Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The sun is gone again : (

It's another gray day here, but very humid & warm...I love the heat!!!  We did have a beautiful day yesterday...there was a nice little breeze in the air & bright sunshine most of the day.  I sat on the pack patio w/Wilson for awhile yesterday...trying to get him in his doggie pool....I'm glad there isn't a video camera there..I end up in the pool way more then he does-LOL!!  Since the sun was out when i got home...guess what else I did, yes, i took pics of the landscaping : )  My honey did such a good job...now we have to do the old part ( always something more)!!

This part of our house is somewhat new...after we got married we did this addition (2004/2005) to our house, it literally doubled the size of our house.  Hard to see in the pic but the old part is from the front door left & there are still big ugly bushes there : )  This does make our house look large, but this whole bottom half is a 2 car garage & we never park in there.  It wasn't until I moved to Buffalo, that I saw people actually using their garage as an "outside" room of their home...a lot of people put up big screens on their garage doors so they can sit in the garage w/out bugs...not that we have that many  bugs, just annoying flies!  DIDN'T MY HONEY DO A GREAT JOB ON THE LANDSCAPING-WOOHOO!!!

I just couldn't help myself yesterday when I was taking pics, had to get this one too-lol!!   This is what I see when I leave for work, or used to , right now Wilson is back to being crated when we go to work, as he was naughty & started eating my feather comforter : )  This is our bedroom window, the upper right in the pic.  This totally makes me chuckle : )

Jeepers, I better get onto my new card & then get to working-yuk!!

 This was a quicky card for me.  I didn't realize I didn't have any "thank you's" in my stash & of course, I needed one!!   I love this cuckoo clock, it reminds me of my grandma...she had a cuckoo clock at the end of her hall & every night before we went to bed we had to pull the chains on it to wind it-kind of : )  oh, what a great memory...I spent alot of time w/my grandma as a child, she was a wonderful wonderful lady who taught me sooo much...mostly to always "be a lady"!!!  I try grandma, I try : )

I hope everyone has a great scrappy Tuesday!!  TFL!!  Lynn


  1. LOL...you are SO funny! I would have loved to have seen you ending up in the pool! Your husband did a FABULOUS job on the house. No doubt a lot of work went into it. Everything looks so clean and fresh. Cute Thank You card. Love the cuckoo clock and once again, the colors and papers are beautiful!

  2. LOL Poor ole Wilson....that picture cracked me up! I love this card...the clock, the papers..I just love it !
    xoxo Joy

  3. What a fabulous card! I just love that clock! Sweetie, being a lady is being kind and gracious...you have that down pat! The picture of Wilson cracked me up...if my furbaby could reach the windows I know she' be doing the same thing. lol I am SO JEALOUS of the landscaping! It's just fabulous! Our mower just broke (DH ran over a tennis ball), so I'm lucky to have the lawn mowed. LOL What Koontz book with the golden did you read? Watchers? That one is kind of scary. There's always The Darkest Evening of the Year and Tick Tock (but I don't think Scootie was a golden...however the book was hilarious). He also has some books "written" by Trixie Koontz, his late golden retreiver.