Friday, April 27, 2012


Oh my, TGIF, just can't say it enough!! Woohoo weekend!!   It's another bright sunny morning, but boy is it coooold- yuk, 34 degrees & w/the wind chill today, it's suppose to feel in the 20's.  I tell you all the time, crazy weather!!!!!!   I want heat, and I don't mean the kind you pay for....our furnace has run more this month, then last-yuk!!

We have no major plans for the weekend, which means I'll get to work on cards & tags. We do actually have a little project going around  home.....I told my husband he needed a hobby, I've been telling him that for years-lol.  Well he found one, my honey bought a boat!!!!  We live 15 minutes from Lake Erie, so not a totally bad toy to have- soooo hope our summer is HOT!!!!  So anyways, we've been cleaning the boat & getting things "ship shape" for it-lol.     We've had to get a lot of necessities for the boat, so much you need- air horns, whistles, bumpers, lines, life jackets.......................

Check out my new sailor in his life jacket-lol!!!  I've mentioned before, our little Wilson can be a bit crazy- kind of likes to do whatever he wants!!!!  We went to the lake last summer & Wilson jumped off the moving boat to get the ducks- naughty dog!!!  So, now Wilson will be wearing this at the boat : )  He really didn't like it at all, kept trying to get it off- now he has to wear it for awhile each night-lol!!

Just made this new card & thought it perfect for this post : )  The cute doggie sticker is old K & company.  Brown gingham pp is DCWV.  Fiskar punch.  Added some buttons & inked all the edges.

Well time for this girl to get working!!  Have a great day & an even better Friday!!! TFL  Lynn


  1. Oh, look how handsome Wilson looks in his cute little life jacket!! =D Y'all are going to have to much fun this summer! I'm super jealous...I love boating! Sorry the weather sucks and you had kind of a cruddy week...TGIF is right! I was actually home sick yesterday...ugh. I can't wait until this day is over. I'm hoping to get some crafting done over the next couple of nights. =D As for the news...yes, a loss of sleep is a *definite* possibility! ;)

  2. Wilson is ADORABLE!!! He look so good in his life jacket!!! I also LOVE this cute card!!! I love the color combo and the doggy!! Hugs!!