Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday!!

Hello I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just got lost for a bit : )  Actually, as I mentioned last month, had computer issues, that we temporarily fixed...notice I said temporarily.  We did get a new computer,but of course you need to set it up & transfer things over, all that fun, which I'm totally not into, so it stays at the bottom of my list.  My brother in law & wife stopped over on Saturday to set it up for us : )  Now I have to figure out the new computer w/Windows 8-yuk!!  

I've been working hard on cards this whole time's a great stress reliever for me, plus I totally love to be surrounded by cute stickers & pretty papers : )  I've got some steady customer's that keep my busy w/their "special orders".  I've got 4 due to a lady this week & only half our done, hopefully tonight.

Though I mentioned new cards, I don't have any pics loaded of them yet, so I thought I 'd share this cutie w/you...look at my handsome Wilson w/his looong legs, he's watching tv here-lol.   I do have some BIG news though......we got a new puppy this past weekend, I thought it high time Wilson had a brother.............he doesn't exactly agree w/my thinking yet-lol.  We got an 8wk old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, his name is Elvis!!  (I promise pics w/in the next couple days)   Elvis is a chewer, he loves the carpets & he Wilson's ears. Wilson loves to bark at Elvis & then tries to rough house w/him....Elvis is too little right now for rough housing, but I know he'll give Wilson a run for his money someday.  It's funny to think, that Wilson doesn't realize this little guy is going to be bigger then him -lol. 

Have a great day!! If you need more smiles, feel free to come back & look at Wilson's works for me : )   TFL!  Lynn 

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  1. Aw, Wilson looks so dignified. Bet that won't last long with Elvis running around! Glad to hear you're doing ok (even though you have to deal with Windows 8 now LOL) and I cannot WAIT to see pix of the new puppy!!