Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy graaaay day

I was in total baby mode last night....was finishing up the couple things I need to do for this coming weekend....oh I can't wait to show you my one project...I think it turned out just too darn cute!!  Unfortunately, you gotta wait till after the weekend to see it....want it to be a surprise for my brother & sister-in-law to see & hopefully they check out my blog once in awhile, so don't want to take any chances : )  Hopefully that will give you some incentive to check my blog next week : )

I can't remember the last gray really rainy morning we've had & we certainly need the rain, so I'm not going to complain about today : )  At least it is still warm out too...that would be my gripe anyways...brrr....chilly damp weather-yuk!!   The rest of the week is suppose to be pretty good, as is the weekend-woohoo, yes, said weekend!!!! 

Since I did mention...."baby mode" new card is of course, baby!!!!     I actually made this card a couple plus weeks ago...this was my trial idea for the shower invites that mom & I made.   This was a very loose sketch/idea as the cards turned out nothing like this....promise, I'll post a pic next week w/all the other fun stuff from the shower ; )

Time to get to doing some work...still have the report hanging over my head, but I'm slowly working away at it-yuk!!!!  The report is due in August 13...thought I had till the August 15th...typical : )  I plan on having it done before then anyways, certainly don't want it hanging over my head all that time.   We are planning a trip to the lake in August, my honey & I are planning on going up a couple days before the we are taking 3 days off from work....oh, can't wait.  It's the week after my report is due in & I definitely think it will be an earned vacation-woohoo!!!!    Enjoy your day!!  As always...TFL!!!  Lynn


  1. Oh, this is so cute!! I think it's my favorite so far of the baby cards!! Maybe 'cause it's pink. =D I love the little birdie and the clothing line. Just adorable.

    Good luck with your report. I think your little vacation sounds wonderful!! Does Wilson get to go, too? Being able to go to the lake in the summer is just fun, fun, fun! =D Have a good day!

  2. Is this not the cutest card ever! Love your choice of colors and papers!