Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Holy cow-it's another rainy gray day...and to boot, it's coold!!!  I can't believe it's May & only 43 degrees out!   Rain rain rain it's all it's done for the last couple days & my back yard is a mess.  We've got Wilson leashed up out front now, but he seems to like it,..he gets to watch all the action on the street-lol!!  Speaking of Wilson, check out him & his cousin, Oscar...don't they look like good  boys : )

This was taken this past weekend when Mom & Oscar came to visit : )

Well better get to my new card, so I can get to doing some work since that is what I'm here for.  Luck for me this morning, I have the office to myself-YEAH!!!  Everyone else is at a Mortgage Meeting until noon- woohoo!!!!!

I would say my new card is extremely springy, bright  & happy....now if Mother Nature would follow my lead.  Have a wonderful day!!!!  TFL  Lynn


  1. What adorable furbabies!! =D Your card is so cute. My mom (who's nickname is Songbird) would LOVE it. It's so bright and happy!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. The little bird is just too dang cute! Thanks for sharing the picture of Wilson and Oscar, I'll bet he enjoys getting out for a bit of fresh air.