Tuesday, February 21, 2012

something extra to check out today

I've said it before, but will say it again....I love making cards & I love the people that it has allowed me to meet!!!  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to have a scrapping friend ask to use one of my card images on a blog...they are doing a post about scraplifting!!

 Please check it out, at  www.clearlyistamp.typepad.com

I just wanted to share my "two cents" on scraplifting...................    I put my work out there to share w/others...I'm extremely honored if someone choses my work for inspiration.  How can we not look at each other's beautiful work & not get inspired!!  I know I do everyday by all of you- thank you!!!!!


  1. Hi sweetie! Well I know you're a huge inspiration for me, I can see why your friend would want to scraplift you. =D I love how wonderful you are at putting different patterns and colors together...ones I wouldn't usually have the guts to mix. I see your cards, though, and think "wow, those look really good together". Big hugs!!

  2. thanks again for being such an inspiration and letting me "lift" your wonderful card!