Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain rain go away

Yucky, wet morning, though it is still warm out, so I won't complain to much : )

What a pleasant surprise I had when I got to my blog this scrappy friend, Starla left me some love on her blog w/a fun little award- thank you Starla (   !!  If  you haven't checked out her awesome blog, make sure to do so....she makes amazing cards!!  Wait till you see her stamping & coloring : )

Now there are some rules that go along w/this award...

1. Tell (5) things about of which must be about crafting

                             2. Pass it on to (5) bloggers

Here goes.......1.) I am 100% obsessed w/patterned paper!!  I feel like a kid at Xmas when I find patterned paper that I like/want/need/buy!!  I have 14 containers full of paper-yikes!!!  I do tend to use at least 2 or 3 different papers on my cards, so it helps to have soooo much to choose from!!    2.)  I love to used to take me 2 days to read a book, now I barely  pick one up.  I'd rather be making cards!!     3.)We have no children, just our Golden Retriever pup who is now 1yr old & still quite "spirited" (my vets words-lol).  4.)  I've only been to a tropical island once on vacation...Jamaica, for our honeymoon  it was the beach, the ocean & the hot hot weather!!  5.) I'm afraid of lightning!!  Reason this jumped into my head, is we had a heck on a storm last night.  When I was younger I was absolutely terrified of it....even at 15yrs old, I would go hide under my parents bed & of course, they would send me back to my own room.  We lived on a hill & it seemed to me our house was one of the high points & I of course, knew everything about lightning...don't talk on the phone, don't stand in your kitchen or bathroom due to metal plumbing, safest place is your car.....I could go on-lol.  My fear has subsided know you get older & put things in perspective, thank goodness!!!

Now onto giving the award to 5 awesomely creative artist : )

                   Kelly at
                   Joy at
                   Johanna at
                   Carmen at
                   Starla at   I had to give this back to you, your blog is awesome, such an inspiration....makes me want to go home & get out my stamps & copics...thanks, girlfriend!!!

All of these ladies are full of inspiration.  I absolutely love their work & you will too.

  I wanted to post a new card today, but right now my blog/computer is being naughty....maybe I'll try later. Now off to work!!!   TFL!  Lynn


  1. Oh, you're such a sweetie! =D I hear you on the lightening...I'm terrified of driving in it. I heard a few years back about a guy who got hit with lightening. He was stopped at a train tracks, had his window down and his arm hanging out. The lightening hit the tracks or something, and somehow got transferred to his truck...and entered his body through the arm. Probably not true...but still scary! I hope you have better weather coming up.

  2. You are very deserving of this award and thank you for passing it on to me. I love reading about others, it makes me feel like I really know them. So you are afraid of lightening too. My dogs are not alone when they shake when a storm is coming. I love what you do with all your patterned paper...I've never learned to match them up but you do an awesome job. I'm on my way to Starla's blog to take a look.