Friday, November 18, 2011


Brrr, it's a chilly morning...starting to feel more like winter.  I find it so hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving, I think partly because we've had such warm weather & no snow....I'm not complaining : )  Like I said this morning is chiiiillly, luckly for honey had a car starter put in my car yesterday-woohooooo!!!  I totally love those things, I've had them in my last 3 cars!!  We do have a  2 car garage, but NEVER park there.  One side is full of my husband's toys & tools : )  Can't really complain about that....I've taken over at least 2 rooms w/scrapping supplies-lol.  Any way, it was the perfect morning to try out my new toy-lol!!

My new card, is of course,  Thanksgiving.......

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The sticker is from Walmart got me a bunch of new ones this year- awesome stuff!!!  The leaf/block patterned paper is from hobby lobby & everything else is scraps!! 

I hope everyone has a great Friday & weekend.  I'm spending ALL of mine making cards!!  I've got sooooo many to make, I barely know where to start any more...not a bad problem to have!!! Have a great one!!!  TFL  Lynn


  1. Hey sweetie! I know what you mean about being chilly! Unfortunately my car does not have an automatic starter. My trucks so old and decrepit, I think if I tried it might just blow up. LOL Beautiful, beautiful card! I love all of the gems. =D I'm excited you're going to be making so many cards...can't wait to see! I decided I'm not going out at all this weekend, I'm going to stay home and make cards, too. =D This should be a good weekend for us, eh? Have a great one, and if I don't "see" you before I go out of town, have a super happy and safe Thanksgiving!

    xx Star

  2. very very cute lynn! how'd you get the sticker to look 3d???

    glad you and your mom enjoyed the papers!