Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling a lot more fall-ish today

We've had such great weather the last couple plus would have thought it was spring, even the nights weren't bad.  The extra is we've barely had to have the heat on yet...I'm sure we'll make up for that at some point...our winters are loooong & cooooold!!   Today is suppose to be more like the norm...cold & damp.  

Hopefully my new card will give you the warm cozy feel of the holidays...can you believe Thanksgiving...almost a week away : )

The awesome wagon sticker is once again from Walmart...sooo in love w/their stickers...look at the details.  I am done w/making Thanksgiving cards, but I just finally got to photograph all of them's almost dark when I get home from work-yuk!!

 I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. Jeez...time has flown by so fast! I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already! I'm sorry tomorrow's not going to be fun...dentists are mean. Good luck, sweetie. I hope I'll see you Friday...we're going out of town for the holiday, so I'll be gone pretty much all week. LOVE your card!!