Wednesday, March 27, 2013


hello peeps....sorry got lost again, that seems to be happening a lot lately.  Ever just have those days (weeks) where you are not sure what direction you are going in??  That's me lately : )    We are still fighting w/our computer, but I did finally sit down last night & work with it for a bit.  I felt sooooo bad that I hadn't shared any pics of our new addition w/anybody.  Plus, i felt bad that I had been neglecting my blog....I'm still making cards in between taking Elvis outside every 10minutes (not kidding),  refereeing Wilson & Elvis & just everyday house know, just life.   I sound like I'm complaining,  I'm really not....though life has been crazy lately, it really has been enjoyable.

Well better get to  ELVIS....................
look at my little bundle of fur....pic taken this past weekend, he is a 9wk old Bernese Mountain of last week (first vet visit) he weighed 18.2 lbs....I'd say over 20lbs now, I notice it when picking him up.  He doesn't mind going up the stairs, but has not ventured down yet.....I think part of that is because Wilson protects the stairs-lol.   Speaking of Wilson, he is doing okay w/his new brother.  Wilson tends to play kind of rough, so I'm always worried about Elvis getting hurt, but Elvis doesn't seem to mind, he dishes out probably more then he gets : )

I promise a card soon.  Have a great day!! If I don't get back here tomorrow..............HAPPY EASTER!!   TFL  Lynn

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  1. Oh my gosh, Elvis is so cute!! He's going to be HUGE! I thought you bought puppy...not a horse. LOL I'm glad Wilson is being a good big brother. I'm happy you're still getting time to make cards (even if we don't get to SEE them LOL), and I'm sorry about your computer issues. I hope they get resolved soon...I would be LOST without my fun! Big hugs to you and your furbabies, and Happy Easter right back at'cha!