Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday already

Oh my gosh, where has the week gone??!!!!   I'm just so far behind on things, that this week seems to be going too fast...I'm not complaining about the work part of it, love when those days fly by.  Mind you I have that lovely quarterly report due this coming Tuesday & don't have a grasp on it ...yet!!!    We are having the most wonderful fall weather, yesterday we broke a record w/a high of 71-woohoo.  We have summer days that don't even get to 71 -lol!  Today is suppose to be just as wonderful friend Marcy told me yesterday..."remember this day when it's freezing & you have 96 inches of snow"-lol. 

I never got to tell you about my trip to Pittsburgh, 2 weeks was wonderful!!!  My new nephew Hutton, is absolutely perfect (I"m totally bias-lol), such a sweet disposition, I don't think he cried that much at all : )   I loved holding him, though he is a squirmer : )  He's got perfect skin, big eyes, that seem like that are always watching.....oh, he's just priceless!!!!!!!!    I can't wait till Thanksgiving to see him again.  He's already changing sooooo much in the daily pictures we get!   Speaking of pics, you know I have a new picture of him today LOL.....................

He seems to like to have his hand on his face...."the thinker".

I have found a little time to make a couple cards this week, not as many as I would like, but some days the creative flow is a lot slower then others : )

This baby boy card, is just a card for my stash....I think I've done &  mailed all the ones I needed to, for now : ) 

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday...half way to the weekend-woohoo!!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. Hutton is just so freaking adorable! I want one! =D I'm glad you had a nice visit, and don't fret! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! Your card is just too cute. That little Teddy bear is so sweet. =D Happy almost Friday, hon! =D