Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary to my honey!!

Today is mine & my honey's 8th Wedding Anniversary....oh, to remember where we were 8years ago....actually 8yrs & 1 day ago...Jamaica : )   We had a great big Catholic wedding w/all the trimmings-lol!   My favorite flowers are tulips, so we did those...a totally "spring" themed wedding : )  Mother Nature had other ideas that day, it sleeted & snowed & rained, an altogether crappy weather day...you know the saying, "it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day"- what about sleet & snow along w/it???  LOL.  We had an amazingly great wedding, I can't believe it was 8 years ago.   As w/must (all) couples, we have our ups & downs, but I wouldn't change a thing : )  I love my husband more every day!!   Thank you, honey for a wonderful 8 years as Mrs. Weber!!

We are having some chilly weather today too.  It reminds me of 8yrs ago, only it's not raining or sleeting...it's just chilly.  Yesterday, was 65 degrees here, it was awesome!!!  I even opened a couple windows when I got home, it smelled like spring.  Typical to Buffalo, blink & the weather changes,  back to winter-YUK!!!!

Still haven't found time to take pics of all my new cards, so today's is the wedding card I made for my cousin, almost 6 months ago- wow - hard to believe how fast that has gone.   My cousin is now 4+ months pregnant, hard to believe how fast that has gone too!!!   

  Had to have a "love" card due to our Anniversary- cheesy, I know, but that's me : )

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!   TFL!!!  Lynn

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