Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not a Sunny Tuesday : )

Yesterday was such a beautiful summer day here...thought they say today is the first day of summer, so Happy Summer!!  Now, lets hope the weather cooperates....I want hot, sunny days : )   We got out the doggie pool over the weekend & I've spent the last couple days trying to coax Wilson into it....yes, he's a Golden Retriever, suppose to like water....he hasn't quite figured that out yet-LOL.  I did get him to step into it the other day, but that's because I was standing the middle of it holding a toy underwater & Wilson REALLY wanted the toy-lol.  Yesterday he wasn't as playful w/the pool....I'm going to keep trying though.  We are going to a lake for 4th of July & I don't want Wilson afraid of the water, I'm really hoping he enjoys it :  )  Don't worry I'll get lots of pic of my wet dog!!!

I'm off to a baby shower tonight.  The mommy-to-be is from out of town & visiting until the weekend, so it's a night shower.  Kind of a nice idea, doesn't take up a day on the weekend-woohoo.   I've been working away at cards & was so excited about having new stuff to play with that I almost forgot to make a card for tonight.....

As you can tell, they are having a GIRL!!!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable day!!  As always, thanks for looking  : )  Lynn


  1. What an adorable card!!! That is just the cutest thing...she's going to love it! I know what you mean about the dogs and water. When I was growing up we had two dogs, Bear and Ebony. Both were large dogs and spent a lot of time outside, so we got them a little kiddie pool. Bear was terrified of water...wouldn't go near it. Ebony loved it so much, she would toss her tennis ball in the pool just so she could jump in and get it. =D

    P.S. I have a surprise for you on my blog if you want to come grab it! =D

  2. OMG Lynn, what a cute card. The layout and your choice of paper are totally awesome. The recipient will no doubt treasure this little beauty!