Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I feel like i just left least I can say I got somewheres on my report yesterday & should have all the #'s compiled today-woohoo.....almost to the finish line-lol!!   I've had some "special order" cards that have been giving me a hard time too.  Remember I mentioned I had an order for 10 slot machine/breast cancer ribbon cards, well 1 of those 10 is due this week. If you follow my blog, you know I tend to make my cards w/stickers.....LOVE stickers-lol!!  Well,  I've looked at just about all the stores in the area & haven't found 1 usable slot machine stickers.....found some images online & mom was nice enough to print those along w/the ribbons for me...I spent quite awhile last night altering my slot machine image & creating my new card.  If anyone has any suggestions as to where to get slot machine stickers, images, stamps...please let me know : )  I'll show the card later in the week, need to take a pic of it first.    

I'm extremely low on b-day card, especially uni-sex or male cards.....I think this qualifies for the uni-sex card.

Well hate to cut this short today, but need to get back to my report-yuk!!  Have a great day...half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL Lynn


  1. Hi sweetie! I'm glad your report is almost done!! The card you made is beautiful, and totally unisex. This would be great for anyone. =D I'm not sure about the slot machine stickers... I think Jolee's Boutique has a few...maybe Archivers online or Michaels? If you go to and do a search for "vegas" some different packs show up that have slot machines. Or, if you want an image...send me an email at missstarlamae at yahoo dot com. I have a freebie image that you can have.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the congrats on 100 followers!! The blog hop really pushed me up! Yay! =D

  3. Beautifully done Lynn. I'm not a big fan of green but what you did with this is picture perfect!