Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome back : )

What a wonderful & relaxing little vacation we had : )  I could use one more day off just to catch up on a little sleep : )  Yes, at work already & yes, a bomb definitely went off on my desk again.  I don't understand, everybody in this office has their own desks & they don't leave them like could they, all the crap is on my desk....ok, got that off my chest for the day : )  Back to our wonderful vacation....we had perfect weather for the first 2 days & Saturday,  hot & sunny.  I even managed to get a little bit of a sunburn/tan!  We were able to kayak quite a bit & even take out the party boat.  Wilson was in the water everyday, multiple times.  There are a lot of ducks at the lake & Wilson just HAD to chase them.  That stinker, jumped in  the water & swam right after them, he had to be 100+ feet out...I thought we were going to have to go get him.  Wilson has a tendency to have a one track mind...what Wilson wants -lol!!!!    I did soooo miss making cards....this is the longest I've gone in awhile.  I did find some time to color w/my Copics a bit...hopefully I'll get to using some of those images soon : )  I can't wait to make some cards tonight, my hands are itching-lol.  I'm hoping to start on Halloween-yeah!!    Since I haven't made any cards in 6+ days, my new card is really an old card-lol.   This is a last year Halloween card...I found a couple recently on a memory stick : ) 

I just love the Alice in Wonderland- Graphics 45 Halloween stuff, as do a bunch of my customers : )   I know they have a couple new pieces out to match this collection : )

I hope everyone had a great week & weekend!!!  Time to find my desk-yuk!!!  TFL! Lynn


  1. This card is just so fabulous! I love Graphic 45, especially the Halloween and AiW lines! You know anything Halloween. =D (You should see the project I'm working on's gonna be fun! lol) I'm so glad you had a fun time at the lake! I can understand how you might not want to take Wilson kayaking yet if he's jumping off boats. Maybe in a year or two when he's a little older and more used to the water. =D I'm sorry you had to come back to a bunch of crud on your desk. =( That's never fun. I have a short week this week...yay! I took Friday off to go to the State Fair with my mom (we go every year) and I took Thursday off just because. Hopefully I'll get lots of crafting done. =D Ok, gotta run back to work now, but glad to see you again in Blogland! Welcome home! =D

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation. Isn't that the way vacations need a vacation to rest up from vacation. Glad to have you back. Fabulous card. LOVE the Alice in Wonderland and the colors are super!