Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Okay today is starting to be a good day, though I was starting to wonder when I got stuck in traffic this morning & thought I was going to be late for my test....I wasn't late & I PASSED!!!! If you can't tell, I really wasn't sure what the outcome of this test was going to be. I did study quite a bit last night, but that was about it- YEAH!!!! Well at least I can put this all behind me until after the first of the year when I will need to do 11 hours of continuing education-yuk : ) I can't wait to get out of work & head home play w/little Wilson & then make some cards- doesn't that sound like the perfect night -lol. Our little Wilson is growing so fast. He's still all legs. My poor little guy has some "hot spots". For anyone w/a golden you know what these nasty ugly things look like, for those of you that don't- be thankful : ) My poor little guy, I keep scolding him for itching. We are giving him Benadryl to dry them up & so far I think it's working. Well really really need to get to do some work, that's what they pay me for-lol. Enjoy my new card- it is PERFECT for my day..happy happy happy : )

I apologize, but I didn't bring my notebook today w/my list of products. I can tell you the stripe pp is October Afternoon ( love love love that brand) & the pink gingham is My Mind's Eye. I believe the chipboard medal is Me & My Big Ideas- the rest I don't know....but hope you like it anyways : )
Happy Wednesday- half way to the weekend : ) Lynn

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  1. congrats. on passing your test. poor little wilson with his hot spots. we know all about them only too well.....I hope this is just an odd fluke and he doesn't get plagued with them like our poor darling kobe has.