Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half way to the weekend-woohoo!!

Yeah, we've made it to Wednesday!!  I'm excited for the weekend...Mom & Oscar are coming  back & we are going to a scrapbook convention-yeah!!  We went 2 years ago & it was soooo much fun, we found lots of fun goodies & pretty good prices!!  Today the weather is suppose to warm up, thank goodness, the last 2 days have been very "fall like".  I don't think we've had but 1 really nice week all year & it's already the middle of June.  Our summers are so short to begin with & this past winter was soooo long.  Come on, Mother nature get on the right page-lol!!

 I so love black & white w/hot pink...even when it's a fun card it still looks classy : )  I used some older supplies on this card-woohoo.  I love when that happens. 

I hope everyone has a sunshiny day!!  TFL!!  Lynn

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  1. Oh yes, I agree with you black, white and hot pink is very classy and this card is at the top of it's class. I love everything about it especially the bling!