Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow snow go away

Another, lovely snowy morning in Buffalo-lol!!! It took me a little longer to get to work, so of course running late & of course, I forgot my product list- again-lol!!

Seems like I've had a lot of request for Sympathy cards lately, they are not one of my favorite types of cards to make, for obvious reasons. Well anyways, I have made quite a few of them lately, I just don't post most of them : ) I thought this would certainly change it up from the "cutesy" v-day cards I've been posting. I have a couple customers that I got from doing a craft show & they keep me busy. It's so nice to have people who really appreciate your cards & all the little extras that go into them. Even though I know a lot of my cards, I will be selling, I still put a lot of "love" into each one. I don't sell my cards to get rich, far far from that, I just sell them as I LOVE to make them & what else am I going to do w/100's of cards -lol. So for all those that wonder what I could possible do w/all my cards, there you go....oh yeah, almost forgot to mention my #1 customer-MOM!!!! I'd like to spread out w/selling my cards, but I just don't have the time to make any more then I already do, so unitl I can figure out a way to quit my job, so I can only work on cards, I'm kind of stuck w/where I'm at....certianly not a bad place to be.

As I mentioned before, forgot the product list, but I do know the flower is American Crafts. stamp: Hero Arts. cricut.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday- half way to the weekend!! TFL Lynn

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  1. Oh snow!! Glad you were able to travel in it safely. I like the 3 little pink pearls you added. Such a pretty card.......