuter then any card I can make anyways......................

Awe!!!!!!  oh my, this little guy just make me...sigh....just too darn cute.  Look at that sweet little face!!!  I can't wait to see him!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & happy hoppy Easter!!!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. What a cutie!! He's getting so big! =D Happy anniversary to you and you hubby! Sounds like you had a fabulous night. I hope you enjoy your half day and your wonderful weekend. We have Easter tacos every year, at Taco Bell. It's a quirky tradition, but we're quirky people. LOL I hope Wilson feels better soon! It's never easy to have (or be, I'm sure) a sick puppy. Have a fabulous Easter, Lynn!