Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello sunny Thursday

What a bright sunny morning, but boy is it cooooold..temp is 20 brrrrr.  I know this is probably a heat wave to some of you : )   They are calling for a couple inches of snow later today, just in time for the drive home : ) 

Need to get to posting my card today & get some work done.  I love Thursday mornings, as I get the office to myself for a bit & seem to accomplish so much more & the peace & quiet is appreciated-lol.

I need lots of b-day cards, so you most likely will be seeing more b-day cards : )   My wonderful friend Gale sent me a bunch of awesome die-cuts...dont' you love the orange?!  I never thought I was a big fan of orange, but I must be as I love to use it on cards.  Funny the things you realize about yourself through card making or alot of hobbies, for that matter : )  All of the pp on here is old & scraps.  

I hope you have a wonderful day!! TFL!  Lynn

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  1. What a fabulous card!! I love the bright, happy colors, and how nice of your friend to send the die cuts! Funny story about that die cut...on the day of my wedding Archivers was having a make and take using that die. I got married in a chapel at the Mall of America. I also got my makeup done in a store there. We had some time to kill after the makeup, so (on my wedding day) mom and I went to the Archivers at the Mall and did the make and take! LOL I still have the die cut I made so I can put it in the scrapbook. =D I'm glad it's sunny for you. It's sunny here, too...but not so warm. It's currently -3. It got all the way up to 1 today! LOL Of course, that's not counting the windchill. I really hate Minnesota. LOL Ok, back to work. Have a fabulous day and drive home safe!