Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Only Tuesday

Yesterday seemed like such a loooong day ...& now it's only Tuesday : )  Yesterday wasn't a bad day, but seemed to drag...I did get some things accomplished though...my report is done, good thing as it was due yesterday -lol!!  Need to get a  bunch of other things finished up at work this week though, next week will be a slow week...everyone gets into Holiday mode & things seem to move even slower or close to a stand still, plus we will be closed next Thursday & Friday-woohoo.  I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is almost a week away- what happened there?!!!!  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though, can't wait to see Hutton again, it'll be @a month since we last saw him....oh, he's just so darn cute....any doubts on that scroll down to my last post from yesterday.....   told he was CUTE!!!!

I'm not complaining about this, but I have soooo many card orders, i can't keep up.  I need loads & loads of Xmas cards, plus I've got a bunch of "special order" cards & tags to do-yikes.  Our next craft show is coming up quick too, Dec 4th.      I've got a xmas card to show you today........

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I like the mix of colors on this card w/the black matting. I always say this....don't know why I don't use black more often -lol.  My sticker tag is an oooold DCWV Xmas book, I think I have ever years, except this one...like I said, trying to be good w/the scrap shopping-lol.

Well time to get some work done.  Have a great day!!  TFL!! Lynn

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  1. Glad you got your report done, hon! Your card is gorgeous, as always. I really like the black! I am feeling better, thanks for asking. =D I'm getting back into the swing of things...or trying to! =D Wow, sounds like you have a busy month coming up!! How exciting that you get to go see Hutton again! We took the week off work to go visit DH's family for Thanksgiving. I have a (fairly) new niece I haven't met yet, so I'm super excited to visit! =D Big hugs, and we'll talk to you soon!