Tuesday, February 21, 2012

it feels like another cupcake day : )

Quickie post for today....  crap is piled up on my desk again this morning & I was here alllll day yesterday, I guess others stayed longer then me or just long enough for me to leave & pile this stuff here-YUK!!!!  I would say one of my pet peeves...is leaving my desk clean when I go for the day & coming in to a mess....why can't people make messes on their own desk!!!!!!!!   Ok, sorry it just set me off first thing, I'm over it.......moving onto better things, yup, my new card..............

If you follow my blog, you know by now, I have a thing for cupcakes- they're just sooo darn cute & come in all sorts of colors!!  My cupcake here is from Hobby Lobby, it's a great sheet of stickers, mostly cupcakes & when on sale, it was only $1-woohoo!!!  Both turq pps are from My Mind's Eye.  The bright pink is a textured Pebbles & actually the stripe & white-ish papers are also My Mind's Eye.  I found the felt frame in my stash : )

I hope you all have a happy cupcake kind of day!!!  TFL  Lynn

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  1. Oh how cute! I love the bright colors. It looks so happy!! I do love cupcakes...but I'd rather look at them than eat them, so cupcake cards are perfect! =D I agree with you about the whole work thing. Luckily my job is mostly paperless now...so when I get a bunch of work piled on it's in email or our data system, and not actually on my desk. LOL Good luck with all of your work today!!