Friday, May 27, 2011

My Father

Today (Friday) - 1 year ago my Father Passed away...I remember everything about it as if it was yesterday....I'm soooo thankful for the wonderful memories God has given me but wish he would help to ease the reminder of how awful my Father's last 11 days were for all of us.  I know, someday ...time will help to heal.   This past year has been a difficult adjustment for all of us w/out my Father....but Thank God we have each's such a joy to spend time together & reminisce about all the good times we had.  My Father loved to be the center of the family's attention!! He would sit at the table & cough, just to get everyone's attention..he didnt' want anyone to miss the joke he was going to tell, though I'm sure we'd heard the joke before...that was what made it even more funny!!  My Father was a huge baseball junky- he could tell you every stat from the beginning of time...I always said he would be my "life line" on a game show when it came to sports trivia.  Ted was a unique man when it came to his baseball teams- he loved the Yankees & Boston-yikes!!!  As I got older, I got into Baseball was always fun to chat w/him about it.  You never knew what was coming out of Ted's mouth but you usually knew it was going to be amusing....I just figured out why my Father & my husband got along sooo it a man thing?!!

  Every holiday we would pose (quickly) for a family picture & every holiday Ted would got to be the family joke.....I missed him complaining this year, BUT I'm soooo thankful for all the wonderful pics we have : )  So many options to do layouts, if I could only get myself back to that : )


   Ted was a big supporter of my card                hobby : )   It made my day when he would take off his glasses & examine my new cards : )    This one's for you, Ted!!!

My father gave me a wonderful life & I'm thankful that I knew & appreciated that before he was gone & was able to thank him for that!!    I say that, but there are many more things I wish I had done & thankful for your loved ones &  make sure to tell them...someday you might not get that opportunity!!!    I miss you & all your silliness you!!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!  We are off to mom's w/my brother & SIL & all the dogs too.  TFL!!  Lynn

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  1. What a touching story. It's great that you can have such wonderful memories to help you through your darkest moments. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you with us! I too am a baseball fan and absolutely love your card.