Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer, aaahhh...

Happy Tuesday!! I can see the bright sunshine through my little window at work-lol. It's going to be another beautiful day!! I'm scattered this morning, probably because I'm running a little late. I was trying to get ready this morning & saw all my lotions & sprays & decided to clean them out as I was getting ready- kind of a bad time to do that-lol. I did accomplish it though & was only 10 minutes late for work. I work at a small mortgage broker, we are very laid back & don't punch a time clock, so I'm very fortunate w/that. I used to be one of those people that was always on time, maybe even 5minutes early- NOT anymore, more like always 10 minutes late-lol. I think my little Wilson puts me behind also. I like to take a couple extra minutes in the morning to give him some extra love, knowing he's going to be in his cage all day. Luckily for us, my husband can usually stop home on his lunch to let him out & play for a couple minutes. We hope sometime soon to not have to crate him when we aren't there, but for now, it's for his own safety as well as my sanity. I must say Wilson is doing very very good, really start to catch on-YEAH!!! He is very head strong though & has a hard time listening when outside-EVERYTHING catches his eye & he wants to chase it : ) I'll share some more pictures soon.

Time for my new card, it was AWESOME to get back to my scrap table. I had this card started from before the weekend, so I didn't take me long to get going. As I stated earlier, scattered morning, so I don't have my product list for this card, but will add it later....

I've been trying to work on masculine cards more lately. I know I tend to shy away from them,
I really enjoy using cutesy things- not manly-lol!! I think this card is more boy-ish, but could still be used for an adult male & why not a girl?? We like baseball too!!
Well, time to get working. Have a great day! TFL! Lynn

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