Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Thursday...why not, it's better then Wednesday : )

The sun is out again this morning & it's predicted to be a beautiful day, figures I'm stuck at work-yuk!!  Yesterday was a gray, very humid day.  We got rain in the morning & occasionally it would mist a little, but that was about it.  My husband is in love w/his new air conditioner.  For the last 3 nights, he's in our bedroom by 830pm watching tv & hanging out up there...thank goodness for Wilson keeping me company while I make my cards : )  I figure the "new-ness" will wear off soon or at least when we get the electric bill this coming month....we've got the hot tub running, the de-humidifier in the basement, some ceiling fans & now the air conditioner over night....ought to be a pretty hefty bill-yuk!!!  I'm going to look at it as leverage for the winter when I want to turn the heat up-lol : )   As cooold weather comes, you'll hear me complain ALL the time about being cooold-double yuk!!!   Got to get off the subject now....winter is a loong time away (in my book, anyways)!!!

I have some super exciting news to share cousin had her baby!!!!!!!! IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me introduce to you.....Barrett Francis!!  what a cutie & check out that head of dark hair!!!  Barrett was born last week @ 5/6 weeks early...he gave everyone a bit of a scare for a couple days w/his lungs not being fully developed...but things are going GOOOOOOD now & he should be coming home very very soon : )  My cousin Ashley, had a hard time w/this pregnancy & ended up in the hospital a couple extra days also, but she is home now-yeah!!!

Since I am 100% sure my cousin doesn't read my blog & really if she does, I'm 100%+ sure it's not on her list to do today....she better be in bed resting!!!  This is the little card I made for the new addition...the nursery is giraffes, so how could I not use this little guy?!! 

I'm pretty certain I mentioned "baby mode"....obviously, you can tell, I'm still in it : )
Have a great day!!!  TFL!!!  Lynn


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute!! Both the baby and the card!! =D I'm so glad Barrett and mommy are doing well. I'll pray for him to be able to come home soon. That giraffe is SO super adorable! I love those papers, too. You always have the greatest papers! =D I hope you have a great day, and guess what! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! (Let the party begin!) =D Peace!

  2. What a precious picture of the baby! Perfect in every way! Your card is adorable. The colors, the paper and the giraffe, everything about it is awesome. I love the way you personalized it...a true keepsake!