Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Monday

It is a bright sunny day...all blue skies!!  I hope it stays like this, it's nice to think our backyard is drying up  :  )   We are actually suppose to have pretty good weather for the next couple days!  Overall the weather was good for this past weekend too!  I spent Saturday & Sunday w/mom, it was her special day, of course : )   As I mentioned on Friday....we did do some shopping. We actually went to an antique/ co-op kind of place...I found some old "flat" lace-yeah!!  Have you noticed how all the lace you can buy lately is kind of gathered/stitched??  I like the flat stuff, works much better on cards.  If anyone has a suggestion on flat lace, please let me know : )    Mom & I even got some scrapping in, we worked on the mini-gift boxes we do for our craft was fun!!!!  Last but not least we ate & ate & ate some more.  Thanks mom, I had a fun weekend!!!!!

Onto my new card & then off to work...still working on the report that's due on Friday-yuk!!

This is one of the  Mother's Day cards my mom received.  I"d love the show you the other one too, but I think my camera ate it or I didn't take  a pic of if you're reading this, can you take a pic & email me ....gotta love modern technology!! 

Anyway, time for work....have a great sunshiny Monday!!  TFL!  Lynn

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  1. Beautiful. My 2 favorite things on one card...Pink and butterflies, it just don't get any prettier!