Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back : )

Not that I officially went anywheres, but I never posted again last week, since Monday : (   My husband did go to Las Vegas week though : )  I honestly believe a little break for husband & wife is a good thing, once in awhile!!  Keep in mind my honey was only gone Monday through Friday & I took Friday off to clean the house, so everything looked good for my honey's return : )  Wilson & I did enjoy our week, we did lots of cleaning, switched over my summer clothes & of course MADE CARDS : )

Since I'm running late on my post, better get to getting........

Does this card say summer or what?  I had started this card all different, but love the way it actually turned out.  Now that I've mentioned summer.....all last week, was absolutely gorgeous here, everyday in the 70s & no's been raining here now since Saturday & the high today is 50!!  What happened to our beautiful spring/summer weather, that had my back yard drying up?  I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!  TFL!  Lynn

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  1. Oh yes...I don't know what you had in mind but this is GORGEOUS! Love the polkadots and stripes and ooooh the butterfly is awesome! Glad your sweetie is home. I'm with you, a break now and then is a good thing. The next time your hubby goes out of town, can he take mine with!