Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday already-yuk!!

oh, how fast the weekends go, especially the lazy ones : )   It was a lazy weekend too,  the weather was crappy, so had no desire to be guess what I did most of the weekend, yup, made cards!!!!  I figure next weekend is a busy one & I'm sure from Thursday on I won't get near my scrapping table, so I worked it this weekend!!  Plus, I still have sooo many goodies from last week's scrapping expo to play with-woohoo!!   Today the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky & temp is heading up.....we had NONE of that this weekend.  I never even got a chance to take a pic of our new landscaping, hopefully the sun will stay out & I can do that when I get home : )

I did get a chance to take a quick pic of my cutie though : )  I was taking pics of my cards & Wilson was helping!  Yes, that is my Wilson's doggie pool you see to the right of him-lol!!

Wilson is my scrapping buddy, though the only part he helps w/is picking up any scraps of paper I drop on the floor!!  He's tall enough now where he can put his little nose up onto my scrapping table...may sound cute, but who wants doggie slobber on their precious pattern paper-lol!!

I promise no doggie slobber on my new card today, though I can't promise about dog hair-lol!!

Another graduation card today.  This is hopefully the last one I will be making.  The school colors for the grad are red & black, I think I hit the mark on that one-lol.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend & I hope you have a great week.  Just think, we are coming up on a long weekend-woohoo, only 5 days to go-lol!!  TFL!  Lynn


  1. What a gorgeous furbaby!! He reminds me of my favorite author's books (Koontz had a golden retriever, so puts those dogs in his stories a lot.) Your card is just adorable!! You absolutely hit it right on the head...perfect! I love that grad cap image. That is going to be one lucky graduate! =D

  2. Great picture of Wilson! Looks like such a sweet dog! This graduation card is totally awesome! Great colors and layout!