Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Orders : )!!  I walked in & my desk looks like a bomb went off...I'm pretty certain that was not the way I left it!!  Funny, I never seem to mind when I leave my scrapping table looking like a bomb went off-lol.  Maybe I should start using pretty colored papers at work -lol.   Right now it's sooo nice & quiet at work, no one here but me & the phone hasn't rung once yet.  I probably just jinxed myself : )   Yeah, finished my slot machine card last night,  think it turned out pretty good & I completed another special order card-yeah!!  Since we are heading out of town next week, I need all my orders filled.  I can't imagine 6 days away from making cards.  I've already figured out, that there is no way to make cards while I'm at the lake, just too much stuff to bring along...but I'm thinking of stamping a bunch of images & bringing along my obsession just won't allow me to stay away completely-lol!!!  Fore-warning my wonderful blog postings next week after Tuesday : (

Ok, this is the "special order"...slot machine, breast cancer ribbon birthday card...  think I got it all here : )  My slot machine is a computer image, that I altered w/some pink paper & the little pink cancer ribbons.  My fun piece of plaid paper is from Little Yellow Bicycle.  One of these "special orders" down, 9 more to go : )

Talk about 2 completely different cards today.  This is the other "special order" I finished last  night.   This is for a girl I work with to give to her mom : )  They are having a surprise party for her mom w/the theme of the "Farm" game from Facebook. 

Well work is calling my name-yuk!!  Have a great Thursday!!  TFL Lynn


  1. Fabulous cards!!!! I just LOVE the breast cancer one...that slot machine turned out so wonderful! The farm card is adorable, too. That corn is awesome. I used to play Farmville and Farm Town all of the time...I even built a waterfall. Then I decided I didn't want a game that made me HAVE to log in to Facebook every single day (or feel bad because my crops died) so I deleted all of my games like that. LOL Hope your day at work is as quiet as you want it to be! (Finish your report??) =D

  2. Both of these cards are fabulous but I am certain I don't have to tell you that. Your cards are amazing, each so different from the other. Hope you are having the time of your life at the lake.