Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make you smile

The sun is out this morning, yeah- that does sooo much for my mood : )  It's suppose to be a beautiful summer day & lucky me stuck at work...oh well, at least it's a paycheck!!   I have to admit I've been lazy w/my cards the last couple days....some times it's just nice to relax w/a good book, good company and/or a good tv show- had all 3 of those last night!!  Lucky for me, I made a bunch of cards over the weekend, so still have a new one to show you........

my brain is totally not working yet this morning, as I'm drawing a total blank on all the brands I used here- yikes, need my Dr. Pepper : )   If you want to know any of the items I used here, feel free to contact me- hopefully by then my brain will be working or I can look it up : )

One more picture to make you smile..............

Check out my bff's little boy,Evan- who isn't so little anymore : )  Love the big smile- hope this puts a big smile on your face too!

Have a great day! TFL!  Lynn

1 comment:

  1. So CUTE, both Evan and the card! That raccoon is just freaking adorable, love the colors, and the park picture looks so fun. I am getting more and more excited to have a little boy... =D

    xx Star